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The Best Online Slots Currently Playable

April 24, 2023

At PokerStars Casino, players choose from a huge Online Slot selection to suit their own unique tastes and playing preferences.

From collecting prizes in a variety of ways to different ways to win, each Slot has an extensive range of features to suit every player. Read on as we focus on some of PokerStars Casino’s most iconic Slots.


Many are already familiar with the well-known animated television series “Rick and Morty”, and the two crazy characters meet for more mischief in this classic five-reel Slot.

With three playable rows and 20 paylines, the Slot’s symbols transport you into the magical world of Rick & Morty. What makes the real difference, however, is the moment in which you access the Bonus Portal through the help of three Scatter symbols. In fact, at this point, instead of the usual Free Spins you’d find on other Slots, there is the possibility of starting a series of particular games.

In the “Rick, Rattle and Roll Bonus Chase” for example, players must take Rick and Morty inside a shopping center, and then choose which box the multiplier will appear in, this leading to greater bonuses. Naturally, the further players go in the game, the greater the winnings but also the greater the risk of losing. From Mr Meeseeks Free Spins and Anatomy World Monster Spins to Evolution of the Pickle Wild Spins and Rick N Roll Mega Bucks Bonus, the iconic duo are found in many different surroundings. A Jackpot King is also active in this Slot which could be triggered at any point during the game. 


In Super Elephant, you’ll unearth glittering brilliants and dazzling diamonds. But, as the name would suggest, it’s a crystal elephant which really dominates the Slot. Simple in functionality, this is a Slot suitable for the more casual player. With five-reels, three-rows and 10 prize lines available, the Slot has few symbols and the game is based mainly upon the magical crystal elephant’s appearance.

Within the game, the elephant acts as a Joker, awarding prizes in a range of combinations and giving additional Free Spins on remaining reels for further possible combinations. To land a jackpot win, players must hit five special glowing crystals on one of the paylines. 


Matrix is one of the most iconic films of the last century. The film’s all-action, machine-driven focus lends itself perfectly to the world of Slots. In The Matrix, Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Agent Smith are the protagonists in this high variance Slot. Players must be patient to find one of the 50 winning lines available. If players achieve the Dejà vu shuffle, they will get a row of Wilds where the cat from the film appears on a single reel, this could then lead to Free Spins.

At this point, the game of “Red pill or blue pill” commences. Players make their choice and the reward for a correct answer is either Free Spins or bonuses.


Sweet Bonanza is undoubtedly one of the best fruit-themed Slots available online. The casino classic has a tumble feature as opposed to the classic fall win and this means prize combinations give way to new symbols that could lead to further bonuses. 

Players always feel active as they can rely on a good number of medium to low prizes that prolong the game time and enhance the experience. This Slot has a fairly low variance, so it is suitable for those who do not seek big changes to their balance as often the case in other more volatile Slots.

Like most classic Slots, the fruit symbols can be found in any position on the six reels and five game rows, making it easy to identify the prizes and understand the various combinations. Plus, in Sweet Bonanza, by finding at least four lollipops in any position, 10 free bonus rounds will be triggered in which player can accumulate further prizes.