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The 100 Billionth Hand has hit! microulis69 from Greece was sat on table Euryalos XI playing some microstakes $0.02/$0.05 action, just another kid with a dream (and probably several tables open). That dream came a little closer to reality when their table froze for The Million Dollar Hand, and closer still when microulis69’s J♦ 5♦ flopped middle pair on a A♣ 2♣ J♣ flop. Mayers666 had a winning flush draw, MoodyMiss had two-pair outs and the other players had over cards. By the time the online dust had settled on the river, microulis69 was the one of more than 400,000 players grinding at PokerStars to have won the historic hand #100,000,000,000 collecting $103,800 – and a $31.55 pot.


Congratulations to microulis69

This is life-changing money, but changing in the blink of an eye: just one hand gifting a million dollars. While there was an accelerating tension as we tore through the last 20 million hands, when the hand hit the action paused as a whole squad of Team PokerStars Pros jumped on to offer their congratulations. Chris Moneymaker, some ten years after he won the WSOP Main Event, which helped to kick off the online revolution, jumped in to say, “pretty cool, 100k… Very good return on investment here,” in that laidback and languid Moneymaker manner. This was a different landmark.

There was no growing tension for the players, no chipping up throughout a six-day EPT Main Event or grinding the Sunday Million. It was fast. This was one hand, one moment, one huge pile of money. And not just for our winning Greek grinder.

microulis69: $103,800
doc836: $13,440
HeyitsClay: $13,440
GlassGagguas: $13,360
MoodyMiss: $12,760
Mayers666 $12,460

That adds up to $169,260 which left a lot of loot to spread around in the Million Dollar Hand Stake Share. Lee Jones, PokerStars Head of Poker Commuincations gave the good news.

“We have 9,471 players who will get a stake share. The total stake share awarded is $830,790.34 and the average stake share going to those players is $84.72,” said Jones, who went on to thank everyone who had taken part, poker player and PokerStars staff alike.

The 100 Billion Hand Celebrations began on Friday and has paid out more than $2m to PokerStars players (see them all here). But the party isn’t not over yet. There’s a $300,000 World Record attemp taking place this Sunday which costs just $1 to enter, a $1 million guaranteed Zoom tournament on 23 June, and a $1 million Golden Sit & Go promotion (17-23 June). Find out more about all of those by clicking here. And don’t forget to Zoom & Boom when that kicks off for extra cash.

Well, it’s been a blast. See you back for the 200,000,000,000th hand Mega Milestone!– RD


The Million Dollar Hand paid out $1,000,000 to PokerStars players in just one hand with a minimum $100,000 guaranteed to the winner of hand #100,000,000,000. The PokerStars Blog live blogged the lead up to that hand. Most recent posts at the top.

8.38pm: After a long and dramatic pause in the action, the 100 Billionth PokerStars hand has been played out with Greek player microulis69 winning $103,800 at a 2c/5c no limit table. Congratulations from us all at PokerStars!

We’ll have a full report of the action momentarily, but in short, microulis69’s J♦ 5♦ held on a A♣ 2♣ J♣ 9♦ 10♥ board to make poker history. An amazing 400,000 players were online just as the big hand was being dealt. Congratulations to all our winners. — SY


microulis69 takes down the 100 billionth hand at PokerStars for $103,800

8.24pm: It’s here, folks. The 100 Billionth PokerStars hand is about to be dealt at a 2c/5c no limit table called Euryalos XI. The action has been paused and a million and one (exaggeration alert) Team PokerStars Pros are congratulating the players. They’ve all won $10,000 just for being at the table – but one of them is about to get a lot more than that! Here we go… — SY

8.20pm: This is NOT the time for my cat to jump up on my keyboard. Shoooo! — SY

8.16pm: Well done to CromFayer who just won $5244 in the the last milestone hand before THE BIG ONE. Yes, THE BIG ONE. SO BIG IT’S IN CAPS. Unlucky not to be the actual 100 billionth hand, but over $5000 is not too shabby on a €0.50/€1 table. — SY

8.12pm: Ready for 999,999,000th hand? Coming right up at table Adelheid XII, a €0.50/€1 no limit table! “OMG, the one before the 100 billion,” said Gabe_Logan23. You can’t have it all, sir! We have 384,000 players online! — SY

8.05pm:Been following the WSOP? It’s been mixed fortunes for Team PokerStars Pro. Check out Keir Mackay’s round up here.

