Live Spin a Win is all about spinning the sort of game show wheels that still appear on TV today
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Live Spin a Win: Explore its Features

September 13, 2023

Thanks to continuous advancements in technology, well-known gameshow style activities now occupy space in the virtual casino realm. One such example is our Live Spin a Win game, a twist on the classic gameshows that have been popular for decades. 

Live Spin a Win is a wheel-based type of game presented in the style of an interactive gameshow. As its name suggests, Live Spin a Win gives its players the chance to participate in a unique real-time spin experience.

In Spin a Win, players may choose to place wagers on main wheel bets and side bets, or both at the same time. The wheel is split into 54 different equal sections that include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, x2 and x7 for the Multipliers. Side bets include Odd where the outcome is either 1 or 5, Even, where the result can be 2, 10, 20 or 40, and Multiplier in which the payout is a Multiplier of x2 or x7.

If a bet wins, the award will be paid out in accordance with the amount that was wagered. However, the process is a bit different when the wheel makes its final stop at a Multiplier section.

When the pointer stops on a x2 or x7 Multiplier, the live host spins the wheel again to determine which number will be multiplied for the final reward amount. Depending on which Multiplier was landed on previously, this number will be multiplied by either x2 or x7. One important thing players should keep in mind is that if a spin results in a Multiplier, Odd and Even side bets automatically lose.


As far as gameplay is concerned, Live Spin a Win Roulette is situated in a gameshow setting that emulates some of the most famous shows. The game is run by a live host who will entertain the player whilst he is placing his bets. After a betting choice is made, the host will spin the wheel and communicate the outcome of the game round. The presence of a live host gives Live Spin a Win a realistic feel, as players interact with the game’s host throughout the experience, in the same way they would if playing in a gameshow set in a real-life television studio.

Players are also able to easily adjust the video quality and volume levels in the game, which can be useful depending on how fast a player’s computer or internet connection are. Some hosts also project their voices more than others, meaning being able to toggle the volume quickly and easily is a nice option to have.

In addition to being available for desktop, the game is also featured in the selection of Live Casino games for mobile, with open access to both Android and IOS users. Just remember that the game is always best enjoyed with sound, so players should make sure they have their headphones or buds with them if they want the full Live Spin a Win experience.