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Wilson Lim – APPT Manila Main Event champion

Singapore’s Wilson Lim was the winner of Asia Pacific Poker Tour Manila Main Event taking out the ₱12,970,000 top prize, trophy, title and a PSPC Platinum Pass worth an additional USD $30,000 for the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship in the Bahamas in January 2019. He staved off 1363 opponents to be the sole survivor here at City of Dreams in Manila.

Lim, a 29 year old poker pro, lived the ‘chip and a chair’ experience today. He seemed destined to win. At one stage, when when we got down to two tables he literally didn’t have enough in front of him to make the big blind. He survived multiple shoves (winning so many that players around him were telling each other to avoid getting into a stash with him altogether). He then navigated a short stack for hours and made it through the gruelling six hours at the final table to get heads-up. Even here Lim was up against it as China’s Yuan Chao Li was two to one chip leader. Yet again he showed his prowess, calling a bluff and taking a monster pot from Li quite early on in the battle and swinging the momentum his way.

Lim spoke to us about his experience today: ‘ I told myself, ok, since I built this stack back up from 70k – less than a big blind – I must actually treasure the amount I have, which was the amount that I brought to the final table…I could not actually bust people as I was the short stack so had to keep waiting for some players to bust out. If I had the chip lead, then I would have done what you are supposed to do and I would play more aggressively and play my preferred style, but I didn’t so did not have all that many options.

At first I told myself that anything better than ninth is good. Once we started the final table, as I started to build up some momentum I thought it was actually possible to win starting from less than one big blind. It was a good experience for me, because usually in that spot a lot of players would have given up… It’s all about mind-set…’

As mentioned above the final table played out over a whopping six hours. And that isn’t including heads-up.

Lim was deadly here. A warrior. Eliminating four players off his own bat.

Hudson Wong (Malaysia) was the unluckiest man in Manila. He shoved his stack, ran into Sam Welbourne’s (UK) pocket 7’s and bubbled the final table.

Next fell Jun Zhou (China). Kenny Shih’s (US) pockets 9’s taking him out for 9th place – PHP1,029,000.

In 8th place – PHP1,205,000 – was Kenny Shih (US), who shoved against Sebastian Wong (Singapore). Ace-high enough to bounce Shih.

Daesoon Kang (Korea) was eliminated in 7th place – PHP1,400,000, taken out after shoving his stack against eventual champion Wilson Lim.

In 6th was Sebastian Wong (Singapore) – PHP1,664,000, taken out in a showdown with Sam Welbourne.

Jiang Ho Huang (Malaysia) was eliminated in 5th place – PHP2,318,000, another victim of Wilson Lim.

Sam Welbourne (UK) went out in 4th place – PHP3,438,000 – the Brit was chip leader for a large portion of the epic final table, but shipped all his chips to Yuan Chao Li in an earlier hand and then busted to him not long after. These two did battle on numerous occasions throughout the final table.

3rd place went to Bin Zhang (China) – PHP4,745,000. The third and not final man to be busted by eventual crown winner Wilson Lim.

Runner-up Yuan Chao Lin – PHP7,960,000 went into the heads-up battle as a clear leader. With a more than a two to one chip advantage at the get go, but he too fell prey to the iron will of Lim. They went to war for more than two hours after spending near 40 minutes before that discussing and not agreeing on a chop. Li made a bold play about a half hour in, attempting a huge bluff on the river of a hand, pushing 8M into an already mammoth pot. Lim insta-called him, taking it down for 34M in chips and Li never recovered.

It seemed fate wouldn’t have it any other way.

6:05am Wilson Lim takes the crown!

Level 36 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000, ante 100,000

Wilson Lim (Singapore), who earlier today didn’t have enough chips in front of him to pay his big blind is now the APPT Manila Main Event champion. HE takes home PHP12,970,000 and the Platinium Pass valued at US$30,000

The final hand went down with Lim betting 1.2M from the button. Yuan Chao Li (China) moved all-in and Lim insta-called showing A5. Li flipped up Q7. The shouts from both support teams were deafening. The last board of the tournament ran out JJ289. Ace-high being enough to hand Lim the Main Event crown for 2018. Runner-up Li was gallant in defeat, being chip leader for much of the final day.

