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Registration finally closed at the start of Level 11 in the 2023 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC). Given that it opened about three-and-a-half years ago, this is probably the longest ever registration period in the history of world poker.

The headline news is that 1,014 players put their $25,000 on the table to play this — a superlative effort that means a prize pool of $24,843,000 and a first prize of several million dollars (tbc).

There were 1,039 entries to the first running of this event in 2019, and that’s the only $25K buy-in tournament in the history of poker that received more entries than this one.

It’s been incredibly special to be a part of the PSPC, and the atmosphere in the Baha Mar Resort, in the Bahamas, remains electric.

PSPC payouts

Here’s the payout schedule for the top eight in the PSPC. Full schedule is at the bottom of this page.

1 – $4,053,200
2 – $2,542,300
3 – $1,911,200
4 – $1,551,300
5 – $1,251,500
6 – $1,001,200
7 – $801,000
8 – $621,000

Bubble next…

This is Day 2 of the tournament, during which tournament organisers anticipate we will play either six or seven one-hour levels.

The long-standing plan was for the bubble to burst on Day 3 of the tournament, and with a field of this size, that is anticipated to happen in something like Level 17 or 18.

There will be 175 players in the money.

If it looks like the rate of eliminations is slow, the tournament will pause for the day at the end of Level 16. If the bubble remains a long way off, we’ll play through Level 17 as well.

The decision will be made in plenty of time to allow the remaining field to get dinner.

After that, the bubble threat will be very real indeed. The min-cash is going to be $35,100 which might seem small when compared with the winner’s prize. But if you remember that there are hundreds of players in the this event on a freeroll, thanks to earning a Platinum Pass, any cash is potentially hugely significant.

Major paydays for Platinum Pass winners

Player Liaison officer Willie Elliot estimates that around 300 Platinum Pass winners had never before played a poker tournament with a buy-in of even $1,000, so this is a big deal for heaps of them.

And the best thing? Heaps of them will make the money too, and some of them will win piles of it. The only question now is how many, and how much. Stay tuned.

Full payout schedule

$25,000 PSPC Main Event
Dates: January 30-February 3, 2023
Entries: 1,014
Prize pool: $24,843,000


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