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Here’s where you’ll find the latest highlights and PokerStars results, including the Sunday Majors and High Roller Club.

Highlights this week include –

  • Goldi6killer wins PKO Sunday Million
  • Ole Schemion and josef_shvejk winners in HRC
  • KO Sunday takes over Sunday majors
  • Satellite winners
  • Player of the Week revealed

Goldi6killer wins PKO Sunday Million

The weekend’s Sunday Million was a special edition PKO event. A total of 13,436 entries made for a prize pool of $1,343,000, with half dedicated to bounties.

“Eduardo@” led at the break with 82 players remaining. The Brazilian player continued to gain momentum and stack up before losing a couple of significant pots and crashing out in 11th. They did earn $7k in bounties, proof of success up until the late stages.

“kofi89” of Uruguay also impressed onlookers, accumulating chips and wrestling with Konstant1NBB for the chip lead. kofi89 fell in eighth place, but accumulated nearly $10k in bounties.

The story of the final table was “Konstant1NBB” employing big stack bully tactics who aggressively pressurizing smaller stacks. Usually it paid off, sometimes it cost dearly. But ultimately the Russian made it through to heads-up to face Belgian opponent “Goldi6killer”.

Goldi6killer won a satellite into the Sunday Million for just $15, but didn’t seem too fazed by the obscene prize jumps on the final table. Instead he gained status as a fan favorite, occasionally three-betting and shutting down Konstant1NBB’s raises.

Heads-up, both players continued the aggression to end what was a wild final table. Goldi6killer claimed the top prize and final bounty for a total of $85,805.

High Roller Club

It was an interesting weekend in the High Roller Club. Many of the usual faces were present, and several top pros claimed first place finishes.

Ole Schemion is not afraid of Astedt…

SCOOP 2021 Main Event-H winner “kZhh” of Hungary made a deal with “stato_1” of UK in the Sunday Marathon. Kzhh, winner of the 2021 SCOOP Main Event-H, went on to claim first place for a total of $7,871.

If there’s one player you wouldn’t want to face heads-up, it’s Niklas “Lena900” Astedt. But that didn’t bother Ole “wizowizo” Schemion too much. The German pro, who now players poker from Austria, went heads-up against Astedt in the Sunday Warm-Up and came out on top to earn the first prize of $19,117.

Over in the Sunday HR, “josef_shvejk” of Russia beat Sweden’s “MrAndreeew” heads-up to bag one of the High Roller Club’s biggest weekly prizes. He earned $33,265 for first.

In the $530 Bounty Builder HR, three Brazilian players made the final table. Of them, “Rochinha2011” lasted longest, finishing second for a total of $53,578. “davideriksso” of Sweden came first for a total of $79,205. davideriksso is a player to look out for this year – In 2021, they won a Bounty Builder Series, SCOOP and WCOOP title.

Weekend majors

KO Sunday took over much of the weekend’s schedule, offering players big bounty action across all stakes, from high rollers to the Sunday majors.

“Brunopoker94” won the $215 PKO Sunday Warm-Up, bagging $16k from knockouts for a total of $28,288. The Brazilian player has had a fair few five figure scores before, but this is their biggest.

“mr.salgado30”, also of Brazil, took down the Sunday Cooldown for a total of $30,777 with bounties, adding to a total of over $3.8 million in online cashes.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR, “BeastNBieber” of Canada converted their buy-in into $46,720 in prize money. Not too shabby for their first ever major tournament victory.

Player of the week

Every week we’ll pick out one player from the results who stands out. They don’t have to be the highest stakes player or be topping the Sunday Million. They do have to show an excellent run of form in one way or another.

“mamamamama70” is this week’s Player of the Week. The Swedish player got off to a great start in 2022, earning a Winter Series title and $38k in the 81-H. Their biggest ever score was a third place finish in the Sunday Million in 2017 worth a touch over $100k.

This weekend’s results didn’t yield returns anywhere close to the player’s top scores. mamamamama70 did, however, manage to final table three High Roller Club tourneys, locking up a first and second place. Take a look:

  • First place in $1,050 Saturday KO for $10,142 (inc. bounties)
  • Second place in $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $11,325
  • Eighth place in $1,050 Sunday HR for $5,522

Satellite success stories

Our main satellite success story this week is Goldi6killer’s victory in the Sunday Million. Already an impressive feat, Goldi6killer cleared 13,436 entries to claim $85,805 in prizes.

We knew by all definitions Goldi6killer is a recreational player. Their previous biggest cash was $890 in the Blowout Series. What wasn’t apparent on the night was that Goldi6killer had satellited into the Millie for just $15. The victory gives them a return of 5,719 times their buy-in.

Over in the Sunday Storm, several players achieved impressive returns after satelliting in for as little as $0.33. Of them, “LuckboxBY” finished highest, dropping in 21st place for $614. It’s not the biggest win in the world, but this still represents a return of 1,861 times their buy-in.

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