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If you’re able to work a high stakes tournament–or any tournament that’s above your usual buy-in range–into your regular daily schedule, it’s not only going to bring more excitement to your grind but also the opportunity for a big bankroll boosting score.

But how can you satellite into them and what things do you need to do differently in a satellite than you would in a regular tournament?

That’s just one of the areas PokerStars School is covering in this week’s update.


  • How to satellite into high stakes tournaments
  • 3 mental game pitfalls in big poker events
  • 3 steps to pulling off a big fold
  • More from PokerStars School

How to satellite into high stakes tournaments

“Remember, our goal in a satellite is far different from our goal in a regular tournament,” writes Dave Roemer in this helpful satellite strategy article.

“The goal is simply to survive long enough to get to the seats. Since survival takes on the largest importance, our strategies throughout the satellite should reflect that.”

So how should your strategy change? From understanding the field to estimating target stack sizes, Roemer breaks down how you can satellite your way into a big event during your next session.

Find out how to satellite into high stakes tournaments here.

The 3 mental game pitfalls in big poker events

Once you’ve won your way into the big buy-in event, you’ll no doubt have some butterflies. It’s something we covered recently in our ‘Tips for playing your first High Roller’ article.

But there are other mental pitfalls you can fall into aside from just overexcitement and nerves.

“Some players like to use the word ’tilt’ to describe these issues, but I think this word is often taken to refer solely to the anger that follows some bad variance and the resulting dip in concentration and quality of decision-making,” writes Roemer.

“The problem is that this narrow definition does not capture the vast array of what I call ’emotional interference’ in a poker player’s thought process. Let us explore some of the ways that our emotions might interfere with our optimal poker thought process in a big event and how we might conquer these unwanted afflictions.”

Check out the three mental game pitfalls you might face in big poker events.

The 3 steps to pulling off a big fold

In big events come big buy-ins, big calls, big raises, and certainly some big folds.

But how can you improve your thought processes in the lead up to making a big fold? When do you know it’s the right time to let your solid hand go?

“Gone are the days where stacking off with top pair is a travesty,” writes Pete Clarke in this article. “In the modern game, aggression is more widespread than it used to be, but there are still many spots where our opponents will fail to find enough bluffs, and end up putting money into the pot with a nutted range.

“Hero folding can feel impossible at times. Have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you your hand is rarely good? Have you ever ignored it due to the monkey on your shoulder screaming about how ‘crazy’ it would be to fold a hand THIS good?

“Read on for your three-step program for unlocking your folding genius.”

Learn the three steps to pulling off a big fold here.

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