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Live events are extremely important to everyone at PokerStars and we want as many of our players to experience them as possible. It’s why we created Power Path – designed to let more casual players live their dreams and qualify for big events – and continue to improve our online satellite offering.

But we also pride ourselves on ensuring that these qualifiers have the best experience once at the event. And on our regional tours – such as the UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) and Eureka Poker Tour – there was one area in particular that could be improved.

With satellites allowing players to qualify for events they couldn’t or wouldn’t usually play, it meant that often, these players only had one shot in their target event. 

But PokerStars is now changing its online satellite policy to allow players to win more than one seat for regional Main Events. 

*Please note that this policy change only applies to seat-only tickets and does not apply to full packages.


Previously, once a player had won a seat to a regional event in an online satellite, they were barred from playing further satellites. 

It was set up this way to give more players a shot at winning a seat.

The problem was that qualifiers at events would often find themselves eliminated and unable to re-enter, predominantly due to the event being out of their buy-in range.

Our new policy changes this, as we want to offer more flexibility to players.

All players can now win multiple seat-only tickets. 

The first €/£1,100 seat ticket won must be used for the target event, but any seat tickets won after that will become “Player’s Choice” and can be used in the following ways:

  • Re-enter the same €/£1,100 regional event
  • Enter another €/£1,100 regional event at a different stop
  • Tickets can be combined to enter High Roller events or divided for smaller buy-ins
  • Tickets can be exchanged for online tickets (e.g. multiple Sunday Million bundles)

(Please note: tickets cannot be exchanged for “T-Money”, except to give change when a ticket/tickets are used for lower buy-in events and there’s a surplus.)


Subsequent Player’s Choice tickets can be combined or divided, allowing players to win their way into higher buy-in events in instalments. 

Here are some examples:

€2,200 High Roller entry = 2 Player’s Choice tickets (2 x €/£1,100).

€3,000 Mystery Bounty buy-in = 3 Player’s Choice tickets (3 x €/£1,100) + €/£300 T-Money.

€5,300 EPT Main Event buy-in = 5 Player’s Choice tickets (5 x €/£1,100) + €/£200 T-Money.

€/£1,100 tickets can also be split to play live side events, such as a €550 buy-in and a €330 buy-in, with the remainder credited as T-Money. 

€/£1,100 tickets can also be exchanged/redeemed for online ticket bundles (Sunday Million, SCOOP, WCOOP).

Please note: combining and breaking down tickets is only available to players on licences which allow direct buy-ins from their PokerStars balance (COM/EU/UK/DE/FR accounts).


Player’s choice tickets CANNOT be transferred.

Player’s Choice tickets will have a 12-month expiry, after which the value will be converted to online ticket bundles.

Using tickets for events where values don’t match exactly due to differing currency – or the Irish Open’s unique €1,150 value – is only available to players on licences which allow direct buy-ins from their PokerStars balance.

Where a player requests to use a ticket that does not match the exact value – e.g. €1,100 EUR ticket for an €1,150 EUR or a £1,100 GBP event – a small amount of the player’s balance can be used to make up the difference.

Where a player requests to use a ticket that exceeds the value – e.g. £1,100 GBP ticket for an €1,150 EUR or a €1,100 EUR event, or as noted above, a €550/£550 €330/£330 event – we will convert ticket value to T-Money, register the player and the remainder of the ticket value will remain as T-Money in the player’s account.

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