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As of this moment, 554 people have qualified for the main event of the World Series of Poker on PokerStars. It’s anyone’s guess how big that number will be by the time the big event rolls around. Scanning the list of screen names, I see a lot of people I’ve written about here before. I thought it might be fun to show you some of the people who will be headed for the biggest poker event in history. Interested in winning your seat? Click “Events” and “WSOP” in the PokerStars software to win your seat today.

Please note: This not nearly a comprehensive list. There are hundreds of people going to the WSOP, and dozens of big, recognizable names on the list. I’m just listing a few people I’ve met over the past year or so. I trust I’ll be meeting a lot more of PokerStars players in the coming months.

anakinso -- PokerStars
WSOP-bound anakinso, far right (with Brandon Schaefer (left) and Colson10)

Brett Favre -- PokerStars
Brett Favre

crankyman -- PokerStars

Dogger9 -- PokerStars

Elky -- PokerStars

FLushTheCat -- PokerStars

talonchick -- PokerStars

TheHawk -- PokerStars

Virus1975 -- PokerStars

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