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Only a few days after winning his record-setting eighth SCOOP title, the electrifying Cal ‘cal42688’ Anderson had a shot at number nine. In this rare instance, cal42688 fell short of the mark. lulDocuments prevailed in Event #38-H $1,050 Stud Hi/Lo and denied one of the single-greatest tournament players in the history of the intertubes his ninth-career SCOOP win. cal42688 shipped his eighth SCOOP last week when he won Event #13-H, but he finished in fourth place in this one. Anderson previously won 2 WCOOPs and 8 SCOOPs for a total of 10 COOPs.

lulDocuments defeated a stacked final table that included cal42688, along with a 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Brian ‘tsarrast’, 3-time SCOOP winner Wiktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom. cal42688 and Russia’s Maicoshaa were both seeking a second SCOOP win this Spring. lulDocuments cooled off both of those red-hot players.


Almost nine for cal42688

2017 SCOOP Event #38-H $1,050 Stud Hi/Lo attracted 137 original runners, who fired 80 additional bullets for a total of 217 entries. The prize pool swelled to $217,000. Only the top 32 place paid out with $43,942.50 set aside to the champion.

Only 21 players made the cut and advanced to Day 2. Gakn29 bagged up the most virtual chips at the end of Day 1 with 250K with Cal Anderson still in the hunt, along with Isildur1, goleafsgoeh, bedias, blanconegro, kwob20, tsarrast, hummylun, and SirWatts.

On Day 2, goleafsgoeh became the first player to bust during the first level of the re-start. With 16 to go on the final two tables, tsarrast seized the lead with 323K, while cal42688 stealthily moved into second. With 14 to go, cal42688 snagged the top spot. With nine to go, joaoMathias and cal42688 battled for the lead, while Isildur1 clung to a 40K shortstack during 7K/14K limits. However, old-school American grinder via Canada kwob20 bubbled off the final table in ninth place. Without a qualifying low, lulDocuments dragged the pot with trip Kings vs. kwob20’s pair of Jacks.


Event #38-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: cal42688 (443,673)
Seat 2: tsarrast (249,375)
Seat 3: Isildur1 (86,690)
Seat 4: Maicoshaa (225,615)
Seat 5: Gakn29 (253,537)
Seat 6: lulDocuments (262,047)
Seat 7: joaoMathias (516,153)
Seat 8: Bavoulis (131,420)

The final table commenced during the end of level 24 with betting limits at 7K/14K and a 1.4K ante. The legendary Isildur1 was severely chip deficient. joaoMathias led with 516K, but both cal42688 and tsarrast were lurking right behind.

cal42688 a.k.a. the greatest SCOOP player in the universe with 8 SCOOP titles and 2 WCOOP titles for 10 total COOPs. He already won once this spring, why not another one?

Quickie rundown of the rest of the final table… Brian ‘tsarrast’ Rast is 3-time WSOP winner and a prop bet monster, who once rode a bicycle from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to win a wager against Dan Bilzerian…. For a short time at the apex of the glorious poker boom, Isildur1 captivated the online realm. Since then, the Swede won 3 SCOOPs including the 2013 SCOOP Main Event... Russia’s Maicoshaa won a WCOOP in 2015 and won a SCOOP last week in Event #9 HORSE... Gakn29 went deep in a 2011 WCOOP, but the Brit was still seeking a first COOP… lulDocuments final tabled Event #25-H. He came close and went deep in multiple SCOOP events, but yet to break on through to the other side… Joao ‘joaoMathias’ Baumgarten shipped the Super Tuesday and final tabled a 2016 WCOOP.

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REPTILIA: Maicoshaa eliminated in 8th place

At the start of Level 27, someone finally busted at the final table. Short-stacked Maicoshaa had 52.3K left and attempted to triple up. Maicoshaa got it all-in on fifth street with (X-X)/825. Bavoulis and Gakn29 both called. Gakn29 mucked the river. Bavoulis scooped the pot with a pair of Aces and a 6-5-4-3-A low. Maicoshaa also mucked a losing hand. For an eighth-place finish, Maicoshaa earned $5,967.50. Heck of a week for Maicoshaa, who won an event the other day. With 7 to go, cal42688 led with 715K.

