The atmosphere of Western life is perfectly captured in these exciting slot opportunities
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The Ultimate Wild West Slot Experience

November 20, 2023

Ever wondered what it would be like to run with bandits and cowboys of the Wild West in real-time, to be transported to the epicenter of Old Western life, where wild horses rage past dusty saloons?

Well, roll up your sleeves, saddle up, and get ready to hit the ground running. Online players have the chance to access all these opportunities and more with Wild West themed slot games.

Wild Draw Saloon

There is the Wild Draw Saloon slot which features five reels and a whopping 243 smoking ways to win. Users will find it hard to grow bored with its immersive gameplay that includes a huge Progressive Jackpot and Free Spins.

The Wild Draw Saloon slot stays true to its name with thematic symbols from classic cowboy boots to gorgeous stallions, and of course, “wanted” signs featuring popular Western bad boys.

“Wild” symbols are represented with a Sheriff’s gold star badge and can help users win by converting other signs across the five-reel board. When hit, they explode in a rush of gold fire like that of a smoking gun. These wild symbols up the user’s chances of landing on a winning combination.

19th Century

The game’s background perfectly emulates that of a realistic 19th century saloon. There’s an innkeeper polishing glasses as a couple of cowboys play cards at the tables, and stuffed deer heads and cowboy hats line the walls.

But gameplay isn’t the only area where Western themes are explored! Users choose between four Wild West characters dressed in neckties and saloon-style attire, clinging to their belt buckles.

You and other bounty hunter players will get the chance to win multiple prizes in the form of Mini, Midi, Super, or Mega Jackpots.

Cowboy boots are one of the many symbols on these slot games

Cowboy boots are one of the many symbols on these slot games

Double the Trouble with Sticky Bandits

Aside from the Wild Draw Saloon, there’s also Sticky Bandits and its second edition, Sticky Bandits Wild Return, both available in the section of the casino where Wild West themed games hang out.

Sticky Bandits was first launched on August 15th, 2018 and features 5 reels and 30 pay lines. There is the familiar wild symbol as seen in Wild Draw Saloon which similarly creates more winning possibilities through a mix of combinations. The slot’s background graphic is a dusty desert filled with cacti, and symbols range from sacks of gold to ruffin’ tuffin’ cowboy personas, or the “sticky bandits” themselves. This slot allows users to collect tokens continually, giving players more chances to access all the game features.

Its revamped version, Sticky Bandits Wild Return features all your favorite bandits in an entirely new Three Skulls Saloon. With 5 reels and 4 rows, the sequel delivers all the best gameplay features that players loved its predecessor for, boasting in even more extra special surprises.

Casino Cowboys and Cowgirls Should Saddle Up and Spin

These Wild West theme games are undoubtedly the smoking gun you need to take your slot experience to the next level.

Each slot is available on the mobile app for IOS and Android devices, so you can play on-the-go with your cowboy squad!