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The annual visit of the European Poker Tour (EPT) to Monte Carlo means it’s time once again to dig out those aviator shades, those string-backed driving gloves and — for this year at least — your Alice in Wonderland costume.

What’s that? You read it right: an Alice in Wonderland costume.

The theme for this year’s Player Party at EPT Monte Carlo is the Lewis Carroll classic. So expect Mad Hatters, Cheshire Cats and the Queen of Hearts crawling around the exclusive principality.

But that’s not all, of course. The full calendar for EPT Monte Carlo activities is now with us, and as ever there’s loads to do away from the tables for the whole two weeks of the festival.

Read on to learn what’s on offer.


April 24-May 3
Daily slots from 12pm–8pm

Experience Monaco from behind the wheel

No trip to Monaco is complete without touring the track of the illustrious Grand Prix — and there’s no better way to do it than from behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or Ferrari super car. Sign up at the PokerStars Travel desk and you can find yourself behind the wheel of the kind of car you can probably only dream of owning (but which people in Monte Carlo drive to the shops).

April 24-May 3
Daily tickets

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, and it’s possible to walk from one end to the other in a single afternoon. However, spectacular sights are packed tightly into the tiny principality, and the best way to explore them all is via the hop-on, hop-off bus. We have dozens of tickets available every day, so grab one at the PokerStars Travel desk and discover everything Monte Carlo has to offer.

April 24-May 3
Daily tickets

Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum (Mus√©e oc√©anographique de Monaco) might be the most exclusive aquarium in the world. Situated in a five-storey historic building perched on the rocky outcrop that is Monaco’s old town, the museum is a spirited celebration of life below the sea. There are more than 6,000 specimens, in everything from its Turtle Island to Shark Lagoon. Not to be missed — and tickets are free.

April 27, 10.30am-4pm

The EPT’s sports tournaments have become a real highlight of any trip, and in Monaco you can step on to the padel courts alongside the Team PokerStars Ambassadors. Padel is a variant of tennis (well, it’s got rackets and balls) but there’s nobody wearing the Red Spade who is especially talented at it. It means that fun is the name of the game — but there’s prizes still for players on the winning teams. Book your place and get playing.

The PokerStars sporting contests have become legendary


You’ll never quite get a full understanding of the wealth on display in Monte Carlo, but you can go some way to experiencing the life of the rich and famous by taking a helicopter transfer from Nice Airport.

A seat in a shared helicopter is ‚ā¨210, if arranged through PokerStars Travel. The helicopter takes off from just outside Nice Airport and deposits you about 20 minutes later safely in Monaco. There’s then a free road transfer to your hotel.

An amazing way to travel to Monaco

(They’ll pick you up from your hotel on the way back too.) Helicopters take off every 30 minutes from 8am-8.30pm. (Last Monaco-Nice flight is 8.15pm.)

Shared helicopter: ‚ā¨210 per seat
Private helicopter: ‚ā¨790 per flight

Luggage policy:
One carry-on bag (55cm x 35cm x 25cm) – 10kg
One checked bag (86cm x 58cm x 36cm) – 23kg

Transfer from helipad to hotel included in price.


April 28 – 8pm-midnight
Mediterranean Garden, Monte-Carlo Sporting
Live band & DJ throughout the night
Open bar and finger food

The EPT Player Party is never to be missed, but the minute you find yourself paying for a round of drinks in a Monte Carlo club, you’ll learn this goes double at this particular stop.

This year, the party takes place in the beautiful Mediterranean Garden outside the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club. It’s a peerless party venue, overlooking the beautiful blue ocean and Monte Carlo bay.

Expect eccentric costumes galore at the party in Monaco

There’s a live band and DJ throughout the night, as well as some delicious finger food. All of this alongside an OPEN BAR. Free bar!?! Yes indeed.

The theme is Alice in Wonderland — and it’s appropriate for this particular magical kingdom where nothing quite makes sense.


Take some time to relax away from the tables in the Sports Player Lounge, where you’ll find the latest games consoles, some table games and all the latest sports action streamed live. There’s a cash bar for refreshments, but it’s free to get it — and you can spend as much time as you like just relaxing in the lounge.


April 25, 6.45pm
America Room, Monte Carlo Bay Hotel
Free buffet and drinks

You might have thought that winning a Silver Pass to play on the France Poker Series was as good as it got, but there’s also an incredible opportunity to turn this experience Gold in Monte Carlo.

All Silver Pass winners are invited to a meet-up with PokerStars Ambassadors and fellow players where there’ll be a chance to win a Gold Pass. That will allow you to stay in Monte Carlo and play the EPT Main Event as well.

The Gold Pass package, which includes hotel, is worth ‚ā¨9,300.

Win a Gold Pass!

Make sure you attend the Meet & Greet and join the Spin the Wheel contest for a chance to win this incredible package.

To confirm: an EPT package includes a ‚ā¨5,300 buy-in to the EPT Main Event, plus ‚ā¨4,000 in expenses. That includes a hotel room, plus exclusive merchandise and the full PokerStars qualifier treatment.

It’s another incredible chance to get into the action for free — and, worst case scenario, you just get to hang out in Monaco with some PokerStars ambassadors and down some free food and drink.

April 24-May 3
Main Entrance

The ever-popular food stalls will trundle into the Sporting Club again this year, serving up delicious smoothies and pancakes for all players, all day. Don’t miss them: they’re really excellent.

Be sure to make the most of the smoothie and pancake stand


Here are a few extra things to look forward to at EPT Monte Carlo:

Open to All Players

  • Online account assistance with PokerStars staff
  • Exclusive Paris merchandise
  • Complete our onsite feedback survey, link your PS Live card to your online account, and Spin the Wheel to win exclusive prizes. In Monte Carlo, prizes include: helicopter flights, Formula E tickets, free massage and PokerStars merch.

EPT full package winners

  • Complimentary transfer on arrival
  • Unique EPT merchandise
  • Dedicated player liaison hosts throughout the event
  • Food and beverage voucher to spend in tournament venue

$25k players VIP package

  • Complimentary transfer on arrival
  • Three nights free hotel when playing SHR $50k and booking via PokerStars Travel
  • 50% rake refund when pre reg/seated at the start of the $25k+ events 
  • Dedicated VIP host liaison
  • Food and drink included during stay


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