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Casino Royale Or Dr No No No? The James Bond Strategy for Roulette Explained

May 6, 2024

The roulette strategy that James Bond used in his first appearance in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale is something you can try next time you play roulette in the top online casinos.

He devised a betting system simple enough for his readers to understand, yet still ensuring that 007 would leave the table with some cash.

The James Bond roulette system became popular thanks to the 1971 movie Diamonds Are Forever in which the main character, played by Sean Connery, won considerable amounts of money at roulette with the use of this system.

While this was written for the book, it is based on a mathematical and logical process, and is an example of a set of combination bets, where a total fund of stakes is split between three bets for different eventualities of the game so maximising the chance of a win.

007 Roulette Strategy: How Does It Work?

This is a slight variation of the Martingale strategy, and if you cover more than 60 per cent of the roulette wheel using a James Bond betting system, it will go even further in your favour.

This is how to place a James Bond roulette bet:

70% of your stake goes to high numbers (19-36)

25% of your total bet covers lower numbers (13-18)

10% of your bet is placed on 0

On top of that, you can apply a flat or progressive James Bond roulette system. In other words, you can either stick to the same bet amount or double it, depending on the outcome of the round before.

How Bond’s Betting System Works 

How to apply the James Bond roulette strategy: if your betting unit is £200, 70 per cent of your stake goes on numbers 19-36 (£140), 25 per cent on numbers 13-18 (£50), and 5 per cent on zero (£10), giving an overall stake distribution of 70:25:5.

The corresponding payout ratio for the £140 bet is 1:1, for £50 5:1, and for £10 35:1. E.g., if 13 comes out after the first turn, you will have £250 (5x your stake). In the next spin you bid £200 again and the ball goes into the slot 24, so you win £140.

You wager again, the number 12 comes up and you lose your £200. Next up is a 0, meaning you get to keep £350 (35 x £10), and so on.

Here, your profit would be £80 (again £80+£50+£200+£150), but, like before, your betting unit was substantial – £200.

Otherwise, go for linear stakes, like the James Bond strategy (origin unknown) where you play every second number and most people play the same wager throughout the game, maintaining your bet when you’re winning and doubling up when you lose.

How to Place a Bet with the James Bond Roulette System?

This roulette system heavily relies on maths, so it’s a good idea to open a calculator when working out your bet. 

Sign up with one of the top online casinos that offers roulette as one of their table games and follow this easy guide to applying this strategy:

  • Pick a roulette game
  • Choose the total bet amount
  • Choose a chip denomination
  • Place 70% of the total stake on numbers 19-36
  • Allocate 25% to numbers 13-18
  • Place 5% of the amount on 0
  • Spin the wheel
  • Place the next bet


007 roulette works better on some forms of the game than others – in particular, there are differences between European and American roulette that make it work better on the former. European roulette has only one 0, while the American version has both 0 and 00, meaning that the bet you would place on 0 in European roulette can be split between 0 and double zero in the American version.