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The results are in from the inaugural PokerStars Stadium Series, and here’s a look at some of the more interesting numbers.


Tournaments: 106
Entries: 706,672 inc. 158,169 re-entries
Prize pools: $55,424,474.50
First prizes: $6,681,545.47

Average entries: 6,666
Average prize pool: $522,872
Average first prize: $63,033

85 tournaments offered re-entries
21 were freezeouts

If you’d played every event in Stadium Series (with one entry in each), your outlay would be: $93,662

Average number of entries per player (in re-entry tournaments): 2.13

29 tournaments ended in a deal


Tons of chips in play during Stadium Series


With some ambitious guarantees set during Stadium Series, several tournaments had an overlay. That was the case in the High buy-in Grand Final, whose $5 million guaranteed prize pool was nonetheless the biggest of the series.

$5 million: Grand Final – High: $5,200 buy-in
$2.117 million: Grand Final – Medium: $530 buy-in
$1.5 million: all of the following
Weekly Final – Medium: $109 buy-in
Weekly Final – High: $1,050 buy-in
Weekly Final – Medium: $215 buy-in
Weekly Final – High: $2,100 buy-in


Stadium Series catered for players of all bankrolls, which meant buy-ins starting at only $5.50. That obviously meant small-ish prize pools in real terms, but enormous still in comparison with the buy-in.

$51,577.40: Heat 04-L $5.50 buy-in
$58,920.00: Side Event: PLO 6-Max $22 buy-in
$78,551.90: Heat 05-L: $5.50, 6-Max, $75K Gtd


Fernando Viana: Biggest winner in Stadium Series

Some serious money was handed out during the series, with the following picking up the biggest winner’s cheques:

$721,235.15: Fernando “fviana” Viana in Grand Final – High: $5,200 buy-in
$266,006.35: Caio “Pessagno” Pessagno in Grand Final – Medium: $530 buy-in
$261,489.46: Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot in Weekly Final – High: $2,100 buy-in

At the other end of the scale…

$5,154.03: “VTomi24” in Heat 04-L: $5.50 buy-in
$5,270.83 (inc. bounties): “jugues788” in Heat 03-L: $5.50, 6-Max PKO
$5,815.35 (inc. bounties): “wobothebobo” in Heat 06-L: $5.50, 8-Max PKO


Claas Segebrecht: Biggest bounty haul

Forty tournaments over the course of Stadium Series were PKO events. In those tournaments, that meant half the prize pool went into the main pot with the rest being handed out in bounty payments.

Here are the top three bounty payouts, first in gross terms and then as a percentage of total prize.


$90,679.67: Claus “SsicK_OnE” Segebrecht in Heat 20-H: $2,100 buy-in
$90,625.00: Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot in Heat 29-H: $5,200 buy-in
$76,953.12: “chicho70” in Heat 27-H: $5,200 buy-in

Percentage of total prize:

“tonkaaaa” in Heat 29-H: $5,200 buy-in
Bounties: $90,625
Total prize: $151,916.55
Percent: 59.65%

“chicho70” in Heat 27-H: $5,200 buy-in
Bounties: $76,953.12
Total prize: $130,408.48
Percent: 59.01%

tinnoemulder in Heat 24-H: $5,200 buy-in
Bounties: $76,562.50
Total prize: $134,647.21
Percent: 56.86%


Players from 29 different countries got on the scoreboard during Stadium Series, and once again everyone had to bow down to the dominance of the Brazilians. There were 17 Brazilian champions, comfortably beating the Russians (12) and the UK (8).

17 – Brazil
12 – Russia
8 – UK
7 – Austria, Canada
6 – Netherlands, Poland
5 – Ukraine
4 – Argentina, Germany, Sweden
3 – Mexico
2 – Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Norway
1 – Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Slovakia, Uruguay


Two wins for Mike Telker

Although it’s almost guaranteed that WCOOP and SCOOP produces several multiple champions, many of them often come in mixed games where the field sizes are smaller and there are some players who specialise. That wasn’t necessarily the case in the hold’em heavy Stadium Series…although it did turn out that way. Three players won more than one title:

Aleks Better
Heat 11-H: $1,050 buy-in – 378 entries
Heat 27-M: $530 buy-in – 1,563 entries
Prizes: $65,763.72 & $125,154.26

Mike “munchenHB” Telker
Heat 02-H: $530 buy-in PKO – 962 entries
Weekly Final – High: $530 buy-in – 2,101 entries
Prizes: $80,080.41 & $157,004.09

Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot
Weekly Final – High: $2,100 buy-in – 768 entries
Heat 29-H: $5,200 buy-in PKO – 65 entries
Prizes: $261,489.46 & $151,916.55


New record for Spraggy

PokerStars’ army of streamers played a full slate of Stadium Series tournaments and each enjoyed huge success — both in terms of viewers and tournament position.

Lex Veldhuis won Heat 16-H, banking $96,143.60, in front of a peak of 24,955 viewers during an 11-hour stream.

Fintan “easywithaces” Hand finished third in Heat-18-H picking up $57,299.20 in front of a peak of 9,774 viewers.

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg finished third in Heat 25-H, winning $70,633.50 but also breaking his record for peak viewers. At his highest point, 30,415 viewers tuned in.

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