Home improvement tips for your gaming room setup

April 21, 2021inPoker

Avid gamers and serious poker players spend a lot of time in front of their screens. So why not make the space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

Here we guide you through home improvement tips for gamers who are looking to enhance the setup of their room.

Considerations to make…

Before we rush into the design of your gaming room setup, it’s important to make a few practical considerations for yourself.

First are the two constraining factors. Budget and space.

Your budget determines how much you will have available to spend on expensive gear and room accessories for gamers. Monitors, gaming PCs, luxury sofas – none of this stuff comes cheap. Thankfully, none of it is crucial when it comes to home improvement for gaming.

When it comes to space, again it’s a case of working with what you have. If you’ve got a small room dedicated to gaming, then great. A large room, even better. The minimum amount of space you’ll need for your gaming room setup is enough for a desk, chair and laptop.

You should also think about the purpose of the gaming room. For the sake of the article, we’re going to focus mostly on setting up a haven for playing online poker, but you may well want the room to serve the dual purpose of console gaming too.

With these considerations in mind, let’s start creating or improving your gaming room.

It starts with comfort

When it comes to your gaming room setup, the most immediately obvious place to begin is with the gaming equipment itself, but here I’m going to start with the chair. If you’ve ever played an eight hour stint of poker with a bad one, then you know the back pain it can cause.

Never underestimate the power and value of a good chair

Serious gamers and poker players should see a decent chair as an investment – for health, comfort and better results.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your body and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems. It all sounds a bit heavy. The top and bottom of it is a good chair will be beneficial (and more comfortable) in both the short and long run.

If you’re console gaming or creating a multiplayer zone for friends to hang out, then additional seating will also be required. Depending on space and budget, this could be beanbags, chairs or sofas.

PC and monitor

The PokerStars client isn’t particularly demanding software, and if you’re struggling with the spec then you can turn off the graphics and animation features.

This means that most modern laptops and PCs will work fine if you want to play or learn poker, so long as you have substantial internet connection. If you play more demanding PC games, then you’ll need a higher spec machine to match.

An epic monitor could be well worth the investment to improve your gaming setup. A wide-screen monitor will seriously enhance your play, allowing for easier multi-tabling for poker, or for a more accurate view on first-person shooter titles.

Some poker players choose to have more than one monitor to deal with multi-tabling and other tasks

You can further enhance your room with speakers (and soundproofing!), and a microphone and camera if you want to try out streaming on a platform like Twitch.

With all your crucial electronic equipment in place, it’s time to tidy up those cables. They’re a mess and a bit of a hazard. You can run them under carpets or rugs, along walls, or use extension cables to control how they flow around the room.


Next up, time to get the lighting sorted. Natural light is a very pleasant option, especially if you’re hitting those long sessions. If possible, put your desk and monitor right under your window to make the most of it.

You can supplement the natural light, or your overhead lighting, with a standard office lamp – or preferably two – one at either side of the screen.

The less serious approach is to use LED light strips of your chosen color to give your gaming room an attractive glow. You can also use ambient lighting to soften the glow of the more harsh desk lamps.


Don’t be stuck in the 70s. Jazz up your gaming room

Now it’s time to add your own unique flair to your gaming room. This is your opportunity to do home improvement exactly how you want it, and often for a fraction of your budget when compared to upgrading equipment.

You can decorate however you want. To start you off, why not consider floating shelves with pictures or trinkets. Pictures or posters are another place to start, and if you’re into poker then you could choose inspirational images that will keep you motivated.

House plants can also bring an added touch of feng shui to your gaming room (or something like that). They bring life. And oxygen. And they look nice.

Although you want to design your room however you want, keep in mind to minimize clutter. A sleek, sharp design will look great without causing too much distraction.

Have fun with it!


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