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  • New view for our tournament list in MTT lobby:
    • Start + State columns have been merged – Tournaments in Late Reg state will appear in red for easier identification. The tournament state can still be used to filter the list
    • Tournaments the user is registered to – the entire tournament record will be in Italic instead of state column only
    • Prizepool column in gold
  • New side car
    • Fresh and colourful view
    • Tournament branding
    • New icons and tags for clear organisation of the data
    • Number of starting BB
  • Enable SAG Flash Games for Carbon Lite + Carbon Table Theme
  • Home Games: Last game result, Club Wall preview & Club Standings are now available in club lobby.
  • Additionally, a new search option has been added to make navigating Settings easier. To further make settings easy-to-use we have changed several settings, including which:
  • Show stack values in big blinds for observed games – this has been removed and merged into the bb display for cash and tournaments, e.g. when you observe a cash game, the bb display setting for cash games will apply
  • Auto-Center me when automatically seated – this has been removed, because it caused confusion as players were expecting this to be “Auto-Center me (always)” (which is still an option)
  • In the Account tab, the account name was displayed twice, one has been removed.
  • In the Account tab, the player was able to view “Registered in Tournaments”, this has been removed as it is also available by using Ctrl+R or navigating to Tools > My Games & Tickets > Registered in Tournaments
  • Several other settings have been adjusted similarly as the above examples. If you can’t find a setting you have been using, please use the new “Search Settings” feature.


  • We have now available our Spin&Go games (with limited stakes and only Hold’em and Flash) on so you can play the games directly on the browser. Rollout to other markets coming soon.

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • ‘Notes’ tab & ‘Chat’ tab: minor fixes
  • ‘Watch Games’ fix
  • Pot shown in BB when mouseover
  • Home Games: Various fixes

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.

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