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The Best Game Show-Themed Slots for 2024

February 29, 2024

With so many slot titles to choose from, the games based on hit TV shows will always stand out. With a familiar central theme followed by great designs and branding, it is easy to see why these titles are so popular.

Online slots are known for having immersive designs, combining recognisable design with already familiar branding, and you have a winning combination. If you want to explore your favourite shows, these online slots are another way to enjoy them. 

Whether you want to dress as a character from the Game Of Thrones while munching on cockroach pate from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or phone a friend (not while you’re at the gaming table), these slots are based on our top-rated game shows, and they are the way to go.

So channel your inner Viking because these are the best slots based on TV in 2024!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Millionaire Rush

The TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire took the world by storm in the 1990s, testing contestant’s knowledge for a cool million pounds. Fans of the TV show and the online slots will get as many ways to win as possible; with the ‘lifeline’ option in place to help, playing this iconic game is almost like being in the studio.

The top payout is big (depending on your stake). The only thing missing from this epic game is the coughing captain. If you don’t know about that WWTBAM shenanigan, go Google it.

Wild Trigger the Wild West Game

If you like adventure, Wild Trigger is an exciting slot choice. Set in The American Wild West, the slot game has cowboys and cowgirls and a series of trials that create an authentic game.

With sticky wilds spinning around the reels, it’s time to show these grubby outlaws what a sharpshooter you are. The sticky wild symbol is the one to get; with a Wild West theme, full of bandits, outlaws, and showgirls, this Wild West game show is a real showdown.

Deal or No Deal Box Clever

The challenge is to know when to say “deal” or “no deal”

Game show fans will be pleased to know that Deal or No Deal Box Clever is now a slot choice. Far from being a town in Kent, Deal or No Deal offers an element of luck; this online slot game from Endemol features a handful of bonus rounds. If you’ve ever seen the show, you’ll agree it’s a pretty simple premise. 

Contestants must play against one another to find the prizes. At any stage, the Banker can call time and give the contestant a choice to make a deal. The slot game design does its best to evoke the thrill of playing on the show itself – no orange-coloured presenter is required when you play at home.

The Wheel Of Fortune On Tour

The Wheel of Fortune game show started in America back in the 1970s and immediately became a firm favourite. The WOF premise is that contestants guess letters to solve a Hangman-like puzzle. The spinning the wheel motion determines how much money or prizes contestants will gain for a correct guess. 

The point of the game is to solve the puzzle and accumulate as many prizes as possible. The online slot version is similar but not the same. The creator, IGT, succeeded in capturing the excitement, and it is an online game of chance. Today in the UK, The Wheel of Fortune is hosted by Bradley Walsh and Ryan Seacrest in the USA.

Fabulous gaming translates well from daytime TV to personal downtime. Finally, we have to mention Mad Joker Zones, not because it’s a game show but because there’s about to be another Joker film, and the title has made a fabulous transition into a slot game.