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Play Blackjack in 7 Steps

January 8, 2024

Blackjack might just be the quintessential card game at casino tables.

Played the world over, you won’t find a casino without a range of blackjack tables that accommodate between two and seven players, all vying for wins in a game that uses multiple 52-card decks.

Unlike many casino games, there is a strong element of skill and strategy to playing blackjack that will allow you to narrow (but not overcome) the house edge.

You might already know the basics: you need to reach a total of 21, or close to it, while also beating the dealer’s total. But how do you do that? Our step-by-step guide lays out this classic game clearly and simply. Whether you’re a total novice or already have some time at the table, you’ll never find yourself clueless at a Blackjack game again thanks to our seven-step guide.