AUTOMATIC STOP: Gakn29 eliminated in 7th place and joaoMathias eliminated in 6th place

lulDocuments took out two shorties in a single hand. Short-stacked Gakn29 was all-in on third street. joaoMathias was also short and got it all-in on seventh street.

lulDocuments: AK1073K10
joaoMathias: 352QKJ7
Gakn29: 66Q5J43

lulDocuments rivered an Ace-high diamond flush to win the main pot and side pot. Gakn29 lost with a Queen-high flush and joaoMathias lost with only King-high. Brazil’s joaoMathias busted in sixth place and took home $9,765.00. Gakn29 got knocked out in seventh place and earned $7,595.00.

With five to go… lulDocuments seized the lead with 624K and cal42688 slipped to second with 585K. tsarrast was the shorty with 225K.


MEET ME IN THE BATHROOM: tsarrast eliminated in 5th place

Biggie vs. shorty. lulDocuments attempted to pick off tsarrast, who got it all-in on ffith street.

tsarrast: 799KA26
lulDocuments: 85452510

Without a qualifying low, lulDocuments won the pot with trip fives. Nines were no good for tsarrast, who headed to the virtual rail in fifth place. tsarrast earned a pay day worth $11,935.00.

UNDER CONTROL: cal42688 eliminated in 4th place

Number nine, denied. With four to go, cal42688 found himself with one of the short stacks. He made a final stand against Bavoulis with a paid of Jacks versus two pair.

cal42688: JJ10K9A4
Bavoulis: 7885JA5

Without a qualifying low, Bavoulis won the pot with eights and fives. Cal ‘cal42688’ Anderson will have to wait one more day to win #9. He was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $18,445.00. With three remaining in the hunt for the title, lulDocuments led with 1.3M. Bavoulis was the shorty with 420K.

THE WAY IT IS: Isildur1 eliminated in 3rd place

Six hands later, we lost the Swede. The existentialist emptiness is bleak and real. Isildur1 went up against big-stacked bully lulDocuments… and lost.

Isildur1: 995KK63
lulDocuments: K3J6J510

Without a qualifying low, lulDocuments won the pot with a King-high flush. Isildur1’s two pair were no good. Viktor Blom busted in third place, which paid out $24,955.00


HEADS-UP: lulDocuments (Colombia) vs. Bavoulis (Greece)
Seat 6: lulDocuments (1,828,800)
Seat 8: Bavoulis (341,200)

Two to go with the finish line in sight. Classic battle between Colombia and Greece. The two countries clashed on the felt for decades, and that fierce rivalry came down to lulDocuments vs. Bavoulis. The winner would get statues erected in the capital and hordes of children named after them. The loser? The runner-up would go home under a veil a gloom, and a consolation set of steak knives signed by Lee Jones.

THE END HAS NO END: Bavoulis eliminated in 2nd place; lulDocuments wins Event #38-H!

Heads-up lasted only eight hands. lulDocuments won all eight. lulDocuments chipped up to 2M and Bavoulis was decimated and down to 87K.

lulDocuments: 7676K104
Bavoulis: 875K95A

Without a qualifying low, lulDocuments won the pot with two pair. Fives were no good for Bavoulis, who busted in second place. Runner-up’s share was worth $33,635.00.

Congrats to lulDocuments, who earned a first-place payday worth $43,942.50.


SCOOP-38-H ($1,050 Stud Hi/Lo) results
Total entries: 217 (137 entries; 80 re-entries)
Prize pool: $217,000
Places paid: 32

1. lulDocuments (Colombia) $43,942.50
2. Bavoulis (Greece) $33,635.00
3. Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom (Sweden) $24,955.00
4. Cal ‘cal42688’ Anderson (Mexico) $18,445.00
5. tsarrast (Brazil) $11,935.00
6. joaoMathias (Brazil) $9,765.00
7. Gakn29 (United Kingdom) $7,595.00
8. Maicoshaa (Russia) $5,967.50

Visit the SCOOP home page for complete list of winners and schedule. Plus, check out the leader board for Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars. Final table recap album of the day: “Room on Fire” by The Strokes.

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