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They can’t always have it, right?

So how can we build a strategy that will exploit overly aggressive players in tournaments?

That’s one thing PokerStars School delves into in this update.

  • Exploiting Overly Aggressive Players: A Hand Example
  • Asking the right questions
  • A guide to the squeeze play in No Limit Hold’em
  • More from PokerStars School

Exploiting Overly Aggressive Players: A Hand Example

We’ve all had players who arrive at the table with heaps of chips and proceed to either raise or at least play every hand.

Annoying, isn’t it?

There was a recent discussion about such players on the PokerStars Discord that PokerStars School’s Dave Roemer thought would make for a good educational article.

Check it out and build a strategy to help you take advantage of their aggression.

Read ‘Exploiting Overly Aggressive Players: A Hand Example’ here.

Asking the right questions

As poker players striving to improve our game, we often will do self-reviews of our own play looking for leaks, or things to work on improving. But what should we look for?

From how much time we should invest in studying to balancing our c-betting ranges, Roemer poses some questions we should frequently ask ourselves.

Take a look at ‘Asking the right questions’.

A guide to the squeeze play in No Limit hold’em

There’s a semi-advanced poker concept that will give a boost to your game. It’s called the squeeze play.

But what is a ‘Squeeze Play’ and why is such a useful tool to have in your arsenal?

Find out in the PokerStars School guide to the Squeeze Play in No Limit Hold’em.

More from PokerStars School:

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