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As we gear up for the latest leg of the European Poker Tour (EPT), it’s time to look at some of the off-the-felt activities available for players and their guests at EPT Cyprus.

This is the first time the EPT has visited this venue. But the tour’s scouts have been out there plenty of times already, guaranteeing a packed calendar of the best activities. As usual, the schedule combines high-octane, adrenaline-filled fun as well as more relaxing, epicurean pursuits.

Take a look at the full list of EPT Cyprus activities below.



Friday, October 13 — 2pm-6pm

Join up with the Team PokerStars Ambassadors who will be captaining teams in an exclusive football (soccer) tournament. There’s space for 40 people, plus the team captains, and the emphasis will be very much on fun.

Of course, you can’t eliminate poker players’ competitive spirit entirely, and there will be prizes up for grabs. But this is mostly about meeting people, bonding and getting active.


October 12th, 13th & 19th — 10am-3pm

The Merit resort is perched on the coast of Northern Cyprus, with a spectacular mountain range behind it. There’s no better way to explore this rugged range than in a powerful 4×4 vehicle, and there are three opportunities to join a jeep safari while you’re in Cyprus. Each trip has space for 14 people, and with a five-hour trip scheduled, there’s going to be tons to see.


October 14th, 15th, 20th — 10am-3pm

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and it’s best viewed from the sea. Hop aboard a beautiful wooden galleon and head off on a wonderful island boat trip, cruising for five hours on the high seas.

Refreshments will be served and you’ll get to learn all about your surroundings in this unique trip. There’s space for 60 people on each trip.


October 16th & 18th — 12.30pm-4pm

Sample the wonderful flavours

There are few nations more proud of their culinary offerings than Cyprus and this event offers the chance for guests to sample some incredible wine and cheese from the region.

With sun beating down 12 months a year, the grape harvest in Cyprus is especially sweet, and the local cheeses have been refined through the years to compliment the wine perfectly. Each sitting is for 20 people, so sign up and enjoy.


PokerStars looks after its players very well indeed, and all visitors to EPT Cyprus can take advantage of the following:

October 17th — 10pm-2am

Head to the concert area outside the Merit Royal Diamond for the exclusive EPT Cyprus player party. Entertainment comes from an incredible troupe of LED Dancers, ready to light up the night sky.

There’s also a set from the incredible DJ Gianluca Viacchi (plus special guest). There’s an open bar and snacks for all guests too. The party starts at 10pm and goes on long into the night.

LED dancers will light up the night sky

October 12th-22nd — 6pm-midnight

Looking to relax away from the tables? No problem. Head to the Players Lounge, open every evening until midnight, where you’ll find drinks and snacks as well as a Shisha lounge. It’s the perfect place to unwind between tournaments or in breaks and make the most of some of the hospitality on offer.

Relax in the Player Lounge


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