Yuan Chao Li eliminated in 2nd place

5:50am Lim takes massive lead

Level 35 – Blinds: 250,000/500,000, ante 50000

It went check-call on every street and now with a board reading 745J9 Yuan Chao Li (China) checked it again. Wilson Lim (Singapore) bet again 3.5M this time which triggered Li raising to 8m. Wilson snap called showing J4 for top pair. Li only had A2, his bluff missing the mark. Lim takes down and 34M and ccontrol of the game.

5:19am Lim doubles up

Level 35 – Blinds: 250,000/500,000, ante 50000

Yuan Chao Li (China) acted first and shoved. Wilson Lim (Singapore) called showing A2. Li showed 44. The cards came out as Q6A72. Lim hitting an ace and taking 11.4m away from Li in the process.

HEADS UP – Yuan Chao Li (China) vs Wilson Lim (Singapore)

Level 35 – Blinds: 250,000/500,000, ante 50000

There has been a 40min delay as a deal was discussed in earnest. An agreement couldn’t be reached. So we play.

Chip Count

1) Yuan Chao Li 28.3M

2) Wilson Lim 12.2M

Bin Zhang eliminated in 3rd place – PHP4,745,000

Level 36 – Blinds: 250,000/500,000, ante 50000

Bin Zhang (China) was the short stack and shoved from the button getting a call from Wilson Lim (Singapore) in the big blind. Zhang showed 109, Lim K8. The flop was laid down as Q7436. Lim’s king high enough to end Zhang’s run in the tournament and put us heads up.

4:30am Bin Zhang elimined in 3rd place

3:55am Li dominating

Level 35 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000, ante 50000

Yuan Chao Li (China) is dominating the table with three players remaining. He has more than double the chip count of both his opponents individually and is using it to push them around.

3:31am Sam Welbourne eliminated in 4th place – PHP3,438,000

Level 35 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000, ante 50000

Sam Welbourne (UK) shoved his remaining 3.75M and Yuan Chao Li called it. Welbourne turned over QJ, Li A5. The dealer laid down 2946A. The pair of aces enough to end Welbourne’s run at the title.

Sam Welbourne eliminated in 4th place

3:26am Welbourne ships most of his chips to Li

Level 35 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000, ante 50000

Yuan Chao Li (China) now has over 20M in chips, winning an enormous pot against Sam Welbourne (UK) with a set of queens. These two have been battling it out all night long, but that particular hand has left Welbourne crippled.

3:13am Jiang Ho Huang eliminated in 5th place – PHP2,318,000

Level 35 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000, ante 50000

Wilson Lim (Singapore) pushed in the small blind and Jiang Ho Huang (Singapore) made the call next to him in the big. Lim showed 55 , Huang Q9. The board dealt out 71027K, Lim’s pocket pair doing the job and Huang done for the night.

Jiang Ho Huang eliminated in 5th place

2:48am Chip Counts

1) Sam Welbourne (UK) 10.7M

2) Yuan Chao Li (China) 9.4M

3) Wilson Lim (Singapore) 7.3M

4) Bin Zhang (China) 7.3M

5) Jiang Ho Huang (Singapore) 5.7M

2:30am Wilson Lim keeps on keeping on

Level 34 – Blinds: 150000/300,000, ante 50000

Wilson Lim (Singapore) has been the man of steel today. Short stacked and fighting on no matter what. Bin Zhang (China) bet 650k in the cut-off only to have Sam Welbourne in the big blind (UK) re-raise to 1.6M. Lim went all in over the top and chased both players away picking up a nice 2M in the process.

2:02am Sebastian Wong eliminated in 6th place – PHP1,664,000

Level 34 – Blinds: 150000/300,000, ante 50000

On the button Sebastian Wong (Singapore) shoved and big blind Sam Welbourne (UK) called him. Wong turned up 710, Welbourne A4. The cards came out as 5K528. Welbourne’s ace holding up. Wong is railed.

Sebastian Wong eliminated in 6th


1:36am Welbourne bluffs a monster pot

Level 33 – Blinds: 120000/240,000, ante 30000

The biggest hand of the final table just went down before the break. Yuan Chow Li (China) opened under the gun for 500k. Sam Welbourne raised to 1.42M in the big blind. Li called it. Already a massive pay-off here. The dealer put down 9AK. Welbourne checked and so did Li. The turn came out a 7. Welbourne bet at it for 925k. Li agreed to it and we were on fifth street. A brick 2. Welbourne said all-in, leaving Li with an enormous decision. He took his full allotment, Welbourne eventually calling the clock on him. As the time ran down Welbourne said ‘You’ll never see the cards unless you make the call’. Li folded and Welbourne sliced Q8 into the table. A momumental bluff taking down a pot of equal measure. 5M in chips shipped to Welbourne.

