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First of all, let’s not shy away from the elephant in the room. Not everyone likes “Throwables”. We get it. For some players, the idea of chucking virtual objects around the tables doesn’t inspire a serious or dignified tone.

And they’re not really supposed to. Throwables are a bit of harmless fun, a way to express a certain feeling in the moment – basically, they’re a new and novel way to say “donk” or “zzzzz” to your opponent.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t matter which camp you fall into.

If you hate Throwables guts, then you can easily turn the setting off and never think about it ever again. If you’re a fan of Throwables, you can expand your collection of objects to hurl.

We’ll show you the secret to both in this article.

What are throwables and how do you use them?

“Throwables” have been a feature on PokerStars for a couple of years. Along with the usual chat features, you can now throw digital objects at your opponents during gameplay.

All players have at least two Throwables already available. They are the firework – perfect for celebrating or (sarcastically?) congratulating other players, and the box of tissues – great for helping opponents to wipe up their tears after losing a hand.

Throwables are easy to use. During play, click on the little symbol next to your avatar that looks like a hand holding a ball. A menu will pop up showing all the objects you can throw. Select one and click on an opponent to throw it at them.

The object will appear as an animation, visible to anyone who has the feature turned on.

How do you turn throwables off?

It can be pretty tilting throwing tissues at an already frustrated player. That’s the whole point. But it’s not everyone’s idea of fun.

If you’ve had enough of the animations, or you’re outraged that PokerStars would create the feature in the first place, then you can easily turn off Throwables in the settings menu. Here’s how:

Settings → table appearance → animation → table emotes → disable

And that’s it. You’ll never see another firework or box of tissues at the poker tables again.

How do you get more throwables?

If you do decide that you want to keep the feature, mostly for your own amusement and for when you want to send the odd frustrated short stack over the edge, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re not restricted to just a couple of Throwables. Oh no… there’s more.

Dozens of Throwables have now been released, from alarm clocks to toilet roll, chickens to donkeys, and many more.

Keep your eye out on “Challenges” in the PokerStars lobby and every now and then an opportunity will arise to earn a new Throwable, or to claim one that you’ve previously missed.

Add to your collection for more offensive objects to hurl!


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