Jannes 22 has taken one of the last regular milestones for a $312 bonus. Not bad for a €2 buy-in table! Nice hand, Jannes. It’s the best you’ll ever play J♣ 6â™  . — RD


Two million to go!

8pm:Some great Twitter banter on the @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account at the moment.

It’s probably more likely that you’ll be the one choking. Talking of food, I’m now carb-loading pasta with just two million hands to go. I think I may got this the wrong way round…. Milestone 99,998,000,000 has hit table Alaraph XI. It’s a micro €0.01/€0.02 table. — RD

7.50pm: We topped 333,000 players just as hand 997,000,000 hit at a 25c/50c $10 CAP no-limit heads-up table, where Gsmith13 and JackWebber presumably been at war before, but were now best of pals, congratulating each other on making this milestone. Then the hand played out, they not suprisingly capped out at $10, and Gsmith won with two pair, winning and nice $2338.50. Like this….


Heads-up for nice rolls

7.44pm: Masakari77 takes it home to Japan Poland rivering a flush worth $62.36 $1,750 thanks to the Milestone bonus, just 17,500 big blinds! — RD

7.38pm:Calamity for Kalamasz who sat at the table after the milestone hand was dealt. One unhappy customer surrounded by five very, very, very happy customers at Tanga VI Deep, ante $0.05/$0.10. — RD

7.24pm: Wonga for Wongoo who won $205.50 at 1c/2c no limit table Nele IV when his mighty 2â™  10♣ bested the five others at the table. British player daddymac nearly lost out, typing: “What’s a milestone? BRB, my dinner is waiting.” Step in kindly PokerStars HostJeff who explained to daddymad he might like to stick around.


Happy days for Wongoo

We are now getting real close to the magical 100 billionth hand. Currently we have 310,000 players online! Hand 99,996,000,000 is next. And soon! — SY

7.15pm: We’re about to hit 300,000 players online. Goodness. Hand 99,995,000,000 coming up soon. — SY

7.13pm: These hands are flying by and with 292,832 players online is it any surprise? Well, no. There’s a MILLION DOLLAR HAND coming. And I hate typing in caps. That’s how insane it is. Last milestone hand #99,994,000,000 and was won by suver10 with a paired king. The pot was good for $88.08 with a bonus of $559. In all $2,406 went to that table. — RD


7.04pm: Got a spare buck? Want to break world record? Check out this page about our attempt to make a 225,000 player tournament! About $25,000 for the winner.

These hands are whirring by now. Hand #99,994,000,000 taking place on a 8c/16c NLHE table now. — RD

7pm: In more important other news, Mrs Young has just gone out to fetch me a curry. Win, win for me. Forget your chase for $100,000! I bet Dacey is jealous. — SY

6.55pm: Well, that was exciting. Hand 99,993,000,000 was just dealt at the 10c/20c stud hi/lo table Cheleb X. When I say exciting, I also mean utterly confusing. I’ve never seen a table of stud hi/lo packed with everyone betting on every street so quickly. I admit it, I got lost in a blur of bets and cards. But at the end, player Adomas Zukas appeared to win the most money – $249. Well done, stud! — SY


Adomas won a lot of cash; didn’t see how

6.50pm:Team PokerStars Online’s Adrienne ‘talonchick’ Rowsome is in the action, along with 256,019 other players across 36,633 tables. — RD

6.48pm: Hand 99,993,000,000 about to be dealt at a limit stud hi/lo table. I won’t have a clue what’s going on. — SY

6.44pm: Got a spare $40,000? If so, Team PokerStars Online’s Isaac Haxton is waiting for you on a $200/$400 no limit table. Find him via the lobby – he’s looking a bit sad and lonely with no one to play with. Still, he has no financial need to win the 100 Billionth Hand! — SY


Where is everyone? On the micros, Ike

6.39pm:Just 8 million more hands to go (‘just’?). This last milestone hit a $0.10/$0.25 table with wolv3rine_v2, from Hungary not Canada, winning the main pot but ristor scooped the largest VPP-fuelled bonus of $524.25. The big one is coming! — RD

6.30pm: You need a bit of luck to get involved in a milestone hand but it really couldn’t have come at a better time for 39-year-old Canadian truck driver Jason ‘WHo’sNEXT?01’ Groulx. We’ll let Jason, who married his poker-loving wife last February, explain why.