1:10am Daesoon Kang eliminated in 7th place – PHP1,400,000

Level 33 – Blinds: 120000/240,000, ante 30000

Wilson Lim (Singapore) shoved, followed by Daesoon Kang (Korea) doing the same. Yuen Chao Li (China) folded his earlier raise and the race began. Lim showed AK, Kang A10. The board played out 10797K, the river saving Lim and sending Kang home.

Daesoon Kang eliminated in 7th

12:53pm Kenny Shih eliminated in 8th place – PHP1,205,000

Level 33 – Blinds: 120000/240,000, ante 30000

Kenny Shih (US) shoved and Sebastian Wong (Singapore) called it. Shih showed 10K and Wong turned over A10. The board cycled out 3563J. Ace-high enough to bounce Shih and get Wong back in the game.

Kenny Shih eliminated in 8th

12:33am Wilson Lim – Ironman

Level 33 – Blinds: 120000/240,000, ante 30000

Wilson Lim (Singapore) has been short-stacked for hours. Winning a number of showdowns to stay alive as the blinds and antes eat away at his stack. He shoved again with 1.1M and K10 and Kenny Shih (US) called with JQ. The board ran out 7Q326. The flush saving Lim as he doubled up again.

12:27am Jun Zhou eliminated in 9th place – PHP1,029,000

Level 32 – Blinds: 100000/200,000, ante 30000

The first casualty is Jun Zhou (China). Kenny Shih’s (US) pockets 9’s enough to send him to the rail. His A4 not holding up under the pressure.

Jun Zhou eliminated in 9th

12:22am A little action

Level 32 – Blinds: 100000/200,000, ante 30000

Sam Welbourne (UK) made it 420k to go, Yuan Chao Li ( (China) called, as did Bin Zhang (China) in the big blind. The flop comes J28. Welbourne and Zhang checked it. Chao bet 1M. Chao took it down.

11:55pm Not much action

Level 32 – Blinds: 100000/200,000, ante 30000

Very little going on here. Mostly raises of two and half times the minimum followed by folds. I’ll let you know when some action occurs.

11:30pm Lim Shoves

Level 32 – Blinds: 100000/200,000, ante 30000

Wilson Lim is the short stack at the final table. On his Lim’s big blind Sam Welbourne bet 400k and Lim shoved for 670k. Welbourne called showing KJ. Lim showed A7. The dealer ran the cards out as 91098J . Lim making a straight and doubling his stack.

Final Table Redraw

Seat Player Country Chip Count
1 Sebastian Wong Singapore 3,575,000
2 Bin Zhang China 6,665,000
3 Jun Zhou China 2,220,000
4 Samuel Welbourne United Kingdom 6,990,000
5 Kenny Shih United States 1,925,000
6 Yuan Chao Li China 9,705,000
7 Wilson Lim Singapore 940,000
8 Jiang Ho Huang Singapore 4,095,000
9 Daesoon Kang Korea 3,580,000


Unlucky bubble Hudson Wong

10:40pm Bubbled

Level 31 – Blinds: 80000/160,000, ante 20000

After near two hours on the final table bubble we’ve finally gotten there. Hudson Wong (Malaysia) was the unlucky man. He shoved his 2.5M stack in the middle with KQ and ran into Sam Welbourne’s (UK) 77. The board played out as 3710K8. Welbourne gets great bump before the end game begins. Hudson Wong rails it.

Sam Welborne elimates Hudson Wong on the bubble

10:10pm Tough poker

Level 31 – Blinds: 80000/160,000, ante 20000

Very steady poker being played. Sam Welbourne (UK) raised 330k from the button and Yuan Chao LI (China) called from the big blind. The flop showed up as 2K8. Li checked and Welbourne went again for 215k. Li called it. A 2 on the turn gave out a double check and the river was a 4. Li checked once again and Welbourne made a move of 425k. Li re-raised to 1M. Welbourne threw his hand away.

