A big portion of the poker community disappears into another world today…

Here’s the last IRL reminder of what happens today. We mean before a big portion of the poker community plugs itself in and disappears into Virtual Reality.

Oculus Quest goes on sale today. It’s the next leap forward in VR technology, and PokerStars VR is one of the release titles – available to download as soon as you unbox your new headset.

Like the game itself, the headset is a game changer.

Not only does it look good, it transforms the way gamers can access VR.

Until now a VR headset needed a powerful gaming PC to plug into.


The experience was fantastic, but the price tag could bring tears to your eyes (thankfully hidden by the headset itself).

It left players without a PC stranded out here in the real world.

Quest changes that by placing the technical bits into the lightweight headset. It makes a big difference to who can play, and how they play it.

No need to buy an expensive gaming PC. You can even play it on your phone. And at a less eye-watering price.

If you’re one of the early adopters jumping on launch day, you can download PokerStars VR for free.

Thankfully you won’t see the look on our faces.



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