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Multi Ball Madness – Multi Ball Roulette Explained

June 12, 2024

You’ve probably already been introduced to traditional roulette, whether that’s via an online casino or maybe in a James Bond film. Multi ball roulette however, is something quite different.

Introducing a completely different twist to the age-old game of roulette in any online casino; in multi ball roulette, there’s no single ball you get to bet on. Instead, games have gone a bit wild, with up to ten balls spinning and rolling around at a time, until they settle in the coloured pockets.

It’s certainly a game that’s more action-packed and intense than traditional roulette with one ball. To give multi ball roulette a go, check out some of the best online casinos that offer multi ball roulette in their table games section.

So, let’s get the balls rolling.

The Difference Between Traditional Roulette and Multi Ball Roulette 

In this game, the house edge is 2.70% and uses the European Roulette rules.

When sitting down to play, players will be immediately hit with the x10 chances of winning because instead of only one ball spinning around the roulette wheel, they now have up to ten coloured balls to play with. Players can choose how many balls are in play at any one time.

While live dealer roulette fans might not get their hands on this particular game for a while yet, it won’t be long before this popular game leaps into the world of live dealer gambling.

What Are the Best Bets to Make?

Technically, there is no ’best bet’ – it really depends on what level of risk/reward ratio a player has. For those who are cautious players, it’s probably best to bet either on odd or even, red or black. For those who are a bit braver, selecting only one number could be the best strategy, as this is the bet that would give the highest return.

For example, say the player bets 10p on pocket no 9 and at the end of the spin, providing there was just one ball in pocket no 9, the player gets a 35:1 payout, provided the player bet straight up on that number. 

If more than one ball lands in pocket no 9, then each ball on its own pays out at 35:1, etc., etc.

Multi ball roulette offers the whole host of betting options, from neighbours to splits, odd/even, red/black, etc., that players can expect with any online roulette game.

What’s the Best Beginner’s Strategy?

The best multi ball roulette strategy for beginners is a very simple one, bet low until all the winning combinations of the game become clearer. 

Players should try their luck with many different types of bets so they can acquaint themselves with the game. 

Multi Ball Roulette 

One of the most exciting new forms of roulette to emerge in the UK online casino industry this year is multi ball roulette – it really does take the level of excitement to another level, and anyone deciding to give it a turn on the wheel will find themselves taken far beyond the boundaries of normal online roulette.

This new version of the old classic is being offered more and more at online casinos around Britain.

So, should you make the switch? Really it all depends on which game you enjoy the most. Why not try the new form at one of the many multi ball roulette online casinos being offered in the UK and see whether or not you think this is a game worth spending your time on!