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Understanding Must Go Jackpots

November 27, 2023

The online casinos of today contain many features. From themed games to the presence of live dealers, the industry is breaking ground with its large selection of offerings and innovations.

Adding to the list are Must Go Jackpots. These are quite straightforward to understand as their name tells you all you really need to know: on top of the Super Jackpot,  Progressive Jackpot hits will be guaranteed on a daily and an hourly basis .

The thing that makes these stand out is that players know exactly the timeframe within which  Jackpots will pay, with a scheduled time applied to each.

This means that players are always in the know about what is happening in terms of Jackpot features.

Additionally, Jackpot slot titles are often found in their very own online casino category and marked with the MUST GO Jackpots symbol, meaning all types of such slots are as visible as possible.