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The PokerStars Blog has assembled a team of the best bloggers and writers around to cover the 2006 WSOP main event. Here are the people bringing you coverage from the 2006 WSOP.

Brad “Otis” Willis

Brad “Otis” Willis–The man they call Otis has served as PokerStars chief blogger since January 2005. A long-time broadcast journalist, he’s spent his recent years traveling to poker tournaments all over the world. He’s reported on PokerStars players for several magazines, radio shows, and web sites. This is his second year reporting on PokerStars WSOP qualifiers.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton–Wil Wheaton is a writer and actor from L.A. While famous for his roles in “Stand By Me” and Star Trek TNG, Wheaton has achieved equal or greater fame for his work as a writer. Wheaton is a member of Team PokerStars and a full-time member of PokerStars’ Team Blog.

Howard Swains

Howard Swains–A journalist and poker player from the U.K., Howard Swains has served as a co-blogger on the PokerStars blog since its inception. Swains has blogged events on the European Poker Tour and the WSOP for PokerStars. This is his second year covering PokerStars qualifiers at the WSOP.

Mad Harper

Mad Harper–Mad Harper has been telling stories on the PokerStars Blog nearly as long as Brad “Otis” Willis. A long-time journo and story-teller, Mad lives up to her name. She’ll take you to the best parties, into the best stories, and introduce you to the people you need to know from PokerStars.

Dr. Pauly

Dr. Pauly–Paul “DrPauly” McGuire is a writer from New York City and is the author of the Tao of Poker blog. He’s been covering various events on the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, and the World Poker Tour for the last two years and is a frequent contributor to Fox Sports, Poker Player Newspaper,, and Poker Pro Magazine. He’s been playing on PokerStars since 2003 under the screen name DrPauly.

C.J. Hoyt

C.J. Hoyt–C.J. Hoyt was a blogger before blogging was cool. His poker blog Up For Poker is among the most popular poker blogs on the internet. When he’s not blogging, he saving the world from corruption as the news director of a television station in the south.

Craig Cunningham

Craig Cunningham–Craig Cunningham’s poker writing explores some of the challenges that players face in daily life; e.g., How do we balance poker with the important people in our lives? Can we pursue excellence and success in poker while remaining functional people? Additionally, his interviews with aspiring pros as well as WSOP bracelet winners bring insight and understanding into these individuals. In his day job, Craig is president of a consulting, research, and marketing company serving Fortune 500 companies around theworld. Whether he’s in Shanghai, London, Amsterdam, Dallas, or New York, he either sneaks in a trip to the local poker room or flips open a table on PokerStars. You can read Craig’s other work at Quest of a Closet Poker.

Alison Lightman (with husband, Sarne)

Alison Lightman–Alison Lightman joined PokerStars from a career in journalism, which began in her native Australia and took her around the world, most recently making investigative documentary films in Britain, her home for 17 years. Career highlights were winning the Silver Medal for Best Documentary film at the New York Film & TV Festival and hosting current affairs talk programs. Televised poker got her interested, and she really fell in love with the game after moving home to Sydney. No-one was more surprised than Alison when, last year, she won the biggest cash field tournament held to date in Australia. Writing for PokerStars unites her passions for Poker, journalism and, happily, her husband Sarne Lightman, our Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Max Sharpiro

Max Shapiro–Max Shapiro is poker’s most noted humorists. His tales range from Barstow across the desert to Las Vegas. If there is an alternative insight to be had in poker, Max offers it. If you have’t already read Max’s work in CardPlayer, you’re missing out.

Team Blog also wishes to recognize photographer Rob Gracie. If you’re looking at a good photo on the blog during the WSOP, chances are Rob or one of his fabulous colleagues from IMPDI took it.

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