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Why Yellow Day Is The Happiest Day of the Year

June 17, 2024

Yellow Day, most often celebrated in Spain, is a happy counteraction to Blue Day. Taking place on the 20th of June and 20th of Jan, respectively, Yellow Day and Blue Day were so named to be the happiest and saddest days of the year. Many people have made well-researched and so-called scientific arguments as to why these days are what they are. We’ll share our research with you and tell you all the factors involved.

Colour Psychology

Why choose to call it Yellow Day instead of Orange Day? After all, orange does sit across from blue in the colour wheel. Colour psychology comes into play with this decision. The theory of colour psychology tells us that certain colours are capable of evoking certain emotions better than others. Some theories suggest it might even influence our behaviour.

What are yellow’s colour characteristics?

  • Energetic. Yellow is perceived as a high-energy colour. Take the Pokemon Pikachu, for example! Colour theory also suggests that yellow increases your metabolism.
  • Warm. Yellow is bright and warm, reminding us of the sun, cheer and happiness.
  • Attention-grabbing. Even small amounts of yellow pull focus and draw attention.

Symbolically, yellow can mean

  • Serenity
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Dignity
  • Quiet
  • Light-heartedness

Naturally, how the colour yellow affects a person will vary from culture to culture and background to background. The complexities of colour theory do allow for these variations, but in the vast majority of cases, the above is considered to be true of the colour yellow.

Why Yellow Day Is Yellow Day

Yellow day heralds the arrival of warmer and what most people consider to be generally nicer and more pleasant weather. The seasons begin to turn and offer us warmer weather and days that seem to last longer and are suffused with golden light. The rain begins to dissipate allowing people the opportunity to begin to live life out of doors again. Walking, hiking, beach days, BBQs and pool parties are all on the horizon once more.

In statistical terms, the 20th of June is the happiest day of all. This is the conclusion reached following a study of the emotions experienced by thousands of people on that particular day. It is also no coincidence that the 20th of June is the day we say goodbye to spring and welcome summer with its pleasant temperatures.  

Yellow Day brings with it long hours of sunshine and holidays, a perfect combination for discovering the beaches of three wonderful destinations:  Mallorca, Ibiza and Lanzarote.

  1. Statistically speaking, the 20th of June is the happiest day of the year. This conclusion was reached based on a study including thousands of individuals and their experiences of that day.
  2. From Yellow Day, Spring moves into Summer, and fun season is in full swing. Visit your favourite restaurant, treat yourself to a few hands of poker or a slot machine at your favourite casino, take your dogs for a lovely long walk, or use the time to get some shuteye. It’s all up to you.
  3. Spending time in nature and having contact with the outside world is good for the mental health of a population. Though not everyone loves summer and warmer weather as much, it is an unequivocally true and scientific fact that human beings benefit from exposure to sunlight and spending time outdoors. While there are those who have conditions like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which usually means sadness during winter, it can be the other way around for those who enjoy the colder months more. Nevertheless, spending time outside when the weather begins to warm is easier and safer for everyone. Practices like earthing or grounding involve one’s bare feet coming into contact with sand, soil, or water in nature, and you can’t do that through three feet of snow!
  4. Warmer weather usually means more opportunities to socialise with friends and family and a greater range of things to do together. From Yellow Day onwards, summer is really in the air. Whether it is a backyard BBQ, going on a walk in nature together, heading down to the beach for a swim, or just hanging out on the patio enjoying each other’s company, you can do these things together without worrying about layering on clothing or whether it might pour with rain that day. Most people are more inclined to be active and interactive when warmer days approach, and Yellow Day signals the start of that fun and happy season.
  5. The coming of Yellow Day means that, for many people, summer holidays are drawing nearer. Most people take the majority of their time off work around the Christmas holiday season and over the summer. Summer holidays for kids are, of course, much longer than for those of us in the working world, but many try to take time off during warmer days to get away with their loved ones. Looking for accommodation near the seaside or in the countryside, planning all of the fun things you’ll do together, including the ones mentioned above, and packing your suitcase for the getaway are all such fun things to do! Yellow Day means it’s time to create some more fun summer memories that will last a lifetime.
  6. For many business people, Yellow Day means an upturn in sales or customers using their service due to the weather becoming warmer and summer beginning in earnest. Support your local vendors and business people as much as you can!

In Summary

Days like Yellow and Blue Day can really mean whatever you want them to mean. Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year, is really just a reminder not to take happiness for granted. It highlights all the good things we have in our lives and offers us a reminder to explore and appreciate them fully while we have them. Yellow Day marks the start of a new season and tells us, “It’s time to get out there and have a good day, week or month!” Let this yellow day serve as a reminder to you of all the happiness in your life, and use it as a turning point to open yourself up to all the good things that could come your way in a new season. What will you be doing to celebrate Yellow Day this year?