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The 2020 World Championship of Online Poker has reached its conclusion — 225 tournaments spread over 25 days. Wednesday night everything culminated with the crowning of three Main Event champions:

  • Main Event (High) winner: Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques (Netherlands) — $1,147,270.86 (after three-way deal)
  • Main Event (Medium) winner: 1mSoWeeeaK (Thailand) — $504,583.85
  • Main Event (Low) winner: klimono (Poland) $186,841.09

Nearly $15.5 million was awarded in those three tournaments alone (!). Here’s a rundown of how each of the Main Events wrapped up.

WCOOP 2020 Main Event (High): ‘PTFisherman23’ reels in title, nearly $1.15M

From 1,977 entries, Teun “tinnoemulder” Mulder led the final nine to start the day. Meanwhile Cecilia “princes chu” Cafaro entered the final table as the short stack and within the first half-hour was first out in ninth.

The final eight battled from there, and before long Mulder, Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques, and Robin “robinho” Ylitalo were essentially tied for the chip lead.

“77atlant77” also started below average, and after being unable to stage a comeback fell in eighth. That said, after having won entry into the $5,200 event after starting with a $22 Spin & Go, 77atlant77 had to be pleased with a $140K-plus payout and massive return on investment.

Mike “munchenHB” Telker won two Stadium series during the summer and had considerable WCOOP success in the past, including chopping the Main Event in 2014. That’s the famous one in which Marat “maratik” Sharafutdinov — a.k.a. “i wont million” — took the title to earn a seven-figure score. Telker also made just over $1 million in that event before busting in fourth.

Telker had to settle for seventh this time, though, after his ace-four failed to catch up to the pocket tens of “Andre_Hansen.”

Mike “munchenHB” Telker

Denys “SantaZzz” Chufarin was next out in sixth, enduring some bad fortune in a preflop all-in versus Ylitalo. Chufarin had AJ and Ylitalo 88, and was ahead through the 103J flop and Q turn. But the 9 river made a straight for Ylitalo, ending Chufarin’s run.

A short while later Andre_Hansen — a former SCOOP event champ — fell in fifth, his king-jack failing to catch up to Tonio “prrrak4783” Röder‘s ace-jack.

Down to four, some deal talk arose though failed to gain any traction. A long stretch followed in which each of the remaining players was atop the counts at one point, then finally the tournament was paused to discuss a deal in earnest.

Alas by then the former EPT champion and SCOOP winner Ylitalo had become much shorter than the other three, all of whom were close in chips. ICM numbers were produced, but the discrepancy between Ylitalo’s stack and the others helped ensure a deal wouldn’t come off, and play soon resumed.

A few minute later Ylitalo had fallen to just over 10 big blinds, and shortly after that was all in with ace-king against Mulder’s pocket nines. A king flopped, but so did a nine, and two cards later Ylitalo was out in fourth.

Robin “robinho” Ylitalo

After that deal talk resumed, with Tonio “prrrak4783” Röder leading with about 179 million, Teun “tinnoemulder” Mulder next with about 160 million, and Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques sitting on about 154 million. ICM numbers were produced again, and after much discussion both Röder and Marques agreed to give up $15K apiece, creating the following guaranteed payouts with $100,000 set aside for the winner:

  • Mulder: $1,101,527.64
  • Röder: $1,082,522.50
  • Marques: $1,047,270.86

Not one, not two, but three seven-figure scores, all guaranteed!

Shortly after the deal, Marques scored a huge double through Mulder. Preflop back-and-forthing saw Marques calling a three-bet from Mulder with A10 while Mulder had AQ. A flop of 10A9 gave Marques two pair to Mulder’s one. Mulder bet, Marques shoved, and Mulder quickly called. After the 2 turn and J river Mulder had but 15 million.

