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It’s getting to that point in the Spring Championship of Online Poker — when more than 100 events have completed and the final weekend looms — that the SCOOP stars are really starting to emerge. Among the ones cashing over and again and making multiple deep runs has been Arne “juarnes” Coulier of Belgium, a player we’ve gotten familiar with over recent years at PokerStars events in Europe, including recently when Coulier got all of the way to 27th in the Main Event at the PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®.

Coulier came into Event #43-H — a $530 buy-in “Deep Stacks” NLHE tournament — with a dozen cashes already this SCOOP, the highlight being a runner-up finish in Event #29-H ($1,050 NLHE) won by Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert.

That was a nice finish, but Coulier did one better today, overcoming a talented field and final table group to win the event and collect an $82,574.46 prize following a three-way final table deal.


Arne “juarnes” Coulier

There were 1,124 players in this one, thus building a big $562,000 prize pool that more than doubled the $250K guarantee. From that field there were still 67 left to return to Day 2 on Friday, with bombuslol leading all with more than 6.2 million chips — over 2 million clear of anyone else.

It took about three-and-a-half hours for the field to shrink down to 18 players and two tables, after which bombuslol still enjoyed the chip lead, then with close to 13.8 million.

Shyam “G’s zee” Srinivasan (18th), MD IACONI (17th), Vico$carpini (16th) next fell, each earning $3,091, followed by acske (15th), stanman420 (14th), and Dhr. Awesome (13th) who took away $4,215 apiece. zÿax (12th), $uperday (11th), and razvqq (10th) were then successively felted, with those three cashing for $5,339 each.

With Arne “juarnes” Coulier and thagrinda444 having snuck ahead of bombuslol in the counts, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: bombuslol (United Kingdom) — 19,300,125
Seat 2: thagrinda444 (Canada) — 20,413,869
Seat 3: OzzyM91 (Poland) — 2,754,004
Seat 4: LEB_BEL (Belize) — 6,412,089
Seat 5: que_te_crio (United Kingdom) — 13,068,432
Seat 6: Dario “Secret_M0d3” Sammartino (Slovakia) — 12,281,074
Seat 7: bernar.serra (Brazil) — 5,056,060
Seat 8: Arne “juarnes” Coulier (Belgium) — 23,433,414
Seat 9: KornmeisterX (Germany) — 9,680,933

As the name of the tournament would suggest, the stacks were deep to start the final table, although with the blinds at 100,000/200,000 not everyone had a lot of room with which to work.

Speaking of, OzzyM91 — with six SCOOP cashes already coming into the event — was the shortest of the final nine, and on the very first hand of the final table watched juarnes open to 450,000 from middle position and KornmeisterX call from a seat over. OzzyM91 then shoved all in from the big blind for about 2.7 million, and only KornmeisterX called. OzzyM91 had pocket eights and KornmeisterX ace-king, and an ace on the board gave the latter the pot to send OzzyM91 railward in ninth.

More than an hour later, bernar.serra opened with a big 4x raise from UTG to 1.12 million, leaving just over 310,000 behind, and got one caller in thagrinda444 in the cutoff. bernar.serra then put the rest in after a 566 flop and thagrinda444 called again, with bernar.serra having K10 and thagrinda444 A10. The turn then brought the A, leaving bernar.serra drawing dead to finish in eighth.

Not quite a half-hour after that it was LEB_BEL shoving all in for a little less than 10 big blinds over a bombuslol open and the latter called, turning over A9 to LEB_BEL’s J10. A flop of 526 was promising for LEB_BEL, but the K turn and A river weren’t of help and LEB_BEL was out in seventh.

Shortly after the day’s eight-hour break, Arne “juarnes” Coulier made an early-position raise, then KornmeisterX shoved for 7.1 million (about 14 BBs) and Coulier called. KornmeisterX had A9, Coulier had AQ, and five cards later — 210J33 — KornmeisterX was collecting sixth-place money. It was another great SCOOP performance for KornmeisterX who won Event #19-H ($1,050 NLHE) less than a week ago.

Four hands after that bombuslol opened from the small blind with a raise bigger than the 9.2 million thagrinda444 had in the big blind, and the latter called showing A9 to bombuslol’s 44. thagrinda444 couldn’t connect with the 388KJ board and went out in fifth.

After all of that Coulier was the chip leader with about 46.2 million, well ahead of Dario “Secret_M0d3” Sammartino in second with about 28.2 million, with bombuslol and que_te_crio not too far behind that.

About an hour later came the next knockout with the elimination of Dario “Secret_M0d3” Sammartino in fourth. His last hand started with an Arne “juarnes” Coulier 2.25x raise to 1.8 million from UTG, after which Sammartino jammed for almost 8.65 million from the big blind and Coulier called. Sammartino had the edge with AJ versus Coulier’s A9, and was still ahead through the turn on a board of 6Q28. But the 9 river paired Coulier, and Sammartino had to settle for fourth.

Sammartino had a big SCOOP last year, winning the $21,000 NLHE 8-Max High Roller. He’s having a good one again this spring, too, as this marks his 11th cash and second super-deep run after taking runner-up in #41-H ($5,200 NLHE).


Dario “Secret_M0d3” Sammartino

The final three carried on, then stopped things to talk about a chop at a point when Coulier led with nearly 50.6 million, que_te_crio was next with almost 36.7 million, and bombuslol third with 25.1 million. The group quickly agreed to terms — leaving $5K for which to play — and cards were back in the air right away.

As the day’s 10th hour neared its close, Coulier lost the lead then won a huge preflop all-in versus bombuslol in which Coulier’s pocket tens held against bombuslol’s pocket sevens.

On the next hand bombuslol got a sub-5 million stack all in with A5, but had run into tens again as que_te_crio showed 1010. The pair held once more, and bombuslol was out in third.

Coulier had an edge to start heads-up play with just over 59.7 million to que_te_crio’s almost 52.7 million. They played four small-pot hands, then it was Coulier raising the button, que_te_crio three-betting, Coulier reraising back, que_te_crio jamming, and Coulier calling.

juarnes: AK
que_te_crio: AJ

Aces for both, but a better kicker for Coulier. The A95 flop gave both a pair and the QQ runout added a second. The kickers played, and Coulier won the extra $5K and the title.

Congratulations to the red-hot Arne “juarnes” Coulier for keeping his blistering SCOOP going with a hard-fought win in Event #43-H.


Team PokerStars Pro Fatima Moreira de Melo and Arne “juarnes” Coulier

SCOOP-43-H ($530 NLHE [Deep Stacks]) results
Total entries: 1,124
Prize pool: $562,000
Places paid: 144

1. Arne “juarnes” Coulier (Belgium) $82.574.46*
2. que_te_crio (United Kingdom) $72,892.90*
3. bombuslol (United Kingdom) $67.534.24*
4. Dario “Secret_M0d3” Sammartino (Slovakia) $39,902.00
5. thagrinda444 (Canada) $28,100.00
6. KornmeisterX (Germany) $22,480.00
7. LEB_BEL (Belize) $16,860.00
8. bernar.serra (Brazil) $11,240.00
9. OzzyM91 (Poland) $6,463.00
* = denotes a three-way deal leaving $5,000 for the winner

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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