“The timing of the milestone hand couldn’t have been better for us because the night before a powerful wind had ripped the roof off our home. The insurance company has told us they probably will not be covering the repairs as they counted the home as vacant due at the time of the storm. We had put all of our savings into the renovations and I told my wife that I was going online to see if we could win some money to put towards the new roof. I logged in and sat down at Euterpe II cap $3/$6 – $120 cap at around 6.30pm. I was in the small blind and was dealt A♥ 2♦ when it (milestone 99,721,000,000) hit. The screen froze and I called for Celina (my wife) to come over right away, but it took her a minute or two to realize what was happening. Once she did she was pretty excited and said ,”This is sure going to help us right now.” She had tears welling up on her cheeks.


That’s torn it…

We did not win the hand but it sure was great to have been lucky enough to receive the $2,632.50. We cashed out $2,500 Canadian which is the start of what we need for our roof repairs. The remainder I’m hoping to be able to grow it. It’s kinda hard for us to not be emotional. For a lot of people this is probably no big deal but it couldn’t have come at a better time. Cheers!”


The happy couple

That’s some fantastic timing and to take the edge off some terrible luck. The Blog guys wish you some big run good with the spin-up funds! — RD

6.21pm: Noooo! Riley Steele, with just 90 cents in chips, folded! Maybe a missclick. Anyway, HE1z took down hand 99,991,000,000 when 10♠ Q♣ made a handy flush on the river. That river card won him $199.50 on a 1c/2c table!

I was just thinking, how would you feel if you were dealt into hand 99,999,999,999? Tweet us @PokerStarsBlog using #100BnHands — SY


Nice river for HE1z

6.16pm: Hand 99,991,000,000 is about to be dealt at table Thusnelda VI (who comes up with these names?!), a 1c/2c no limit table. These micro grinders are going to be very happy! Player riverkila from the UK stands to win at least $144. Nice! Let’s hope none of them fold – remember, double your money by winning the hand! — SY

6.10pm: So now there are just nine ‘ordinary’ milestone hands left until we have the historic 100 billionth hand dealt on PokerStars. You need only look at the number of players logged in – see the top left of the lobby – to see what it means to players. 231,000 are there right now, and that number is about to go through the roof (no roof will be damaged in this exercise).

Meanwhile, Roslyn Darum got in touch with us on Twitter (@PokerStarsBlog) to say the $100,000 they hope to win in the 100 billionth hand will be spent fixing up their parents’ house and buying some supplies for a needy school. Good on you! — SY

6.05pm: That’s hand 99,990,000,000 down. Just 9,999,999 more hands to go to the Mega Milestone Million Dollar Hand. Grandberry_Q took it down with a dominated king-eight for two-pair. Dewai1946, a selfstyled ‘pensioner’, took the biggest bonus for more than $2,500 and promptly left for bed. Slippers and pipe possibly, too. — RD


Free money before bedtime? Marvellous

5.57pm:The 100 Billionth Hand Celebration isn’t the only poker action going on right now. There’s also the PokerStars Marbella Festival, which you can get the updates from here. And there’s some great article, as always from Howard Swains at APPT Macau. — RD

5.46pm: And that one was bagged by serjjsn who managed two pair, although the biggest payout went to buragaM who scooped up $934.50. Not bad for a 10c/25c table, eh? — SY


Q-4 takes it for serjssn

5.39pm: Next milestone now being dealt at table Sergestus IV (usual spelling). It’s a 10c/25c six-handed no limit game. lugfest396 is on that table and just quipped: “I’ll stop moaning about running bad today.” Too right, he could win $1,600 or so in a minute! It’s also apparently the second milestone hand for Irishandy101. Wonder where he’s from? Luck of the Ir… — SY

5.35pm: @LeePledger got in touch with us on Twitter (@pokerstarsblog) to ask why these milestone hands seem to crop up so often on the micro tables. Quite simply, Mr Pledger, that’s because our busy-bee players are all multi-tabling the micro tables in the hope of hitting a milestone hand. It’s just making it more likely to happen.

Get in on the action, the big one is just around the corner. Actually, next up is 99,989,000,000. — SY

5.29pm:Hand #99,988,000,000 broke on a fixed-limit $0.50/$1 heads-up table between fish2015 and esteperaris. Fish2015 tried a nice angle shoot (or brag) by typing, “i have aa”. If it was trying to get a fold it didn’t work as esteperaris, from Greece, caught a gutshot straight on the river. Nice timing to double your Milestone bonus to $3,093, while fish2015 still collects a very healthy ~$1,500. Must be nice.


