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Jonas Julien’s Platinum Pass story is a classic – an inspiration to players who might otherwise have never imagined themselves playing in a $25k live event, a demonstration that anything is possible.

Jonas took the Mega Path route to his Platinum Pass, first winning a free $0.50 ticket to Round 0 in the PSPC ticket machine, then gradually working it up to the $1,050 Final Round.

In that Final Round, with 100s of players in contention and only one PSPC package up for grabs, Jonas managed to make a comeback from just a few blinds to emerge as chip leader on the final table. Heads-up, with a friend now on the rail, he thought, “I have this under control.”

In between balancing a busy work life with hobbies like ice hockey, Jonas plays low stakes tournaments online along with the occasional cash games – nothing too serious – just casual. He cashed in his first ever live tournament in the Norwegian Poker Championship in 2019. Occasionally, he’ll join work mates for a fun home game.

Jonas accepts that when it comes to the PSPC Main Event, many sitting at the tables will be more experienced than him. But he doesn’t seem at all fazed.

“At the very least I get a free trip to the Bahamas, at best I win some money. I want to keep my head down and not think too much about the money, so anything I win is a bonus.”

That sounds like a positive mindset to me.

“I’m really looking forward to the trip and I’ve already booked plane tickets. I’m just trying to prepare, play as much poker as I can, but basically I’ll have to wing it!”

Good luck, have fun, and we hope you “wing it” all the way to the final table!

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