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There’s been a lot to shout about in the Stadium Series this weekend. Three Heat events (nine tourneys) came to their dramatic conclusions, the first Weekly Finals kicked off, and top pros like Conor Beresford and Cristian Sampaoli earned their titles and a place in history. Check out the results right here.

Heat 06 results

This weekend, three Heats and nine tourneys concluded, starting with Day 2 of Heat 06 (PKO).

wobothebobo picks up biggest score: The $5.50 version of Heat 06 reached a prize pool just a touch under $100k from 20,322 entries. The top three players, “jucalanger”, “1truegambler” and “wobothebobo” opted for a split. “wobothebobo” from Ireland emerged as the winner, pocketing their biggest ever score, $5,815 ($3,823 + $1,992 bounties).

Wes345 wins medium for over $33k: The medium stakes version of Heat 06 peaked way over its guarantee, making for impressive prizes for players who made it to the top. In second came “mastervp888”, who won the Sunday Million back in 2015 and has since kept up decent scores. They added $24.6k to their total. “wes345” from Ukraine, who’s previous wins include Bounty Builders and the Saturday Eliminator, came first for an impressive $33,749 ($22,593 + $11,156).

Conor Beresford wins Stadium Series title: Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford’s name crops up just about everywhere in the online poker world. He’s one of the most talented pros on the circuit right now, with online winnings totaling over $8.5 million. Beresford’s recent wins include first places in the Sunday Million and High Roller Series This guy is not fluking it. Conor put in a stellar performance in the high stakes version of Heat 06, ending the tourney by KOing Ukrainian pro “MountainRo$e”. Beresford added $66,621 ($38,604 + $28,017) to his total, as well as earning his first Stadium Series title.

Heat 07 results

Heat 07 was a Deepstack event. The structure is designed to offer plenty of opportunity for post-flop action and strategic betting lines, so kudos to any players who made it through to the final tables of these tourneys. It takes skill to play deep stack poker.

Pszebutz prevails in low stakes event: 18,273 players battled it out in the low stakes version of the Deepstack event. “RaiseItUp91” from Germany and “pszebutz” ended the two day marathon with a deal before playing it out for the top spot. “pszebutz” came first for $8,433.

$30k score for ArturR2R: A similar scenario occurred in the medium stakes version, with the top two players opting for a split, no doubt both holding their tired eyes open with toothpicks by this point. “Mr.Striker77” from Russia finished second, with “ArturR2R” from Ukraine, who’s successes include multiple wins in Bounty Builder tourneys, taking the extra $5k left aside for first to score a total of $30,069.

Cristian “progre69” Sampaoli crushes in high stakes: Another familiar face on the final tables, Sampaoli’s epic list of poker accomplishments includes winning the Super Tuesday twice and huge scores in the Turbo Series and WCOOP. Now, Sampaoli adds a Stadium Series title to his resume, outlasting second place “Denman98” and claiming $45,020 for first.

Heat 08 results

Heat 08 was a PKO event, and the last to start on Saturday.

In the low stakes version, “ab_wien” from Austria outlasted a huge 21,919 field to earn $6,927 ($4,673 + $2,254 bounties). Meanwhile, over in the medium version, “QQ_NL_QQ” from Russia came first for $32,294 ($20,857 + $11,437 bounties).

nsmirnov” adds Stadium Series to resume: In the high stakes version of Heat 08, Team PS Pro “xflixx” from Germany made it to the final table before crashing out in seventh place. Russian players “Dandida” and “nsmirnov” battled it out heads-up. Nsmirnov, who already has wins in the WCOOP and Winter Series, came first for $47,272 ($30,853 + $16,419 bounties).

Heat 09 results

Sunday was the first day of the first Weekly Finals, which are currently on break. Heat 09 also ran alongside these main events, kick starting a new gear for the Stadium Series with higher buy-ins and bigger prize pools expected from here on.

