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Here you’ll find a SCOOP schedule breakdown for players with modest bankrolls. We’ve cherry-picked some of the best events for players with $50, $300 or $1,000 set aside for SCOOP 2023.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) 2023 schedule is designed around two main characteristics: 

It should be fun, first and foremost.

And it should be accessible to as many poker players as possible.

From May 7-31, you’ll find SCOOP tournaments for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your bankroll, skill level, or format preference.

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But what are the standout no limit hold’em tournaments for players with micro bankrolls, low bankrolls, and medium bankrolls?

In this article, we’ve combed through the schedule and picked out the events we think you won’t want to miss.

But first…


Before we begin breaking down the SCOOP 2023 schedule, let’s first explain what we mean by ‘bankroll’ in this article.

A player’s bankroll is the amount of money they have reserved for poker play. A bankroll is either built from the ground up with no investment (this can be done through freerolls and other promotions) or kick-started with an initial small deposit.

The goal of bankroll management is to build your bankroll without ever risking too much in one game. Therefore, it’s recommended that you only play tournaments for which you have a certain number of buy-ins in your bankroll. The size of your bankroll should determine the stakes at which you play.

If you’re a serious player who plays frequently during the week, even when there isn’t a series running, then you’re probably already familiar with sensible bankroll management. After all, without it, you probably wouldn’t be playing so frequently!

In this video, Benjamin ‘BenCB’ Rolle recommends having 125 buy-ins for tournaments (e.g. if you’re playing $2.20 buy-in tournaments, you should aim to have ~$275 in your poker bankroll). 

But in this article, we’re not referring to your overall bankroll. We’re simply talking about the money you plan to invest into SCOOP 2023 (without fear of going broke).

So it doesn’t matter whether you have zero dollars in your PokerStars account or $10,000.

Perhaps you don’t have an official poker bankroll but you love the game and you’re planning to make a deposit solely for SCOOP tournaments. 

That’s absolutely fine. 

But just make sure you’re only playing with funds that you can afford to lose. You should never risk money you need for your day-to-day life playing poker.

If it ever gets too much, PokerStars has Responsible Gaming tools which can help. Plus, you can visit – a global service providing free practical advice and emotional support.


Let’s get the big ones out of the way first.

Without question, the event you’re going to want to play is the SCOOP Main Event. Thankfully, there are three buy-in tiers:

  • May 28 – #108-L: $109 SCOOP Main Event, $2M Gtd
  • May 28 – #108-M: $1,050 SCOOP Main Event, $4M Gtd
  • May 28 – #108-H: $10,300 SCOOP Main Event, $5M Gtd

Those buy-ins might look scary to those of us with micro, low and even medium bankrolls, but hear us out.

There are countless satellites running for these events which will see hundreds if not thousands of players win their entry for a fraction of the cost. These satellites will be running right up until the start of play, so make sure you continue to check the PokerStars lobby as they continue to be added.

For the $109 Low Main Event, there’s even a freeroll satellite running on May 26 that has 20 seats guaranteed!

To check out all the satellites running for the SCOOP Main Events, simply open the tournament lobby and scroll through the ‘Satellites to this tournament’ section.


If you’ve got up to $50 set aside for SCOOP 2023, here are the no limit hold’em events we think you won’t want to miss.

We’ve cherry-picked these tournaments based on their large guarantees.

  • May 7 – #02-L: $5.50 SCOOP Kickoff, $40K Gtd
  • May 7 – #06-L: $3.30 NLHE, $25K Gtd
  • May 10 – #20-L: $5.50 Deep Stacks, $60K Gtd
  • May 13 – #33-L: $11 PKO Saturday KO, $150K Gtd
  • May 16 – #51-L: $11 Super Tuesday, $115K Gtd
  • May 20 – #69-L: $5.50 PKO, $60K Gtd
  • May 21 – #73-L: $5.50 PKO Sunday Kickoff, $50K Gtd
  • May 29 – #112-L: $11 Series Saver PKO, $150K Gtd
  • May 31 – #121-L: $3.30 PKO Series Wrap-Up [7-Max] – $50K Gtd


If you’ve got up to $300 set aside for SCOOP 2023, here are some events you might want to pencil in on your calendar (not forgetting the great value events listed above!).

  • May 7 – #04-L: $22 Mini Sunday Million PKO, $200K Gtd
  • May 11 – #27-L: $33 Thursday Thrill PKO, $250K Gtd
  • May 14 – #39-L: $55 Mini Sunday Million, $600K Gtd
  • May 20 – #69-M: $55 NLHE PKO, $325K Gtd
  • May 24 – #91-L: $33 NLHE PKO, $175K Gtd
  • May 25 – #97-L: $55 Thursday Thrill PKO, $400K Gtd
  • May 28 – #108-L: $109 SCOOP Main Event, $2M Gtd
  • May 29 – #115-M: $22 NLHE 6-Max Turbo, $125K Gtd


Finally, if you’ve got up to $1,000 set aside for SCOOP 2023, there are plenty of juicy events with massive guarantees on the schedule.

Here are some of the $109 buy-in tournaments with the most mouthwatering guarantees.

  • May 8 – #08-M: $109 NLHE, $375K Gtd
  • May 9 – #15-L: $109 Super Tuesday, $400K Gtd
  • May 13 – #33-M: $109 Saturday KO, $500K Gtd
  • May 16 – #51-M: $109 Super Tuesday, $400K Gtd
  • May 18 – #62-L: $109 Thursday Thrill PKO, $450K Gtd
  • May 23 – #86-L: $109 Super Tuesday, $400K Gtd
  • May 28 – #108-L: $109 SCOOP Main Event, $2M Gtd
  • May 29 – #112-M: $109 Series Saver PKO, $600K Gtd



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