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Two players earned more than $96k in Heats over the weekend, and “Ssick_OnE” took down the special edition Thursday Thrill for an eye-watering amount. One player also earned themselves $57k after a run of satellite wins took them from a free $22 ticket to a place in the $2,100 Heat, and beyond. The Weekly Finals also got off to a start, with two more tourneys offering prize pools of at least $1.5 million. Here’s the Stadium Series latest:


Thursday Thrill for Ssick_OnE: Before we get to the latest results from the weekend, the Heat 20 events finished Friday night and of them the $2,100 Thursday Thrill yielded a $1 million prize pool – an obscene amount of money for a mid-week tourney. This meant insane prizes up top, with Austrian pro Claas “Ssick_OnE” Segebrecht claiming the top spot to earn an astonishing $173,474 (inc.$90,679 bounties).

John99rocks99″ Vallis turns free ticket into $57k: There’s added value… and then there’s turning a completely free ticket into a five figure prize. John “99rocks99” Vallis was dropped a free $22 Stadium Series satellite ticket in a promotional chest. He turned this $22 ticket into a $109 satellite ticket. From the $109 satellite, Vallis earned his place in the $2,100 Heat 21-H Deepstack event, the biggest poker game of his life. He then took it all the way and converted this into an epic third place finish to earn a $57,229 payday. All from nothing!

Huge $96k win in high stakes Heat for AB_Poker_12: It was by no means an easy ride for “99rocks99”, who faced a final table that included regs like Conor “1_conor_b_1” Berseford and Francisco“Tomatee” Benitez before making third place. Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika from Belarus took it further, finishing second for $74k. “AB_Poker_12” from Canada, who’s previous results include a Sunday Million final table worth over $100k and a recent WCOOP final table, finished first for an impressive $96,613.

Spraggy makes final table, estebangocu takes it down: Spraggy made the final table of the $215 21-M, streaming his journey all the way with his Twitch fans until he crashed out in seventh place. The top four players in the 21-M then opted for a split. This included fourth place “Alex Bez” from Brazil, third place “BlueDucky45” from Canada, and second place “BrunoBoucas” from Brazil. “estebangocu” from Uruguay went on to claim victory after the deal, taking $44,013 for first and earning their second ever five figure online score.

DTS|Travka adds Stadium Series win to string of MTT successes: In the $22 Heat 21-L, “DTS|Travka” was playing on their third entry when persistence paid off big time. They outlasted third place “packie89” and second place “ghkvbb” to earn $30,373 for first. DTS|Travka has been having a decent couple of years at the tables, taking down MTTs and finishing third in the Sunday Million. Now they have a Stadium Series title to their name and another big score for their bankroll.

SCOOP champion drupa-lucker earns $94k score in Heat 22-H: Heat 22 was a PKO event, which always promises to bring plenty of action. The tourney reached 249 entries and ended with a final table full of highly experienced players. “Aleks Better”, one of four Russians on the final table and already a Stadium Series champion, finished second for a total of $69,799. “drupa-lucker” from Russia picked off top spot. They already have two WCOOP final table wins worth over $90k each, and a 2020 SCOOP win worth $68k. Now drupa-lucker takes their biggest win ever after a performance full of KOs, $94,300 (inc. $51,867 bounties).

Heats for mikeymike259 and WoutDeBreuck: “mikeymike259” from the UK outlasted a field of 2,586 players in Heat 22-M, earning $53,895 ($32,369 plus $21,526 bounties). In the Heat 22-L, “WoutDebreuck” from Germany earned a total of $22,733 for first.


Heat 20-L: $22, 8-Max PKO
15,117 $302,340 RobertD18 France $21,319
Heat 20-M: $215, 8-Max PKO
3,666 $750,000 bdel123 UK $70,118
Heat 20-H: $2,100, 8-Max PKO
464 $1,000,000 Ssick_OnE Austria $173,475
Heat 21-L: $22, Deep Stack
11,723 $234,460 DTS|Travka Ukraine $30,373
Heat 21-M: $215, Deep Stack
1,779 $400,000 estebangocu Uruguay $44,013
Heat 21-H: $2,100, Deep Stack
234 $500,000 AB_Poker_12 Canada $96,613
Heat 22-L: $22, PKO
16,334 $326,680 WoutDeBreuck Germany $22,733
Heat 22-M: $215, PKO
2,586 $517,200 mikeymike259 UK $53,896
Heat 22-H: $2,100, PKO
249 $500,000 drupa_lucker Russia $94,300

*denotes deal was made


Tournaments completed: 72
Tournaments ongoing: 6
Entries so far: 431,400
Prize pools so far: $28,690,074
First place prizes so far: $3,811,139


Here’s the moment that drupa-lucker took down the 22-H for over $94k after a thrilling heads-up encounter. Aleks Better was playing for his second Stadium Series title, but was denied, ending with this hand:


The third Weekly Finals are now underway, with at least $1.5 million in prizes for the medium and high events. The low stakes Final reached a prize pool of over $900k, making all three tourneys lucrative affairs. Here’s how they stand at the end of Day 1.

Weekly Final Low: $22 Freezout
Entries: 48,104
Prize pool: $962,080
Leader: MLTJ (UK) | 678 players left

Weekly Final Medium: $215 Freezout
Entries: 7,113
Prize pool: $1.5 million
Leader: Nurlux (Canada) | 158 players left

Weekly Final High: $2,100 Freezout
Entries: 768
Prize pool: $1,536,000
Leader: MarToMchat (UK) | 87 players left

Heat 23 kicked off on Sunday and is currently on break at the end of Day 1. Buy-ins and guarantees have once again stepped up a notch, now standing at $55, $530 and $5,200 right up until the Grand Finals next week. Here’s how Heat 23 currently stands:

Heat 23-L: $55 No Limit Hold ‘em
Entries: 7,626 (inc. 2,137 re-entries)
Prize pool: $381,000
Leader: CHACHARO77 (Panama) | 176 players left

Heat 23-M: $530 No Limit Hold ‘em
Entries: 1,503 (inc. 440 re-entries)
Prize pool: $751,000
Leader: Breno2728 (Brazil) | 45 players left

Heat 23-H: $5,200 No Limit Hold ‘em
196 (inc. 63 re-entries)
Prize pool:
$1 million
WATnlos (Austria) | 20 players left


Heat 24: 6-Max, PKO
Starting time:
1:05pm ET (18:05 WET)
Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
Guarantees: $250k, $500k, $500k


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