9:50pm Stalemate

Level 30 – Blinds: 60000/120,000, ante 20000

Very cautious play occurring on both tables and players attempt to avoid bubbling the final table.

9:30pm Shih goes again

Level 30 – Blinds: 60000/120,000, ante 20000

Intense battles are happening on both tables as play five handed looking to get to the last nine. Kenny Shih (US) bet 130k from the button only to have Sam Welbourne in the big blind (UK) re-raise to 560k. Shih considered then shoved. Welbourne wilted. Nobody wants to bubble the final table.

9:15pm Shih shoves

Level 30 – Blinds: 60000/120,000, ante 20000

Yuan Chao Li (China) bet 250k under the gun only to have Kenny Shih (US) push his 1.25M into the middle. Li called showing K10. Shih had 33. The dealer put out 86A7A. Shih’s 3’s holding up under scrutiny as he doubled his chip count.

9:10pm I Cheng Lin busts

Level 30 – Blinds: 60000/120,000, ante 20000

We lose another, I Cheng Lin (Taiwan) goes home in 11th place. Victim to Yuan Chao Li (China), who just keeps getting richer. Quick re-arrange to even up table numbers.

9pm Wilfredo Abola busts

Level 30 – Blinds: 60000/120,000, ante 20000

Short stack Wilfredo Abola (Phillipines) pushed blind, Hudson Wong called it with 95. Abola showed 82 and the board came out with zero help fro him. Abola hits the rail.

Level 30 – Blinds: 60000/120,000, ante 20000

8:10pm Chip Leaderboard at the dinner break

1) Yuan Chao Li (China) 7,275,000

2) Sebastian Wong (Singapore) 6,445,000

3) Sam Welbourne (UK) 5,120,000

4) Jiang Ho Huang (Singapore) 4,774,000

5) Jun Zhou (China) 4,705,000


7:50pm Wong wins big

Level 29 – Blinds: 50000/100,000, ante 10000

Sebastian Wong (Singapore) led out under the gun with 225k. He was re-reised by Bin Zhang (China) to 625k. Wong dug his and made the call. The flop was 102K. Zhang loved it and bet 800k. Wong had some affection for it too and shoved for 2.3M. Zhang wanted in. Wong showed AK, Zhang KQ. The turn came out a 5. The river a 9. No help for Zhang. Wong once again our chip leader.

7:30pm Lin doubles up

Level 29 – Blinds: 50000/100,000, ante 10000

I Cheng Lin (Taiwan) opened for 200k and got two callers. When the flop came out 1046 Lin shoved for 975k and only got Hudson Wong (Malaysia) calling. Lin showed KK, Wong A6. The turn and river no help for Wong. Lin is all smiles.

7:10pm Lim pushes

Level 29 – Blinds: 50000/100,000, ante 10000

Wilson Lim (Singapore) shoved from the button for 1.3M. Daesoon Kang (Korea) called him from the big blind with his remaining 1.27M. Lim showed A7, Kang JQ. The cards came out at speed, J6J3J, giving Kang quad jacks. Nice double up for Kang at a crucial time. Lim has less than a big blind left.

6:50pm Wong v Lin

Level 29 – Blinds: 50000/100,000, ante 10000

Hudson Wong (Malaysia) is definitley the most animated player left in the tournament. He is constantly trying to engage his opponents in chatter. He bet 220k into I Cheng Lin’s (Taiwan) big blind and Lin called. A flop of 2104 came out. Lin checked and Wong bet another 220k. Lin folded. Strategy or personality…time will tell.

6:23pm Yuka Asaka Busts

Level 28 – Blinds: 40000/80000, ante 10000

Our final female player is out of the tournament, Yuka Asaka (Japan) shoved with 99, but ran into Sam Welbourne’s (UK) AQ. The board dialled out as 6KJ102, Welbourne making the straight. Asaka eliminated.

Yuka Asaka hits the rail

6:15pm Bin Zhang wins large

Level 28 – Blinds: 40000/80000, ante 10000

Bin Zhang (China) just took down a three-way all-in with bullets and scooped near 7M in chips. Yvo Molin (Netherlands) was railed in the madness.

6pm Garberg Busts

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

The board read 84Q5 and Hudson Wong (Malaysia) shoved. Markus Garberg (Norway) liked what hes saw and called. Wong had Garberg well covered. Garberg revealed AQ, which was ahead of Wong’s KQ. Wong had plenty of outs. And hit one, a K. Garberg hits the rail and Wong scoops his 1.5M in chips.


