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Rarely a week goes by where we don’t wake up on Monday morning to news that Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker has had a big Sunday score.

Despite some ridiculously stacked fields and long sessions, Austria’s Muehloecker has been putting up consistent results at the high stakes for years, particular recently in the High Roller Club events.

His work ethic and recent results saw him climb to the fifth spot on PocketFives’ online tournament rankings, Muehloecker’s highest position to date. He now has $7.5M in online winnings.


$1,050 SUPER TUESDAY SPECIAL EDITION (SCOOP 2015) 1ST May-15 $288,603
$10,300 MAIN EVENT (SCOOP 2013) 6TH May-18 $249,856
$5,000 NLHE 1ST Dec-17 $138,087
$2,600 NLHE KNOCKOUT (SCOOP 2012) 3RD May-12 $102,705
$5,200 HIGH ROLLER (TURBO SERIES) 4TH Mar-18 $93,799

We’d be remiss not to mention Muehloecker’s live poker prowess too, where he’s racked up another $7.5M in winnings.


€111,111 HIGH ROLLER FOR ONE DROP (ROZVADOV) 4TH Nov-17 € 1,096,206
€25,750 HIGH ROLLER (PSC MONTE CARLO) 3RD May-17 € 471,400
€100,000 SUPER HIGH ROLLER (EPT MONTE CARLO) 6TH Apr-15 € 427,100
€10,000 HIGH ROLLER (EPT BARCELONA) 1ST Sep-13 € 390,700
$25,000 HIGH ROLLER (PCA) 3RD Jan-19 $404,240

With the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) 2019 now just days away, we were able to grab a couple of minutes with Muehloecker at EPT Barcelona to talk online poker, his take on rankings, and how he prepares for a big online series.

PokerStars Blog: Hi Thomas. When you’re not at events like EPT Barcelona, what’s an average week at home for you?

Thomas Muehloecker: It’s mostly going to be geared towards Sundays, because the weekdays aren’t as big as they used to be. I play maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not always, so my main focus when I grind is on Sundays.

WCOOP is just around the corner. How to prepare for a big series like that?

I just like to take some time off before so that I have energy and can be focused.

What does your study regime look like?

For me, studying is a mix of everything. Running sims, watching some Run It Once videos, going over hands I’ve played and looking at how opponents play. Those kind of things.

Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker

You recently climbed to no.5 in the PocketFives online rankings. What do you make of the rankings?

I think the PocketFives rankings aren’t as important as they used to be to online players. Most players don’t even have their screen names on there anymore, while some sites encourage players to be anonymous, so I think the meaning of the rankings got lost.

Do you still love poker?

I can’t say I love poker as much as I used to, but I still really like the game, and I still have fun playing, so that’s why I’m still doing it. Otherwise I’d probably do something else.

After so much success, what goals do you still hope to achieve?

I just want to improve constantly. Not just in poker, but as a human. I just want to enjoy the game.

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