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If you play poker long enough, you discover how the game can help you develop all sorts of skills that are useful away from the table. Poker teaches players how to weigh risk versus reward, the value of paying attention to details, and the importance of being patient among other life lessons.

Poker also teaches you always to try to think ahead — to “have a plan,” as they say. Speaking of, we wanted to alert everyone that Valentine’s Day is next week, which means there is still plenty of time to pick up a gift for your significant other.

Don’t have a plan? Don’t worry. Here are 10 poker gift ideas for the poker player in your life.

1. Playing cards

Poker players can never have too many decks of playing cards. There are certainly Valentine’s-themed poker cards out there, if you want to go that route, although for more serious players a high quality deck of KEM or Copag cards might be a better choice. Or have a deck especially designed with a photo of the two of you on the backs of the cards to give to your sweetheart — search online and you’ll find lots of inexpensive options with quick turnarounds for that.

2. Card protector

Card protectors or “card guards” come in all shapes and sizes, and so there are lots of options here as well to personalize your gift and give your darling one something special that speaks to his or her interests. With a card protector, you can also go the customization route and include a photo that will remind him or her of you every time your partner decides to play a hand.

Hey, we just noticed… when turned upside down, the PokerStars spade looks like a heart

3. A poker hoodie

Snuggling is not allowed at the poker table… or at least in most places it is frowned upon. But you can still be sure your beloved is wrapped up and comfortable in those cold poker rooms with the gift of a nice fleece hoodie.

4. Poker chip set

Okay… we’re starting to increase the stakes a little in terms of cost. You might also want to check first to see if your dearie needs a chip set, as those who already have them might not want poker chips as a gift. If he or she does need a new set of chips, skip the cheap plastic ones and look for a set featuring good quality clay composite chips, or if you really want to splurge you can go for the custom-made ceramic ones. And if you want to impress him or her with additional knowledge about the gift, be sure to read “Chips with everything: A close look at how poker chips are made.”

5. Headphones or earbuds

Poker players like their music, which means a quality set of noise-canceling headphones or earbuds will always be welcome Valentine’s day gifts. Most have bluetooth capability now to enable your sugar plum to go wireless.

6. Gift certificate for a massage

“Couples massages” are popular, of course, making that another option as you think about poker Valentine’s gifts. Or next time your precious angel is playing a multi-day tournament, arrange for an at-the-table massage to help him or her get through the long grind.

7. Computer accessories

If your honey pie is an online poker player, there is probably something in the category of “computer stuff” that would be well received as a poker gift. A new and higher-quality monitor, a nice back-lit keyboard, a better mouse, even more comfortable chair for playing poker… all could be great choices as poker gifts for him or her.

8. A Girl’s Guide to Poker by Amanda Botfeld

This one might fall into the “poker gifts for her” category, although in truth Amanda Botfeld‘s brand new book of beginner strategy A Girl’s Guide to Poker contains tips and advice useful to all players, men and women — check out an excerpt here. We might mention as well… if you want to buy your cuddle bunny a poker book but don’t want to take a chance on a strategy title that might not suit his or her skill level, consider Poker & Pop Culture: Telling the Story of America’s Favorite Card Game by PokerStars Blog’s own Martin Harris. Find both titles at the D&B Poker website.

9. A poker coaching lesson

Again, here you’ll want to keep in mind your lovie-dove’s relative skill level and be sure to hire the right poker coach to help him or her. But we know a poker lesson can be a great gift — we were just hearing about Ellen DeGeneres receiving such a present from her wife, with Vince Van Patten the coach hired to help Ellen with her game.

10. A pair of rose-colored glasses

Finally, a pair of rose-colored glasses can help your snuggie woogems look on the bright side when those bad beats happen. They’ll last longer than actual roses, too.

Lead photo: “Could Love be on the Cards?“, Luke Hayfield, CC BY 2.0.

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