A few hands later Mulder three-bet jammed from the small blind with A3 and both opponents called. The K310 flop gave Röder top pair who checked. Marques bet with AJ and a gutshot and Röder called. Both checked the 9 turn, then the Q river gave Marques a straight. Röder led, but folded after Marques raised. The latter took the pot, and Mulder was out in third.

The bustout capped a fantastic several months for Mulder who won the $10K High Roller during SCOOP for over $278K, then also won a $5K title during the Stadium Series.

That pot meant Marques had almost exactly a 2-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up with about 328 million to Röder’s 165 million.

Soon into heads-up Röder earned a full double up after making two pair versus Marques’ pocket kings. However Marques chipped back up and into the lead, and after about 40 minutes of play had Röder back down to around 20 big blinds.

That’s when a hand arose in which Röder limped from the button, Marques checked, and the flop came 269. Both checked, then after the 9 turn Marques checked again. Röder bet and Marques check-raised. Röder called the raise, then watched the 10 fall and Marques jam all in.

Röder had about 48 million behind (less than 14 BB), and after a long tank he finally called off his stack, showing 65 for nines and sixes. Alas for him, Marques had rivered a straight with 87 to win the pot and the title.

An excited and exhausted Marques joined the fellas on the live stream to talk about his win afterwards.

WCOOP Main (High) champ Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques on the live stream

“It’s not just my story… it’s for my friends… and my country,” said Marques. While he’s been playing WCOOP from Netherlands, he was referring to his home country of Portugal.

WCOOP-72-H: $5,200 NLHE Main Event
Dates: September 20-23, 2020
Entries: 1,977 (inc. 541 re-entries)
Prize pool: $10,000,000

Final table results:

1st: Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques (Netherlands) $1,147,270.86*
2nd: Tonio “prrrak4783” Röder (Austria) $1,082,522.50*
3rd: Teun “tinnoemulder” Mulder (Netherlands) $1,101,527.64*
4th: Robin “robinho” Ylitalo (Sweden) $543,301.00
5th: “Andre_Hansen” (Ukraine) $387,284.00
6th: Denys “SantaZzz” Chufarin (Ukraine) $276,069.00
7th: Mike “munchenHB” Telker (Costa Rica) $196,792.00
8th: 77atlant77 (Russia) $140,280.00
9th: Cecilia “princes chu” Cafaro (Uruguay) $99,997.00

*denotes three-way deal

WCOOP 2020 Main Event (Medium): ‘1mSoWeeeaK’ is strong, wins title, half a milly

“1mSoWeeeaK” of Thailand claimed the top prize in the Medium Main, earning a payday worth just over $504K after there was no final table deal.

“cladarth” was the unfortunate ninth-place finisher after running ace-king into the pocket kings of “Y.Zakharov.” Oscar “owilson25” Ramirez soon suffered a similar fate, also losing his stack to Y.Zakharov when his pocket tens couldn’t hold against Y.Zakharov’s ace-king when a king came on the board. Y.Zakharov then made it three in a row, KO-ing “kirbyi17” in seventh with jacks versus ace-trey.

Those three eliminations plus a few more pots put Y.Zakharov into first place ahead of start-of-day leader 1mSoWeeeaK.

Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes scored the next knockout, using pocket sixes to knock out “tzini9” in sixth for whom king-jack didn’t work. But alas for Moraes he was the next to fall in fifth in an unlucky hand versus Y.Zakharov. Moraes was all in with pocket tens against pocket sevens, but a seven on the board game Y.Zakharov a set and Moraes was done.

Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes

Y.Zakharov kept collecting knockouts, using ace-king to send “ZAR84” and ace-eight to the rail in fourth. Then 1mSoWeeeaK used ace-queen versus the ace-trey of “$harkFlo” to eliminate the latter in third and set up heads-up.

After starting the final table sixth in chips, Y.Zakharov had done well to make it to heads-up against 1mSoWeeeaK, albeit with a slight chip disadvantage to begin their duel. There was some deal talk but nothing was finalized, then 1mSoWeeeaK quickly opened a big lead to put Y.Zakharov in the danger zone.

