The façade of the Monte-Carlo Casino, which is over 150 years old, was designed by French architect Charles Garnier
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Most Beautiful Casinos Around the World

November 20, 2023

Casino facilities are exciting spots filled with dozens of gaming options and dining opportunities all inside their extravagant doors.

Their interiors often conjure up images of glittering chandeliers and colourful slot machines ringing and dinging as customers eagerly watch their symbols roll.

High-energy environments combine with glamorous aesthetics to offer players special gaming excursions that meet their every need.

And it isn’t just in Las Vegas where the best of the best welcome eager visitors with open arms. If you’re itching to complement your online gameplay with in-person fun, here are the globe’s most impressive, stylish, and all-around stunning casino locations.

Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco

Starting with the most lavish of them all, the Monte-Carlo Casino is one of the oldest casinos in Europe and is Monaco’s top tourist destination.

First opened as a financial development project in 1863 by the microstate’s royal Prince Florestan, today the casino’s Belle Époque façade is internationally known, dazzling both locals and travelers.

Situated in its own square entitled the “Place du Casino,” the entertainment complex overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, housing multiple crystal chandeliers, marble columns, and a grand lobby that takes every visitor’s breath away.

Dozens of sleek gaming tables offer a selection of popular casino games from roulette to blackjack, baccarat, and more, not to mention the facility is also home to the Monte-Carlo Opera.

It is also near the city’s most prestigious country clubs and beaches. Often associated with the famous British spy, James Bond, visitors might end up sharing a table with 007!

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Known as one of the world’s most costly stand-alone casino constructions, the Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino cost a whopping $8 billion to build at the time of its creation back in 2010.

Architecturally striking, the facility consists of three main towers situated below the “SkyPark,” a three-acre structure that contains a 146-meter swimming pool, the world’s longest, as well as an observation deck for visitors to enjoy the ravishing view from the terrace above.

With a host of Michelin Star restaurants, 1,000 gaming tables, and over 1,400 modern slot machines, Marina Bay Sand’s casino offers plenty.

As its exterior is said to be inspired by a deck of cards, this exemplary locale was designed with casino gamers in mind from the very start.

Guests of Sun City won’t be far away from incredible safaris and picturesque views like this one

Guests of Sun City won’t be far away from incredible safaris and picturesque views like this one

Sun City, South Africa

We are moving now to South Africa, where the Sun City Resort and Casino in Rustenburg is not to be missed.

Located just two hours outside of Johannesburg in the middle of expansive greenery, this entertainment complex is a casino lover’s ultimate jungle playground, home to dozens of gaming tables and a diverse range of slot offerings which have been serving customers since 1979.

On-site guests can choose between playing in the casino, splashing around at the water park, or enjoying golf at one of the resort’s many courses.

With over three sub resorts in addition to Sun City, it is impossible to grow bored in this casino safari paradise.

The Venetian, Macau

Undoubtedly the biggest casino facility on the list, Macau’s Venetian boasts 51,000 square meters of gaming space with a floor that holds nearly 6,000 slot machines and hundreds of playing tables.

First opened to the public in 2007, it features Venice-inspired décor and architecture, as well as several landmarks from the famous Italian city.