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The Sunday Million 16th Anniversary is now complete. The event ran from March 20 – 23 and the prize pool reached $10.4 million. The final two runners, one an accomplished MTT player, the other an $11 satellite qualifier, made a deal heads-up. The winner took $931,885.

Entries: 52,120 (inc. 18,273 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $10,424,000
First place payout: $931,885*
Players remaining: 38

At the end of Day 1, just under 9,000 players remained. Stacks were still quite deep and there was still a long way to go. By the time late registration closed, thousands more players had jumped in to make for a total of 52,120 entries and a prize pool of $10,424,000.

By the end of Day 2, the picture had changed dramatically. Just 38 players remained in contention for the top prizes – $1 million for first and $750k for second place. The chip lead at that time was “paromology” of Canada. “begines1” of Brazil was in second. Legendary Swedish player Niklas “Lena900” Astedt was still in the game, sitting in eighth place.

Sunday Million 16th Anniversary final day

What can we say? The final day of the Sunday Million 16th Anniversary was nothing short of wild! You’d expect that with so much money at stake, and with much of the field playing for their biggest ever score well before the final table even began, fear would kick in and action would slow down.

Not the case.

We were treated to insane spots and radical betting lines.

When play resumed for Day 3, all eyes were on Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, who is well known as one of the best in the business. Lena, however, was eliminated in 23rd place, leaving onlookers struggling for a narrative.

Any concern that his exit would affect the entertainment levels of the tourney were quickly alleviated. Play only got more insane from that point on. Especially when big stacks “paromology” and “Peauker123” clashed in a hugely overinflated pot, allowing Peauker123 to double-up with a flush and take a momentous chip lead.

Meanwhile, “JanRas1983” was set to become one of the stars of the show. The Danish player is a micro-stakes grinder who satellited into the Sunday Million Anniversary for $11 – which happens to be the most they have ever spent on a buy-in. Suddenly, after knocking out both 13th and 14th place, JanRas found themselves second in chips and about to play for six figure sums.

It took only a couple of hours for the field to be reduced from 38 players to the final nine. At this point, Stacks were relatively deep, but several players were close to the danger zone. “Blackbeaty” – a German player with a decent MTT track record – had moved up to second in chips just slightly behind Peauker123.

“begines1” of Brazil managed a couple of double-ups but finished in eighth place. “ajjapasia” of the UK played tight to ladder then finished in seventh. “bamse25” of Sweden, who’s previous biggest cash on PokerStars was for $870, finished in sixth place for $221,085.

By this time Blackbeaty had established an even wider chip lead, first by knocking out bamse25, then by turning up the heat with a tricky check-raise against Peauker123. Again, the big stacks were showing that they weren’t afraid to clash.

EdilsonRTJ of Brazil soon had to push their short stack. They were eliminated in sixth place by Peauker123. EdilsonRTJ received $299,952.

Pay jumps were now running into the hundreds of thousands. With four players left, numbers were discussed but a deal couldn’t be reached. Not yet.

Brazilian player “ChavesVila”, who had been short for much of the final table, was sitting right in the danger zone. Not for long though. ChavesVila doubled up through Peauker123, then again through Blackbeaty, before making a loose call against Peauker123 and once again being reduced to the bottom of the pack.

A few hands later though, Peauker123 made a 3-bet shove and gets called by Blackbeaty who holds for the double up. Peauker123 finished in fourth place for $406,954. ChavesVila, who had been hanging on for dear life for most of the final table, gets busted a few hands later by Blackbeaty, finishing third for $552,126.

Heads-up, and finally the deal is done! Our $11 satellite qualifier JanRas1983 and Blackbeaty made a split of the prize pool and then played on for the remaining $50k and the title of Sunday Million 16th Anniversary champion.

Suddenly the tension seems to evaporate. JanRas did make a couple of double-ups, but ultimately the experience level and chip stack of Blackbeaty is too much of an advantage to negate. After a little back and forth, the winner is crowned!

JanRas1983 finishes second for $817,235 – a truly epic $11 satellite conversion!

Blackbeaty is the Sunday Million 16th Anniversary champion, finishing first for $931,885!

Sunday Million 16th Anniversary final table results

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