A huge gutterball strike

5.20pm: While everyone is desperately trying to win some free cash – there are nearly 200,000 players on PokerStars right now – I’ve been trying to put into context just how big 100 billion is. I started and then my brain frazzled. Thankfully, some clever people here did a quick video to help out… — SY

5.13pm:What are you going to do if you win $100,000 or so? Buy a car? Invest wisely? Spend friviously? All of the above? Well, you could nail a few bob by piling into a decent wine collection. If you do it might be worth asking Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer what to get, the guy knows his grapes! Read about it here. — RD

Thumbnail image for george_danzer_taste_for_wine.jpg

Loves a drop of Reisling

5.04pm: Sitting at a 1c/2c table, winning $363 in a single hand. Pretty standard, no? Well Skuzza187 got just that when his Jâ™  9â™  won on this six-handed table to take down hand 99,987,000,000.

As I type there are still 80 players on the waiting list for Skuzza187’s lucky table. You’re a bit late, folks. Fear not, another milestone is coming right up.

Here’s his moment of extraordinary ROI… — SY



4.58pm — Hand number 99,987,000,000 is about to be dealt at table Paracelsus III, a six-handed 1c/2c no limit table. Lucky them! — SY

4.51pm: Minutes ago I arrived back at the PokerStars Blog secret bunker after a work trip to the PokerStars HQ on the Isle of Man. Let me tell you staff there are super excited about the 100 Billionth hand hitting today. One of two of them have been with the company since it started way back in 2001 (is that way back?), making today a particularly proud occasion.

Mr Dacey and I would love to hear from you as we celebrate with this live countdown to the big hand, which is now just hours away. You can email us at blog@pokerstars.com or reach out to us on Twitter @pokerstarsblog. Remember to use #100BnHands.

We’d also love you to send us tea and biscuits, too. But that’s impractical. Sadly. –SY

4.48pm: If my maths is correct (and it quite possibly could not be) then PokerStars has given away $7,624,822 in the Road to 100 Billion promotion leading up to this last hurrah, and that’s not including the oh-so-close-to-$1,000,000 that’s gone to players in this last edition before counting the Million Dollar Mega Milestone. Milestone series ran at 65bn, 70bn, 72bn, 75bn, 80bn, 85bn, 90bn and 95bn.

And ChrisCarry (see below) did take the post with the mighty two-three offsuit. Never fold pre-flop in these things. — RD

4.39pm: Hand #99,986,000,000 is hitting right now at a 1c/2c table. If the Million Dollar Hand drops on one of these tables, I think that’s what the kids would call ‘sick’. ChrisCarrey guaranteed at least 90 buy-ins and it’s about 180 if they make the winning hand six-handed. Tasty ROI. — RD

4.25pm: Aces are great. Aces are less great in multi-way pots. You know, like in nine-handed action. ii4ki got it all-in – as did everyone else – with aces under-the-gun in a $20 CAP $0.50/$1 game. The winning hand? A dominated four-deuce offsuit of course. That was held by Russian supernova Mishan but CruelNataska picked up the biggest bonus of $1,268.25 – just 63 times the CAP of the table. — RD


4.10pm: And in case you didn’t believe us, word from the man himself (in 140 characters or less). — RD

4pm: EPT Vilamoura winner Toby ‘810ofclubs’ Lewis shows a nice touch of run good by binking one of the milestone tables for $4,885. Born2DogBaby took the $2-$4 Omaha hand for a bonus $4,803 on top of the $1,630 they won rivering the wheel. SmallTinyMan had flopped a set of aces but the board did not pair. — RD


Another milestone in Lewis’ poker career

3.50pm: Hello ladies, gentleman and multi-table grinders, today is a great day. The countdown to the pinnacle of the PokerStars 100 Billionth Hand Celebration is almost at an end which means, in case you didn’t know, the winner of hand #100,000,000,000 will win a minimum $100,000 bonus (how much more depends on how many VPPs they’ve accrued at that table in the last 50 hands). The other players at the table will be paid out a minimum of $10,000 and whatever is left out of the $1,000,000 warchest for this one hand will be showered amongst all players sat in a similar game and stakes. It’s pretty awesome in the truest sense of the word. Let us guide you in as we hit the remaining 16 milestones before that $1 million hand.

Find out more about The Million Dollar Hand here.– RD


The Road to 100 Billion

The countdown to the Million Dollar 100th Billion Hand is brought to you by and Simon Young.

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