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What are Progressive Slot Machines?

April 17, 2024

Typical casino slot games offer fixed prizes on certain paylines. Whereas this is quite a popular type of game, there’s another kind – slot games linked to a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot, as the name suggests, increases in its prize money. And when someone hits the jackpot by triggering a rare combination of symbols, they take home the full prize, and the jackpot resets.

A progressive jackpot accumulates funds from the players. Every player that spins the reel is contributing toward the jackpot. A fraction of every wager, no matter how small or big, is going to this pool. Over time, jackpots get inflated. This began in isolated slot machines when the casino scene was young.

Today, online game providers like Microgaming have perfected the art. It offers its jackpot games to a bunch of online casino platforms (but they don’t partner with just anybody; it needs to be a reputed online casino). All players playing this game on all of the casino platforms contribute toward the final jackpot!

Within months of someone winning a jackpot, such a progressive jackpot can easily accumulate millions of pounds, if not more. 

The Mechanics of Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots can often offer life-changing amounts of money. They can turn players into millionaires instantly. We’re sure you’ve heard of such stories.

The larger the linked network, the faster the prize money will increase, and the fatter the check can be for the ultimate winner. Multiple casinos linked to a jackpot slot lead to larger and larger prizes.

The game mechanics are often similar to typical casino games. But casinos often need to work around them to keep the house edge. You see, when someone wins a jackpot, the game provider will be emptying the treasury. That’s why casinos that offer any free spins or special bonuses on jackpot slot games tend to have a much higher wagering requirement.

Whereas it’s usual for casino games to carry a minimum wagering requirement of anywhere from 5-10x on the lower end to 40-60 on the higher end, the minimum for progressive jackpots is often 200x.

Winning a Jackpot

Winning a progressive jackpot is the thrill of a lifetime, but the odds are even lower compared to winning a typical slot game. It can be argued that a casino player only playing on typical reels will earn more or lose less compared to someone focusing on winning a jackpot. The overall RTP on a progressive jackpot is also lower because a portion of each bet has to go to the prize pool. This also increases the volatility of these games.

If you’re after more frequent, smaller wins, then it will suffice to stick to normal slot games. The paylines are more predictable, and the RTP can be expected to be more or less correct. The odds of hitting the jackpot in progressive jackpot slots are significantly lower compared to regular slots due to the nature of progressive jackpots. They even have higher volatility, which means wins can be significant but less frequent.

Wrapping Up

Progressive slots are a different kind of slot game. These life-changing prize pools, however, come with a catch – the odds are lower than normal slots (which are already quite low).