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PokerMillion emerged as a skilled and amazing PL Omaha player in Event #2 of’s World Championship of Online Poker. After running over the tournament for 12 hours, he ended up chopping first and second place money with the eventual winner MR32.

Here’s how PokerMillion, known as Sam Tiwana to his friends, answered some of our questions:

PokerStars Blog: What was it like to make a final table at WCOOP and finish as well as you did?

PokerMillion: I enjoy Omaha a lot…it was great to play with some of the best players online and even pros. I wanted to finish at least 27th to break even since it was a rebuy event and things didn’t go as planned for me in the beginning. Once I got there, I decided to play a bit aggressive and
build up the stack…. lady luck was with me (my wife) so there was no stopping for me till I was heads-up. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.

PokerStars Blog: Are you a full-time player or do you have a regular job? If you have a day job, what is it?

PokerMillion:I’m not a full-time player and play when I get time from my business. I’m in civil construction business.

PokerStars Blog: Do you have any plans for the money you won in WCOOP?

PokerMillion: This is bonus money….like all my poker winnings that gets spent on eBay for newest gadgets, I plan on upgrading my Benz and get a special plate “PokerMillion” with this money.

PokerStars Blog: How long have you been playing at PokerStars?

PokerMillion: I was the first to beta test PokerStars software and I used to play for fun. After learning the game a little, I decided to try it out for some real money and have been learning since! I don’t have much live play experience and don’t prefer it as well. My first live play experience was WSOP 2004 after I won a seat from PokerStars.

PokerStars Blog: What is your best poker game?

PokerMillion: Well, I started to learn and play Hold’em NL and that was my game of choice until one day I tried PLO on PokerStars, I fell in love with the game. Since then, my game of choice is Omaha and I hardly play Hold’em unless it’s a tourney.

PokerStars Blog: Any particular moments in the tournament when you thought, “I’m going to make the final table?”

PokerMillion: Yes, when I was a chip leader with two tables remaining…I decided to turn off my aggressive mode and wait until final table…getting there was a great feeling as always!

PokerStars Blog: Any goals for your poker play?

PokerMillion: No goals…just enjoy the game and take it one day at a time.

PokerStars Blog: Tell me a little about yourself.

PokerMillion: I’m married to my beautiful wife Saira, 33 yrs old and have three boys.

PokerStars Blog: Any particular meaning or story behind your screen name?

PokerMillion: I picked the screen name because I want to win a million dollars one day. I’m getting close…

PokerStars Blog: How did you learn to play poker?

PokerMillion: I started playing poker online when a friend invited me to play for free. I was bored so I gave it a try. I made few friends and then we started a nightly game among us.

PokerStars Blog: Is poker a game that is played a lot in your family, or are you the only one who plays?

PokerMillion: I started alone but now my parents, wife and brother also play online when they have time.

PokerStars Blog: Is there anybody you look up to in the poker world? Heroes?

PokerMillion: I like Gus Hansen because of his aggressive style and Howard Lederer for his solid game at all times.

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