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Video chat is now available on PokerStars .UK, with release to further countries in the coming weeks.

“Let me get this straight: when you play online poker, you can’t see anyone’s face? How on earth do you know if they’re bluffing or not?”

This is a common question online poker players are asked by those who haven’t played before and usually involves you giving a tedious answer about poker strategies.

But for the first time on PokerStars, that’s about to change.

PokerStars has now launched video chat for Home Games on .UK for both desktop and mobile apps.

This means whether you’re playing with friends, family or colleagues, you have the option to be able to see each other using webcams and the cameras on your smartphone.

Here’s a look at a video chat Home Games table

No longer will you have to fire up a ZOOM or Skype video call alongside your PokerStars Home Game. Simply set up your Home Game as usual and you’ll now see the option to open a video chat table.

  • Think Samantha has the nuts? Now you can try to read her poker face.
  • Think Luke is bluffing? Now you can ask him questions and gauge his reactions.
  • Is Daniel acting all loosey-goosey, eating a sandwich while clicking buttons? It’s up to you to decide what that means!

Video chat Home Games are currently only available on PokerStars .UK but the feature will be rolled out in more countries over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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