In the low stakes version of Heat 09, Brazilian player “RobMaranho” made a heads-up split with “Casp3rGaming” from Canada. RobMaranho went on to claim the top spot and banked $19,292. The medium version offered massive prizes on the final table. First place “AkulaGame” from Kazakhstan earned his first five-figure win, $64,803 for first.

Final table full of pros in high stakes Heat 09: The final table of the high stakes Heat 09 was busy with pros, including Team PS Pro and Twitch Streamer Lex Veldhuis, who made sixth place for $21k (and streamed the game live for his viewers). With $90k for first, prize jumps of around $20k at the top end of the table, and stern competition all around, the top four players agreed on an ICM deal. This involved Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez, “needdollarz” “NoTilit” and “BC1989RF”. needdollarz was in the most favorable position during the split, so walked away with $72,572 despite finishing third. Once the deal was set, it was BC1989RF who made it through and claimed first place, bagging a total of $61,295.


Tournament Entries Prize pool Winner Country Prize
Heat 06-L: $5.50, 8-Max PKO, $75K Gtd 12864 $99,577 wobothebobo Ireland $5,815*
Heat 06-M: $55, 8-Max PKO, $250K Gtd 5090 $373,850 wes345 Ukraine $33,750
Heat 06-H: $530, 8-Max PKO, $500K Gtd 685 $500,000 1_conor_b_1 UK $66,621
Heat 07-L: $5.50, Deep Stack, $50K Gtd 11451 $89,537 pszebutz Poland $8,433*
Heat 07-M: $55, Deep Stack, $150K Gtd 3206 $226,500 ArturR2R Ukraine $30,069*
Heat 07-H: $530, Deep Stack, $250K Gtd 322 $250,000 progre69 Argentina $45,020
Heat 08-L: $5.50, PKO, $75K Gtd 14015 $107,403 ab_wien Austria $6,927
Heat 08-M: $55, PKO, $200K Gtd 4793 $347,050 QQ_NL_QQ Russia $32,294
Heat 08-H: $530, PKO, $350K Gtd 452 $350,000 nsmirnov Russia $47,273*
Heat 09-L: $11, $175K Gtd 10690 $175,000 RobMaranho Brazil $19,292*
Heat 09-M: $109, $400K Gtd 3336 $454,400 AkulaGame Kazakhstan $64,803
Heat 09-H: $1,050, $500K Gtd 347 $515,000 BC1989RF Hungary $61,295*

*denotes deal was made


Tournaments completed: 27
Entries so far: 202,254
Prize pool so far: $8,000,720.90
First place payouts so far: $996,290

Note: Totals refer to completed tournaments only


The PokerStars Twitch Channel is running cards-up coverage of the Stadium Series starting from today. Tune it to see online action like you’ve never seen it before, with commentary from James Hartigan and Joe Stapes, who’ll also be joined by legendary poker pro Sam Grafton. They’ll be covering the upcoming Heats and Weekly Finals.

Last night, Lex made the final table in Heat 09-H. Anyone who was watching the stream will know the ups and downs that Lex experienced along the way. Here’s the moment he split pot with KK vs his opponent’s KQs.


The Weekly Finals kicked off on Sunday and are now on break at the end of Day 1. There’s a long way to go in these three day events, but here’s how they tourneys look right now:

Weekly Final-L: $5.50, 8-Max, $150k Gtd
Entries: 22,379
Prize pool: $150,000
Leader: GOGA-JARA (Russia) | 311 players left

Weekly Final-M: $55, 8-Max, $500k Gtd
Entries: 10,297
Prize pool: $514,850
Leader: fishchm (China) | 192 players left

Weekly Final-H: $530, 8-Max, $1 Million Gtd
Entries: 2,101
Prize pool: $1,050,500
Leader: dougalopes (Brazil) | 145 players left


Heat 10: 6-Max, PKO
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $175k, $350k, $500k


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