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Just when you think the action is going to slow down, it goes faster than ever. Following our breaking to two tables, the ANZPT Sydney Main Event has lost another five players in under an hour. That means there are only eleven remaining and we are two eliminations from setting our final table.

At the start of the day you will recall that we had three players from the recent ANZPT Perth final table in the final day field of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Well, now we only have two as Perth 8th-place finisher Luke Brabin was the first player to find the rail following the table break. Brabin’s final hand saw him all in holding QQ against the AK of Michael “WaGe N WaRz” Fadersen. Brabin’s ladies couldn’t hold up though as the board featured a king to send
Brabin out the door in 17th place.

Just a short while after Brabin’s final hand and we would lose Fady Alam in 16th place, followed by our ‘Poker Star’ and the last lady standing in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. We are of course referring to Amanda De Cesare, who saw her final chips going into the stack of Dan Kelly. It was another race situation, with De Cesare’s 66 not able to hold up against the AJ of Kelly. With that De Cesare was sent home in 15th place, collecting $7,820 – which is enough to see her lifetime live tournament cashes move well past $200,000.

The action wouldn’t slow down with 15 players remaining, as the Aziz Youssef would be the next player to commit all his chips to put his tournament life on the line. Youssef had been baffling the opponents on his table by opening five, six, and sometimes seven times the big blind, along with three betting in excess of 40 big blinds on several occasions after one player had opened. Youssef’s eventual final hand would be more simple though, with Youssef getting a relatively short stack all in holding AQ against the JJ of Donald Jones. No help came for Youssef and with that he was sent home in 14th place.


Aziz Youssef was gracious in defeat

It seemed every elimination today had been a race situation and that was no different for Paul Willcox, who hit the rail in 13th place. Willcox was all in preflop holding 66 against the AK of Ben Gillholme, and like Youssef, Willcox would receive no help and find himself on the rail. Following Willcox’s elimination he went around to every player at the table, shook their hands and wished them all good luck. That’s what we like to see.

The next player to hit the rail would be going home as the unlucky 12th-place finisher and unfortunately for Sam Khouiss it would be he who would fall just shy of an ANZPT final table finish. Khouiss was hurting after losing a huge chunk of his chips to Michael Fadersen, but it was Dan Kelly who would deal the fatal blow to Khouiss. It was yet again another all-in preflop race, with Khouiss holding KQ against the 88 of Kelly. The 8K2 did happen to give Khouiss a pair of kings, but Kelly had hit a set of eights to stay in the lead. The 4 turn and the 2 river wasn’t what Khouiss was looking for and with that he was sent home with another cash on his tournament resume.

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we have to tell you that through all these eliminations it is still ANZPT Perth champion Dejan Divkovic who holds the chip lead. However, the players are starting to gain some ground on Divkovic, especially Michael Fadersen, who is now sitting with the second largest stack in the room. Fadersen is well known for his exploits in online poker tournaments, but has yet to break through with a big live result. Let’s see if that changes today.


Fadersen is waging war on his opponents at ANZPT Sydney

It’s looking more and more likely that we will be hitting the final table a fair bit earlier than expected, so make sure to keep checking back with the PokerStarsBlog to find out who makes up the final nine of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

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