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More often than not in brick and mortar casino tournaments, many of the final table players know something about each other. Chances are, they’ve been playing together for years. Online, that changes. Time zones, languages, continents, and age are just a few of the things that separate the players.

To wit: The final table players in WCOOP Event #13 hailed from Canada, Wisconsin, Austria, Washington State, Florida, the UK, Texas, the Ukraine, and Finland. Chances are, you could put them all in the same room together tomorrow and they wouldn’t recognize each other. Still, they were fighting for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a WCOOP bracelet.

The thing is, I recognized a couple of the guys from the start. But first, let’s check out the final table as it began.

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Seat 1: spawng (Kelowna, BC, Canada) $439,379
Seat 2: chibbles (Greenfield, WI) $120,412
Seat 3: danube (Linz, Austria) $308456
Seat 4: 1Ires (Odessa, Ukraine) $30388
Seat 5: colson10 (Seattle, WA) $342986
Seat 6: omaha kid (Port Orange, FL) $81883
Seat 7: bucksy (Croydon, United Kingdom) $211238
Seat 8: bluemangroup (Houston, TX) $77268
Seat 9: ZZSER (Oulu, Finland) $187990


So, who were the familiar faces? The first was colson10. I’d been watching him climb through WCOOP fields for the past couple of weeks with the expectation that he would make a final table. He’d done it before. It’s been about six months since I saw colson10 take second place in Deauville, France at the European Poker Tour French Open. The guy can play.

The second familiar face was danube, aka Sigi Stockinger. Sigi is an Austrian pro I met in London last May. As a member of Team Austria, one of the four PokerStars World Cup of Poker teams that advanced to the semi-finals of the world-class event. If you live in the parts of the world where The Poker Channel broadcasts, you might have seen Stockinger playing strong for Team Austria.

This night, however, was all about WCOOP Event #13, PL Omaha, and the action would be fast and furious from the beginning of the final table.

Short-stacked and looking to make a move, omaha kid found 6h2s4sAh and pushed all-in after a raise form colson10. The timing could not have been much worse. Colson10 held 9sJs7cJh, made a set on the flop, and the omaha kid was out in ninth place for a $5,760 payday.

Bluemangroup, who had been near the top of the leaderboard for the last several hours of the tournament, had run out of tricks. He, like omaha kid, needed to double through. He picked up Jh7hKdQd and decided that was the hand. He, too, suffered some rough timing. Chibbles held 3s4sAdAc. His aces held up and bluemangroup was out in eighth place. He earned $9,000 for his efforts.

ZZSER was not quite as short-stacked, but still needed some chips. Holding 9h7s8sTd, he flopped the bottom end of a king-high straight, and got all his chips in the midddle. Once again, the timing was ugly. Spawng had flopped the ace-high street. ZZSER was out in seventh place. He won $12,600.

Two minutes later, 1Ires departed in sixth place. Also short-stacked, he pushed with 8cThAhKc, no match for danube’s Qh9cKsKd. 1Ires won $16,200.

Play finally slowed down just a bit, but the action would be remain just as brutal. Danube came in for a raise with 2cAhKdKc in early position. Spawng called in the big blind. When the flop came down AsAd3d, danube had to be somewhat pleased. That was pretty evident when he bet out, then called all-in to a spawng check-raise. What spawng revealed was more than disheartening for the Austrian. Spawng held two threes in the hole for the flopped full house. Danube did not improve and he was out in fifth place, taking home $19,800.

The win for spawng gave him a commanding chip lead. It seemed the only person with a chance was colson10. Bucksy, with only 77,000 in chips at the 6,000/12,000 level, decided to make his move. Facing a raise from the small blind, colson10, bucksy pushed all in from the big blind with AcJcTh4h. Two fives and two kings on the board didn’t hit bucksy’s hand. Worse yet, colson10 held a king. Bucksy was out in fourth place, winning $24,840.

With three players remaining, chibbles doubled through spawng, and after several hands, the players had relatively even stacks. They worked out a chip-count deal, leaving $10,000 and the WCOOP bracelet for first place.

Colson10 had his sights set on the bracelet and nearly had it in his grasp. He put a huge dent in spawng’s stack after making an ace-high straight. But spawng fought back on a subsequent hand, turning kings full of aces to Colson’s flopped trip-aces. Colson10 then knocked out chibbles, making queens full of kings to chibbles’ trip-kings. Chibbles finished third and won $51,203.

Going into heads-up play, spawng and colson10 had nearly even stacks. Spawng opened up an early lead. Then came the hand that would end it all.

Colson10 raised pre-flop and got a call from spawng. The flop came down 6c2h8c. Colson10 bet out, spawng raised, colson10 pushed all-in, and spawng called. Colson10 showed 6sKdKc3d. Spawng showed QcJhJc3c. Colson10 had the bigger overpair, but spawng held the flush draw. The needed club came on on the turn and colson10 was out in second place.

Spawng took home the WCOOP bracelet and $66,787. Congratulations to all the players.

WCOOP Event #13 Final Table Results

1. spawng $66,787.00
2. colson10 (Seattle, WA) $56,610.00
3. chibbles (Greenfield, WI) $51,203.00
4. bucksy (Croydon, United Kingdom) $24,840.00
5. danube (Linz, Austria) $19,800.00
6. 1Ires (Odessa, Ukraine) $16,200.00
7. ZZSER (Oulu, Finland) $12,600.00
8. bluemangroup (Houston, TX) $9,000.00
9. omaha kid (Port Orange, FL) $5,760.00

Click here for a full list of cash winners.

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