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The Bounty Builder Series is about to enter its second weekend of fun, sweats, and knockout madness. The series has $25M in guaranteed prizes up for grabs, and this weekend alone tournaments will pay combined guarantees of $4.2 million.

Buy-ins this weekend range from $11 to $530, so there’s something for all bankrolls. In this guide, we help you to plan your second Bounty Builder Series weekend.

Saturday’s top picks

Surprisingly, the biggest guarantee on offer on Saturday comes in a $22 tournament, making it an accessible day for players with lower bankrolls. Several other events offer prize pools of $100k or more. Let’s take a look at Saturday’s top Bounty Builder Series picks:

BBS 83: $22 Deepstack – $200k gtd
BBS 84: $109 NLHE – $100k gtd
BBS 85: $215 Big Knockouts – $150k gtd
BBS 86: $55 Total KO – $100k gtd

You’ll notice that two of these tourneys have a twist. In the Big Knockout event, three-quarters of a player’s buy-in goes to the bounty prize pool (rather than half), meaning there’s much more to play for in the way of knockouts. Total KO takes it one step further. In this game, 100 percent of a player’s buy-in goes to bounties. It’s a great opportunity to test out more extreme PKO formats.

Sunday’s top picks

Sunday Million logo

This weekend’s biggest Bounty Builder Series tourney is the special edition Sunday Million

One event stands out above the rest in Sunday’s top Bounty Builder Series picks, and that’s the BBS 97: $215 PKO Sunday Million. The two-day event has a steeper than usual $215 buy-in, making it more expensive but also reducing the size of the field that’ll be playing for the $1 million prize pool.

If you don’t have the bankroll to buy-in directly, satellites for the $215 PKO Sunday Million are running now from $11 to $55.

Our other top picks for Sunday are as follows:

BBS 99: $530 Bounty Builder HR (2-day) – $350k gtd
BBS 101: $109 Mini Sunday HR – $200k gtd
BBS 103: $109 Sunday Cooldown SE (turbo) – $200k gtd
BBS 104: $215 Deepstack (turbo) – $200k gtd

The $530 Bounty Builder HR is the priciest tourney of the schedule this weekend and, to be fair, the rest of our top picks are mid-high stakes. Perfect for MTT regs and for taking a shot at the big time.

For lower stakes players, it’s time to take a look at our budget picks.

Bounty Builder Series on a $100 budget

We’ve put together a selection of tournaments designed for playing this weekend’s Bounty Builder Series on a $100 budget. Two games on Saturday, two on Sunday, and an extra chance to get stuck in to a high stakes game. Let’s take a look.

BBS 83: $22 Deepstack – $200k gtd
87: $22 NLHE – $80k gtd

BBS 95: $11 Win The Button – $60k gtd
BBS 98: $22 Sunday Mini Million – $250k gtd

If you enter the four tourneys above, you’ll have spent $77 out of your $100 Bounty Builder Series budget.

Given that we’ll have already entered all low stakes tourneys, one possible approach is to use the remaining dollars to attempt to gain satellite entry to a larger event. For example, you could play one $22 satellite for the PKO Sunday Million or have two stabs at $11 satellites.

There you have it – this weekend’s Bounty Builder Series for less than $100.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to our recommendations. It all depends on your preferences, bankroll, and how you want to approach the series. Check out the full weekend schedule for the Bounty Builder Series below.


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