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Ole ‘wizowizo’ Schemion has done it again!

Both live and online, Schemion continues to prove that he is one of the world’s greatest tournament players. Whenever there’s a major event, you can be sure that he’ll be on the final tables ready to strike fear into the heart’s and minds of opponents.

This time, Schemion can add the Winter Series $5,200 Main Event to his ever-growing resume of poker accomplishments.

Schemion bags his biggest online win

384 players took part in the high stakes Main Event, and 163 re-entries brought the total number of entries up to 547.

With a $5,200 buy-in, the tournament smashed its $2 million guarantee to offer a total prize pool of $2,735,000.

Of the entrants, only 71 places were paid, with 48th – 71st place earning a little over double their buy-in. The real life-changing sums were weighted towards the top.

After three days of intense poker action, Ole ‘wizowizo’ Schemion took command of the final table and emerged victorious. After defeating a field of pros and grinders, he earned the first prize of $482,795 – a new personal best for his already outstanding online record.

Winter Series Event #78-H ($5,200 Main Event)
547 (384 entries + 163 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $2,735,000
Places paid: 71
wizowizo – $482,795.16
serggorelyi7 – $358,000.28
botteonpoker – $265,463.20
ycsousa – $196,845.60
Graftekkel – $145,964.48
Ebaaa11 – $108,235.16
FreeLancerZZ – $80,258.30
cocojamb0 – $59,512.77
Tomatee – $46,598.10

Schemion’s Record

Shemion won his first live tournament at the EPT in 2011, aged just 19. Since then, he has earned more than 10 live titles, including several EPT wins and a $1.8 million payday in the Monte Carlo Super High Roller.

In 2014, Shemion made over $2 million in cashes from a single EPT series, earning him the title of EPT Player of the Year, and leading to his ranking as world number one in January 2015.

With total live earnings in excess of $16 million, he is currently ranked 39th on the all-time money list, and 5th on the all-time money list for Germany.

More than just a bunch of statistics, Ole ‘wizowizo’ Shemion always seems to be on top form and has mastered both the live and online game.

He has picked up WCOOP and SCOOP titles, along with countless Sunday major and High Roller results. Remember that time he won the Sunday Supersonic and Warm-up in the same night? Madness.

Final table of champions

With such a high buy-in, nobody expected the Winter Series 78-H Main Event to be easy. But when nearly every player on the final table has a WCOOP title, well, that takes the term ‘reg-fest’ to a whole different level.

That was the scenario facing Ole ‘wizowizo’ Schemion. Competition as stiff as fellow pros ‘Ebaaa11’, Brunno ‘botteonpoker’ Botteon, Michael ‘FreelancerZZ’ Dattani and Jans ‘Graftekkel’ Arends were all lining up to fight it out for the top end payouts.

Was Schemion fazed by this? What do you think?

Blind level: 125,000/250,000
Final table stacks:

Ebaaa11 – Russia – $27,108,570
botteonpoker – Brazil – $26,528,709
wizowizo – Austria – $25,536,608
FreelancerZZ – Malta – $16,413,952
Graftekkel – Austria – $10,668,005
cocojamb0 – Bulgaria – $8,601,571
serggorelyi7 – Russia – $8,430,190
Tomatee – Uruguay – $7,691,023
ycsousa – Canada – $5,353,872

Highlights from the final table

‘wizowizo’ came onto the final table with a decent stack. Also challenging for chip lead were ‘Ebaaa11’ and Brazilian pro Brunno ‘botteonpoker’ Botteon.

WCOOP and SCOOP champion ‘Tomatee’ was first to bust, losing a standard coin flip with Q(s) Q(d) against ‘serggorelyi7’’s A(s) K(h).

It took an hour and forty-five minutes of final table action before ‘botteonpoker’ busted the second player, eliminating short stacked ‘cocojamb0’. Shortly after it was ‘botteonpoker’ running hot again, busting WCOOP champion Michael ‘FreelancerZZ’ Dattani’s pocket Kings to take chip lead.

By this point, ‘wizowizo’ was down to around 20bb, before doubling up on a flip with 9(c) 9(h) to eliminate ‘Ebaaa11’.

Austrian pro ‘Graftekkel’ was next to go. The WCOOP and SCOOP champion raise called all-in with 20bb from the button holding K(h) J(h) but ran into ‘botteonpoker’ with A(c) J(s).

Short stacked Canadian pro ‘ycsousa’ was next to face the knockout blow, his K(h) K(c) not good enough when ‘serggorely7’ rivered an Ace.

Down to 3-handed, Ole ‘wizowizo’ Schemion made sure nobody got an easy ride, eventually managing to wrestle the chip lead from Botteon.

Down to a much more critical stack, ‘botteonpoker’ started to make his moves, but his luck just wouldn’t hold. As any MTT player knows, a couple of coin flips is all it takes to win or lose. First Botteon’s A(d) J(c) fails to hit against ‘serggorelyi7’’s T(s) T(d). Then again, his A(h) J(d) loses to Shemion’s 3(d) 3(h).

Not that you would expect any complaints from ‘botteonpoker’. Astoundingly, he also placed second in the $530 Main Event for $224,306 just the night before and had now added $265,463 to his Winter Series total.

The $5,200 was down to just two players, both now a considerable amount richer in cash and poker esteem. With Schemion already holding such a significant chip lead, the heads-up battle lasted only 10 minutes before a simple clash of K(s) Q(s) against A(d) 6(c) ended it all.

Schemion hit trip Kings on the flop to wrap up the Winter Series Main event with simplicity and style.


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