5:35pm Shih vs Kang

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

Looking at a flop of A66 Daesoon Kang (Korea) bet 575k on the button. Kenny Shih (Taiwan) wanted a look and called. The turn was a 9. Check – check. The river a 6 which Shih checked. Kang fired 850k at it. Shih called without fuss and revealed AK. Kang mucked. Shih rakes in a very sweet win.

Daesoon Kang never gives much away

5:20pm Molin shoves

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

Kenny Shih (Taiwan) raised to 150k and Wilson Lim (Singapore) on the button called. Yvo Molin (Netherlands) decided it was time and pushed his 930k stack. Shih wanted none of it. Lim put on think music. A couple of tracks worth. He seemed very close to a call, but eventually laid it down.

Molin shoves

5:05pm Wong rails Aoyama

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

Sebastian Wong (Singapore) is in the mix again. Terahisa Aoyama (Japan) bet out 120k, Wong re-raised to 325k. Aoyama didn’t allow it and shoved over the top. Wong wanted in and turned over JJ. Aoyama had AK. The dealer put them down as 2771010. Wong had Aoyama covered.

4:55pm Redraw

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

18 players left now. Another redraw is happening.

4:50pm Lin vs Lim

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

With a flop of 1026 I Cheng Lin (Taiwan) checked in the small blind, Wilson Lim (Singapore) bet 155k and Lin called. The turn was a Q. Check, check. The river delivered a 10 and this time Lin led out with 170k. Lim tanked, then called. LIn showed 99. Lim mucked.

4:40pm Busts all over the place

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

Zebin Sun (China), Tamon Nakamura (Japan) and Siyoung Lee (Korea) are all on the rail now. Getting to the business end now.

4:30pm Li with great call

Level 27 – Blinds: 30000/60000, ante 10000

Every time I go past Sebastian Wong (Singapore) something is happening. This time the board read 4523, and Wong in the small blind bet 180k at it. Yuan Chao Li (China) our day 1a chip leader, in the big blind seat, called him. The river was laid out a 5. Wong bet 375k. Li went deep into his mind on this one. Taking his full measure of time, and making an excellent call. Wong threw down 810, a busted flush draw, Li showed QQ, more than enough to take the pot.

Yuan Chao Li still looking the goods on Day 3

4:14pm Kang with jacks

Level 26 – Blinds: 25000/50000, ante 5000

Jian Hui Giam (Singapore) bet out 120k. Daesoon Kang (Korea) equalled it. The flop was K54. Giam shot out 150k, Kang re-raised to 325k. Giam deliberated awhile then called. A turn of 3 was checked twice. The river, a A, got a double checked too. Giam showed pocket 77, Kang JJ. Pocket jacks enough to take down the pot.

4pm Hwang wins showdown

Level 26 – Blinds: 25000/50000, ante 5000

David Hwang (US) bet 150k pre-flop only to be re-raised to 375k by Tamon Nakamura (Japan). Hwang then shoved his remaining 775k. Nakamura called, showing 1010, Hwang turned over AK. The dealer them out as follows KJA54. Hwang lives.

David Hwang shoves and wins

3:40pm Welbourne wins another

Level 26 – Blinds: 25000/50000, ante 5000

Sam Welbourne (UK) fired 1.1M into raise of 240k from Keon Wie Tan and a board reading A56810. Tan called and mucked after Welbourne showed 1010 in the hole. Welbourne going from strength to strength.


3:15pm Sebastian Wong again!

Level 25 – Blinds: 20000/40000, ante 5000

Jian Hui Giam (Singapore) bet out 90k and Sebastian Wong (Singapore) dug it. The flop was Q3K. Giam bet 110k and Wong called. The turn laid down was a 4. Giam checked, Wong pounced, firing 170k into the pot. Giam couldn’t get way and made the call. A big pot got bigger when the river came out a J and Giam bet 750k. Wong went all-in over the top making it 890k more for Giam to call…which he did. Giam showed 109, making the low end of the straight. Wong threw down A10, the high end. Wong pounded the table pumped with the win. Giam survived it, about 500k left. Sebastian Wong taking back his overnight chip leader throne.

Sebastian Wong is chip leader again!

