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Day 2 of the UFC KO Poker Series. The headlines today…

  • Lex Veldhuis holds onto his Team Pro KO Challenge lead
  • Experts confirm “It’s not a typo”: Spraggy closing in on second place
  • DSmunichlife leads the overall standings

The Team Pro KO KOntest

With something like 20 events played the KO leader boards are starting to stretch out, and not just in the overall standings. But there is still room for surprises in the Team Pro KO race.

The standings based on Total KOs:

Lex Veldhuis: 32 (-)

Fintan Hand: 24 (+6)

Ben Spragg: 23 (+17)

Note: We spotted it too. We have double checked. Multiple times. The Spraggy figure is correct.

How things stand based on average KOs per event:

Fintan Hand: 4.8 (5 events played)

Lex Veldhuis: 4 (8 events played)

Ben Spragg: 3.3 (7 events played)

Finally, the standings if you count only odd-numbered events:

Lex Veldhuis: 14

Ben Spragg: 11

Fintan Hand: 4

Note: We may have just accidentally uncovered a winning strategy for the Spraggy campaign.

The people want answers.

The latest on who will win one of three UFC 241 packages

There’s a UFC 241 package to the winner of the overall KO contest (as well as two other packages to be awarded in All-In Shoot Outs).

Each package is made up of flights, hotel and two tickets to Anaheim, California, for a night to remember this August.

Here’s how things stand on Tuesday morning: DSmunichlife is out to a good lead.

UserID CountryCode Entries KOs Cashed
DSmunichlife DE 21 63 $41,420.41
Marusia1980 RU 23 55 $2,567.49
dans170′ BR 19 53 $6,697.09
esha22 PL 16 51 $2,366.40
PV_PKS BR 17 50 $850.21
PANIC.PLAYER GR 10 49 $106,054.94
BruTiiii124 HR 19 49 $9,945.03
bal-bruno BR 10 49 $3,465.11
tomakgchm PL 12 45 $6,053.45
John Carnage CA 11 45 $4,917.19
JasonX85 NL 21 45 $4,781.30
arre86 SE 11 43 $9,572.43
bobo1120 DE 9 42 $7,559.98
Isurox LK 16 42 $1,800.85
Ovidiush RO 10 41 $2,271.24
cusirc AR 16 41 $1,640.80
Disel59 RU 15 41 $1,449.41
ccyrenne CA 12 40 $5,995.58

Remember there are two other opportunities to win a UFC 241 package. And you don’t have to top the KO table to win.

Score three KOs this week in UFC KO Series events and you’ll win entry into a special All-In Shootout next week. The winner will be on their way to Anaheim.

A third package will be given away in another All-In Shootout. This time for players who then go on to KO a further three opponents.

UFC KO Series events to play on Tuesday

Seven more events today with $775,000 of guaranteed prize money and thousands of KOs to pick up along the way.

11:00 ET. Event 21: $109 NLHE, $100K Gtd

12:30 ET. Event 22: $530 NLHE [High Roller], $125K Gtd

13:00 ET. Event 23: $11 NLHE, $75K Gtd

14:45 ET. Event 24: $215 NLHE, $150K Gtd

15:30 ET. Event 25: $55 NLHE, $125K Gtd

17:00 ET. Event 26: $1,050 NLHE [Turbo, Daily Cooldown SE], $100K Gtd

18:00 ET. Event 27: $109 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo], $100K Gtd

Events in bold are odd-numbered events. Spraggy, play these.

For details on the series, more events, and how to take part, check out the UFC KO Poker Series homepage.

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