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Mega Multiplier Blazing Bandito Slot Review

May 2, 2024

Blazing Bandito struts onto the scene with a cocksure grin and a glint in its eye. This Core Gaming creation isn’t just about spinning reels – it’s about joining a mischievous bandit on a whirlwind quest for riches. But behind the playful theme and whirlwind of features, does it have truly valuable gameplay or just a few flimsy tricks? Let’s break into this slot and find out.


Picture a dusty Mexican standoff, but instead of gunslingers, you’ve got a vibrant 6×4 reel grid crisscrossed with 40 paylines. The brash Blazing Bandito oversees the action, ready to pounce with a flurry of features.

Your core gameplay involves the familiar slot rhythm – set your stake, spin, and pray that the symbols align for a payout. But Blazing Bandito is anything but typical, thanks to a whole posse of wilds, free spins variations, and that elusive Mega Multiplier.

How to Play

Despite the feature frenzy, Blazing Bandito keeps the base gameplay simple. Adjust your wager, hit spin, and hope to land matching symbols on a payline. Wilds stand in for regular symbols, boosting your winning chances.

Land three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, and you’ve rustled up a batch of Free Spins! But here’s the twist – you won’t know which of the four bonus rounds you’ve triggered until you flip a coin with true bandit bravado.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the Mega Multiplier, a random blessing that can turn those dusty wins into serious treasure.


Blazing Bandito’s visuals won’t win any art awards, but they definitely get the job done. Bright colours, playful symbols, and a dash of cartoonish charm evoke a light-hearted Mexican adventure. It’s a slot that relies on a strong theme to carry the weight rather than stunningly intricate details.

Technical Details

A 95.34% RTP is a touch below average, but this is balanced against the game’s inherent volatility. Wins might be a bit unpredictable, but when they land, those multipliers can turn them into something substantial.

The betting range is friendly to both casual players and high rollers, and a tantalising 25,000x your stake max win is the ultimate bandit bounty.

At any moment, those reels might spin a bit longer, and BAM! Our daring bandit slashes between 4 and 10 ‘Blazing Wilds’ right onto the grid. It’s a shot of pure adrenaline in the middle of regular play.

Three or more scatters are your ticket to 7 Free Spins – but the real thrill is in the hidden surprise. You’ve got to pick one of four coins to see which special spins you’ve snagged:

  1. Wild Bandito Spins: Each spin sees the bandit adding more Wilds to the reels. This culminates in a frenzy of 10 Wilds on your final spin, making those big wins more likely.
  2. Counter Attack Spins: The bandit kicks these off with 4 Wilds. After each win, he adds more Wilds, keeping those payouts coming. One losing spin, however, and it’s back to square one.
  3. Surprise Attack Spins: Each spin has the chance of a bandit ambush, with anywhere between 4 and 10 Wilds thrown into the mayhem.
  4. Dagger Delight: The bandit gets creative, pairing up Wilds for extra chances at a winning combo.

Final Verdict

Mega Multiplier Blazing Bandito is a slot that thrives on chaos. If you crave slot sessions as unpredictable as a bar brawl fuelled by tequila, then this bandit’s antics might just be your cup of tea.

The ever-present chance of free spins, the surprise factor of which bonus you’ll trigger, and the potential power of the Mega Multiplier all contribute to the wild ride. However, if you like your slots with a calmer rhythm or a predictable structure, you might want to leave this bandit to his own devices.