2:50pm Redraw

Level 25 – Blinds: 20000/40000, ante 5000

We’re down to three tables. The redraw is happening as I type.

The two big stacks are Hudson Wong (Malaysia) and Sam Welbourne (UK), both near 3M in chips.

2:38pm Li busts

Level 25 – Blinds: 20000/40000, ante 5000

Sebastian Wong (Singapore) is involved again. Vincent Kwun Ngai Li (Hong Kong) shoved for 500k after Wong’s earlier raise. Wong made the call and flipped up JJ. Li showed J – 9d]. The board played out as A410109. Wong gets some of the chips he lost earlier back and Li hits the rail.

Jiang Ho Huang has started well today

2:15pm Huang wins a monster

Level 25 – Blinds: 20000/40000, ante 5000

Sebastian Wong (Singapore) started the insanity with a bet of 65k which Jiang Ho Huang (Singapore) called. After the flop the board read 237. Wong liked what he saw and fired 95k at it. Huang liked it more and said all-in. Wong called. With Huang’s push and the call the pot was worth around 2M. Significant. Wong showed KQ. Huang took it further showing AJ. Wong was dominated. The turn came a A and Huang hit the table in joy. The river didn’t matter. Huang pulls in a massive pot and now sits up amongst the chip leaders.

4 tables remain

2pm Lin vs Welbourne

Level 24 – Blinds: 15000/30000, ante 5000

I Cheng Lin (Taiwan) limped in for 60k ahead of Sam Welbourne (UK) who raised it to 175k to go. Folds all round the table bar Lin, who re-raised for 405k. Welbourne tanked for long time, playing with the chips in his hand and taking hard looks at Lin. The bet was good though, Welbourne mucked, Lin takes it down.

1:40pm Kang Shoves

Level 24 – Blinds: 15000/30000, ante 5000

Daesoon Kang (Korea) shoved his 180k in just before button and Yuan Chao Li (China) liked it. Li showed JK. Kang turned over A10. The dealer ran then out as 94563. The flowered flush doubling Kang up.

1:24pm Hudson Wong plays hard ball

Level 24 – Blinds: 15000/30000, ante 5000

Hudson Wong (Malaysia) took his time yesterday sitting on short all day and then striking late to build it up. He finished top ten in the count last night. With a bet a bet of 60k re-raised to 120k by Jiang Ho Huang (Singapore) the small blind, Wong went aggressive and made it 500k to boot. Folds all round. Wong looking formidible with a stack.

1:15pm Teoh Busts

Level 24 – Blinds: 15000/30000, ante 5000

Jian Hui Giam (Singapore) led the betting at 60k. In the big blind Ming Hong Teon (Malaysia) shoved for 375k. Giam called it and showed A10. Teon turned up KQ. The board ran out as follows A529Q. Giam’s ace holding up and Teoh done for the day after only a few hands.

1pm Shuffle up and deal

Level 24 – Blinds: 15000/30000, ante 5000

We’re underway on the final day.

Final Day – Sebastian Wong Leads.

Of the 41 players remaining from the 1364 who started the record-breaking APPT Manila Main Event journey Sebastian Wong came out of day 2 the strongest with over 2.3 million in chips and our clear leader. It was a day of tough competition for the 402 competitors as they jostled to fit into the 162 spots that cashed through 11 one hour levels and secure a piece of the PHP65,492,460 and a minimum of PHP124,000.

The big dance

The chip leaderboard finished up as follows:

1) Sebastian Wong (Singapore) 2,365,000

2) Kean Wie Tan (Singapore) 2,055,000

=2) Sam Welbourne (UK) 2,055,000

3) Kenny Shih (US) 2,040,000

4) Daero Lee (Korea) 1,990,000

5) Lester Edoc (Phillipines) 1,800,000

6) Zebin Sun (China) 1,775,000

7) Terahisa Aoyama (Japan) 1,740,000

8) Hudson Wong (Malaysia) 1,675,000

9) Markus Garberg (Norway) 1,470,000

10) I Cheng Lin (Taiwan) 1,465, 000

Day 3 gets underway in just under an hour and it should be a cracker. Tune in then for updates.

Full Chip Counts: CLICK HERE

APPT Manila Final Day Seat Draw: CLICK HERE

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the ₱55,000 Main Event: JJ DeCeglie. Photography by Chris Librojo.

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