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After some aggressive preflop action, you can always expect sparks to fly on the flop. But how do you continue when the board is low?

While aces and broadway cards can sometimes slow the action down, low flops can often be the catalyst for chips to start flying.

Thankfully, PokerStars School can show us how to approach these tricky situations.


  • Cash Hands for Beginners: Part 4 – Low Boards in 3-Bet Pots
  • 8-Game Hand Review – Stud Instalment
  • More from PokerStars School

Cash Hands for Beginners: Part 4 – Low Boards in 3-Bet Pots

In Episode 4 of his ‘Cash Hands for Beginners’ series, PokerStars School’s Pete Clarke looks at how to approach three-bet pots in which low cards land on the flop.

When is it a good board texture to c-bet? When is it good to check back?

Clarke talks us through how to read board textures in relation to both your hand and your opponent’s.

Check out ‘How to play low boards in 3-bet pots’ here.

8-Game Hand Review – Stud Instalment

After dabbling in the Stud Hi/Lo streets last week, this time Clarke is simplifying things a little and sticking to plain old Seven Card Stud. Still, he considers it one of the trickier limit games in the 8-game rotation.

“In this format, players are gradually dealt seven cards, beginning with a hand of three cards, of which two are face down and one is face-up,” he writes. “The player with the lowest door card posts a bring-in and play progresses from there with each player being dealt four additional cards each followed by a round of betting.”

Fancy learning some Stud? Click here.

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