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The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) 2024 in Ontario was yet another fantastic online series Arlie Shaban. The PokerStars Team Pro finished atop the overall leader board, winning three titles and enjoying multiple podium finishes.

We caught up with Shaban when there was one week left of SCOOP.


PokerStars Blog: Three titles and the series still has a big weekend to go. How has SCOOP 2024 been for you so far?

Arlie Shaban: SCOOP has been incredible so far this year. I decided I was going to go really hard playing and streaming every day, and I got off to a great start. I’m really happy to have three titles so far. One of them was a $250 buy-in with $5,800 for first – and I’ll get a physical trophy for that one so I’m pumped.

You’ve crushed every series recently. Do you now expect big results and trophies, or is each one still special?

I’ve had some really great success in these series but I definitely don’t expect it. I can never have a complacent mindset like that, I think it would set me up for failure so I stay hungry.

A SCOOP grind can be intense. How did you prepare for the series and how will you wind down when it’s done?

For this series, I did a five-day cleanse where I ate super clean, got great sleep and took some extra time off work. Then I prepared for war. These series are an extreme mental battle. Right after SCOOP I’m going to Las Vegas for a wedding and then I’ll take a week off and just relax and hang out with friends.


When you first saw the schedule were there any events that jumped out to you?

The trophy events. A small number of events throughout the series give physical trophies to the winner, so I’ve been going after the trophy events more intensely than all the other ones.

Have you heard any success stories from members of your community who are also playing SCOOP?

While I’m streaming people will come in and let me know when they’re at the final table of SCOOP events, or even if they’ve just won entry to an event. It’s very cool to hear and see their wins.

I know you’ve also completed a profit challenge. Could you tell us about what that involved, how you achieved it,  how long it took etc?

My profit challenge was seeing how long it took me to make $100,000 on the PokerStars Ontario client, through MMTs, Spin & Go’s and any rakeback received through chests. It took a little over 18 months and I’m very happy to have finished it off during the first week of SCOOP.

SCOOP Ontario might be over, but for the rest of us, SCOOP 2024 is just around the corner. The series begins on May 5 with $75 million guaranteed.



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