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Ever wanted to go all medieval on your opponents?

Maybe with one of those fierce looking short swords, or while wearing blood stained battle armour?

Well now you can… at least in the Virtual Reality world.

Today there’s a brand new theme to the PokerStars VR universe. It takes you back to a time when life was more straight forward. Lethal perhaps, but straight forward.

But while those times might have been full of pestilence, violence and galivanting musketeers, you can experience it in the more tranquil environment of your own home, and your seat at the poker table.

Just some of the props you can find in the new medieval VR world

You’ll also enjoy some breath-taking scenery, wonderfully atmospheric card rooms set in ruined castles and chapels lit by candles, and total immersion in a world that has never experienced poker before. There is even a delightful view of the mountains and not a barbarian hoard to be seen anywhere.

In real life the cards would fly off a polished table like that. But not in the world of VR…

Except opposite you perhaps.

Within the game you can get your hands on a variety of props.

From that sword we mentioned to shields, crowns, drinking horns, catapults, a musketeer’s hat and even a catapult.

Enjoy the view or, maybe do a reading?

For the more playful among you, there’s also a windup jousting knight to send hurtling off somewhere.

Oh, and you get to play some poker on some awesome looking tables, which frankly make the middle ages seem quite nice really.

PokerStars VR players can do all of this from today. So put your headset on, perhaps pretending it’s a bloodstained battle helmet as you do so, and log in.


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