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An Apocalyptic Escapade with The Last Sundown

August 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the world, post-apocalypse? There have been countless movies and books which have transported us to these mysterious settings, filling our bodies with bouts of adrenaline.

Well, now there is a slot game, The Last Sundown, which brings players face-to-face with the Earth’s ruins and the fascinating, futuristic-like characters and objects which are left to inhabit it. Only one question remains: can you survive the end times?

Gameplay, Theme, and Symbols

As its name suggests, The Last Sundown takes place at the end of the world, where one final sun is slowly but surely setting over Earth’s remaining population, thus giving the background a burnt orange colour. The slot’s storyline follows villainous characters Tuco and Lauro as they attempt to control all of the world’s outstanding resources.

However, they are met by a pair of determined siblings named Rae and Devin who plan to reclaim ownership of the supplies for the people and prolong the last sundown. The good guys don matching black, futuristic-style suits with neon blue lining, and their opponents dress in long pants and boots with one wearing a silver chest shield and the other a hefty robotic arm. Think of the blockbuster hit Mad Max and you’re nearly there.

Played over 5 reels with each reel containing between 3 and 6 symbols, the game is a ‘Dynamic Payways’ slot which means that each spin has a different number of active payways based on the number of symbols per reel. Speaking of symbols, a variety of crisp graphics are presented in The Last Sundown, with lower value defense equipment like knives and axes, and higher value symbols depicted by the human characters, with Rae being the most rewarding of them all.

In this fast-paced title, the wild (a treasure) and scatter (medical kit) symbols move the slot’s plot forwards, as both are the items that Rae and Devin wish to obtain in order to save the world from its impending doom.

Two Thrilling Bonus Features

Along with the base game, The Last Sundown also features two exciting bonus rounds: Splitting Symbols and Free Spins. The first feature can be activated on any spin when one symbol is chosen at random to become a ‘splitting symbol’. When this happens, players will see the symbol split in two, thus increasing the number of ways to win.

The latter feature is triggered when players land 3 or more health pack scatters on any reel. This will result in the player receiving an initial 8 free spins. During the free spins round, one symbol is chosen to represent the splitting symbol and the other standard one is chosen for something called ‘collection’.

These are immediately transferred to the collector box displayed in the top left corner of the screen. The more collection symbols you obtain, the more other symbols can be turned into splitting symbols which results in an additional 3 spins. Each symbol has a different requirement, with players needing 6 for defense equipment, 5 for each character, and 4 for the wild.

With an entertaining theme and engaging storyline, The Last Sundown keeps players on the edge of their seat as they engage in dynamic, suspenseful gameplay.