A hand arose in which 1mSoWeeeaK jammed with 98 and Y.Zakharov was quick to call with A9. The runout came 83K22, however, giving 1mSoWeeeaK a pair, the pot, and the title.

WCOOP-72-M: $530 NLHE Main Event
Dates: September 20-23, 2020
Entries: 7,105 (inc. 2,284 re-entries)
Prize pool: $3,552,500

Final table results:

1st: 1mSoWeeeaK (Thailand) $504,583.85
2nd: Y.Zakharov (Russia) $359,679.96
3rd: $harkFlo (Germany) $256,392.09
4th: ZAR84 (Germany) $182,764.75
5th: Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes (Brazil) $130,280.83
6th: tzini9 (Romania) $92,868.38
7th: kirbyi17 (Germany) $66,199.41
8th: Oscar “owilson25” Ramirez (Honduras) $47,189.27
9th: cladarth (Poland) $33,637.91

WCOOP 2020 Main Event (Low): ‘klimono’ bulldozes table, wins $186K

Players from nine different countries comprised the final table for this one, the survivors from a massive 38,660-entry field. The action was blistering quick, in fact, particularly after start-of-day leader “klimono” of Poland began collecting knockouts.

After knocking out both “benton24” in ninth and “Jemisis” in eighth, klimono kept up the pressure and soon had more than half the chips in play with seven left — more than 500 million when the nearest challenger had less than a third of that amount.

The KOs continued from there by klimono, and with such a huge chip lead that suppressed any viable deal talk. After that, “Tangawi26” knocked out Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama in seventh.

Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama

klimono then eliminated “vrodrguez1” in sixth, “Mr.Skinny.00” in fifth, and Paulo “pvss” Silva in fourth in rapid succession.

Paulo “pvss” Silva

Following that rush, klimono used pocket queens versus ace-five to felt “ID IMPOSS” in third.

Heads-up started with klimono enjoying a better than 11-to-1 chip lead over Tangawi26, and within five minutes the latter was all in with Q9 versus the leader’s A8. The board brought no queen, no nine, and a river ace to seal it.

After just an hour and 20 minutes of Day 4, klimono had claimed the full scheduled first prize.

WCOOP-72-L: $55 NLHE Main Event
Dates: September 20-23, 2020
Entries: 38,660 (inc. 14,252 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,933,000

Final table results:

1st: klimono (Poland) $186,841.09
2nd: Tangawi26 (Belgium) $132,092.52
3rd: ID IMPOSS (United Kingdom) $93,403.33
4th: Paulo “pvss” Silva (Brazil) $66,045.97
5th: Mr.Skinny.00 (Canada) $46,701.47
6th: vrodrguez1 (Mexico) $33,022.98
7th: Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama (Indonesia) $23,352.83
8th: Jemisis (Denmark) $16,511.49
9th: benton24 (Hungary) $11,675.32


With more than 1.1 million entries and prize pools nearly totaling $100 million across 225 events, there were a whole heck of a lot of eye-popping stats to track. Here’s our last installment of the popular “Stat Tracker” with the final updated figures:

Events completed: 225
Total series entries: 1,119,186
Total series prize pools: $99,780,230
Players ITM: 158,851
First prizes: $14,333,228.19


Heading into tonight’s final results, Brazil had a two-title edge over the UK and Russia. They maintained that lead to claim worldwide bragging rights as the country claiming the most titles during the 2020 WCOOP. Meanwhile 1mSoWeeeaK’s victory meant Thailand made it into the final tally.

Final standings

35 – Brazil
33 – Russia, UK
18 – Germany
12 – Netherlands
9 – Canada
8 – Norway
7 – Finland
6 – Bulgaria
5 – Austria, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine
4 – Hungary
3 – Argentina, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden
2 – Belarus, Ireland, Malta, Peru
1 – Bosnia & Herzegovina, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Serbia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Uruguay.




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