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Over the last week you’ve narrowed down the list of EPT Barcelona’s best moment to two contenders. Both of the finalists have already traversed two tough matches to reach the final and now face their biggest test yet, as do you.

There’s no doubt that the two hands in question deserve their place in the final match-up, which is where the problem lies, which one do you vote for? Is it the greatest winning moment in EPT Barcelona history or the greatest turn and river in EPT Barcelona history? There’s no more sitting on the fence to be done, pick your horse. Are you #TeamMalec or #TeamBusquet?

Perhaps we can help you make up your mind.

Malec’s Magic Moment

When the EPT made its first stop in EPT Barcelona Sebastian Malec was only 9-years old. Twelve years later, he qualified online and turned $27 into more than €1.1M. In true poker style though it wasn’t what he did, but how he did it.

A self-confessed poker fanboy, as he waited for Uri Reichenstein to call his all-in bet, Malec went and sat among the fans. Likely a bundle of nervous energy he shared a drink with a fan and even posed for a selfie. When Reichenstein eventually called he rushed back to the table and turned over the winning hand and the title was his. Then the tears flowed.

He might’ve been a fresh-faced poker player, barely old enough to play in Las Vegas, but Malec was a throwback to the old school. He talked to himself, sung to himself and, yes had more than one drink. He was an entertainer, and boy did he entertain.

Busquet aces it

This hand needs no introduction, but it’s the final so it’s going to have one.

This might be the most outrageous hand ever witnessed on the European Poker Tour. In pure equity terms it’s doubtful there have been many bigger both in terms of percentage, Busquet had less than 1% equity on the flop, and actual cold hard cash. If Busquet had busted in eighth place he’d have collected €138,600, a few hours later he’d won €896,434.

What’s also remarkable about the hand is the sheer coolness and understated commentary by the players involved. “That’s bad,” uttered Busquet upon seeing Reichardt’s pocket kings. Upon nearly flopping him dead on the flop Reichardt said. “Ace, ace you win,” when the turn got Busquet halfway there, Reichardt simply said. “Great television.”

Watch below, we think you’ll agree.

So there we have it, which hand do you think deserves to be crowned as EPT Barcelona’s greatest ever moment? If we could we’d award them both the title, but this is poker tournament and there can only be one winner. It’s up to you to decide who takes it down. Head to the @PokerStarsLive Twitter page to cast your vote.

It’s an incredibly busy day at EPT Barcelona with the Main Event getting started, the €100K Super High Roller playing to a finish and plenty more besides. Follow it all here.

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